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I have not browsed Etsy for quite a while. But I just spent some time over there last night and found, as usual, so many lovely handmade things. I am starting with this utterly hilarious hand colored print by Kate Pugsley, which I also purchased! 

Haha! This print illustrates so well how I feel from time to time and it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it (and as we all know, laughter cures ugliness both on the inside and outside)! I think it is so hysterically funny, that I decided to buy a second print to whoever of my readers is first to leave a comment on this post saying “I want it too!” You need be honest and committed. If you only like it so-so (or you don’t care for my dry sense of humor) then let someone else get the chance to receive it). This is an out-of-the-blue spontaneous gesture of love from me to my readers. Good humor needs to be spread around!

Here are some more Etsy lovelies that caught my attention.

How about a unique felt Mustache on a Stick? A fun prop for party guests or for a less formal photo session. MaroDesigns offers several different and fun models. Each and every piece is handcrafted with precise detail and care.

I love acorns as a symbol for the fall. I was instantly smitten with this adorable acorn pin offered by Worty Goods. The pin is felt “acorn”s attached to real twin acorn caps and with a pin-back. How cute on that fall sweater!

Here is a perfect little hostess gift. A simple and contemporary porcelain sphere creamer by RouDesigns. A unique and handsome creamer to put on display.

My kids would find eating eggs at our family breakfasts even more interesting with some adorable egg cozies! This hand crotchet frog cozy by Missus D would be perfect for my Prince William!

Not everything on Etsy is brand new. You will also find many lovely, unique vintage pieces like this pretty 60’s cake/display stand from Barking Sands Vintage.

People, I am sorry for always babbling about this item, but my favorite Etsy scarf still has a special place in my heart (and around my neck!). I bought mine 1.5 years ago and I still use it all the time! (It gives any outfit that extra spunk, I so like). Karlita in Belgium, is behind these hand felted beauties.

There you have it. Some fun, unique and well made things from Etsy. Can’t wait to see who I get the honor of sending the print to!

Hugs to you all!

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  • I want it, too, because that is precisely how I feel. Most of the time. Even right now!

  • Willow Decor says:

    I love Etsy!! just bought all my children’s teacher gifts! Such wonderful unusual items!!

  • Carole says:

    Mon, are you sure you don’t want to send me that cake stand instead?

  • liz morten says:

    Love the purple scarf.

  • poo. I’m not the first. but just want to say how much I appreciate your humor. we really must be sisters. I said to myself when I saw that, ‘oh that really is me!’

    it’s a great piece, Mon.

    Happy day, Donna

  • Leigha says:

    Fun finds. There is a company in Portland that makes chocolate mustaches on a stick…I was just admiring their products yesterday. The only thing better than a mustache on a stick is an edible mustac on a stick.
    Off to check out that scarf!

  • Eddie Ross says:

    Wow! Great finds… especially that cake stand!


  • Tina, the artwork is yours! And it is going to another talented artist! Enjoy it! (I will also send you an e-mail).

    Hugs, Mon

  • els says:

    “I want it too” ! lol… so funny…!

  • Delishhh says:

    Ok i need this poster in my OFFICE today!!! Thanks for making me laugh i love the poster!

  • Cool poster! Though I’m not the first to say “I want it too!”

    What an honour to also have my froggy egg warmer with other great Etsy products!!

  • So many wonderful finds!! I love that scarf, it is quite beautiful {and perfect for fall!}.

  • Awesome piece! As a fashionista, this touches my heart because I know how sad some of us feel if we aren’t dressed properly. Or, maybe it’s a total non-fashionista statement? Like, I don’t care at all. xx’s

  • Oh no too late to win but thanks for the etsy updates. Don’t you just love Etsy!!

  • I love etsy….I love others’ crafts (even though I’m not crafty myself)

  • I’m late to the party,
    but I must say that I
    have days when I want
    to do exactly what the
    little Pugsley is doing!!
    I have to be very wary
    with Etsy or I can easily
    get sucked in for hours
    on end jumping from shop
    to shop ~ LOVE it!!!
    My daughter is giving her
    Etsy wish list out as her
    X-mas list…she loves it, too.
    Great finds, Monika!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I have a Prince William, too : )

  • Wow-weezers! I won! I’ve never won anything, well, except a cake at a cake-walk in the third grade; I really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y feel like that little character all the time, seriously. Look at it, that is me. I do, like right now. (thank you!)

  • sylvia says:

    Monika, why did you never buy any teacher gifts from etsy? LOL. I love, love that website. I get inspired to buy felt and copy some. I also love the acorn pin. Hope all is well with you? Syl :)

  • Style Attic says:

    I love what your research has come up with!

    I know I’m running the race a bit slow here, but I WANT IT TOO!!!!!!

    Reason: b/c I think it’s actually a picture of me every morning as I drive my kids to school
    Reason: b/c here dress is circles and circles are my favorite shape
    Reason: b/c I actually have a place in my home for it
    Reason: b/c my feet are actually that small
    Reason: b/c I loved brown paper bags so much growing up, I would sneak one to be with me and crunch the paper until I fell asleep while dreaming of the day I would get to take my lunch. My parents always bought me the HOT lunch!
    Reason: b/c I too, like it that much :)

    FUN and so thoughtful of you!! Shall I send you my address?? LOL



  • Charlotta says:

    Gorgeous! Etsy (and the Australian equivalent ‘Made it’) are such treasure troves. I can get lost in there..!

    Wonderful print! Exactly how I feel at times.. The joys of juggling parenting, work and life.. :)

    Biggest hugs from Sweden! Can’t believe it’s nearly time to head back ‘Down Under’.. Am so comfortable here’On top of the world’!

    xx sis

  • The Zhush says:

    That print just made me smile…love that Etsy, can lost on that site for hours as well!xx

  • karlita says:

    heeee, my cheeks are flushed from your to nice words about my work :). And i’m happy to have discovered this blog as i love Swedish design (i was in Sweden this summer) – i’ll put it on my bloglist so i can keep track!
    Tack! (or Tack, i don’t know how to spell it!)

  • liza says:

    You have great style. I love the print (been feeling that way a lot lately!) and your scarf is perfect – so so pretty. I also love the acorns, they and felt are perfect in the Fall. Thanks and it’s good to catch up here, Monika!

  • Tina says:

    You´ve made me mile and laugh this sunday morning! Love your sense of humour! Too bad I was looking in too late. Think a lot of us can relate to that first print some days!
    Happy sunday!

  • The scarf is soo you. and the color would suit you so well. And that painting – I love it! and I feel like that a lot too. Ah i missed being the first to comment but i think i will get me one as a little treat. ps: im totally inviting myself over for cupcakes and to admire your fall decorations. x

  • I received this the other day, it is just tooooo cute!
    Thank you!!!!

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