Dreaming About These 3 Things For My Home

Hello friends! With the air getting cooler and the leaves starting to change colors, I find myself getting more cozy at home.

My family is going to do a lot of nesting in the next few months. So, now more than ever, I am thinking and dreaming about lovely furnishings and updates to our house. Here are a few things that caught my attention in just the last few days.

A cozy dining area. Banquette/bistro style. What a lovely corner this is to relax with friends and family over a good meal! Imagine this nook in the evening with only candles lit. I am not totally hooked on the wired chairs but I agree with some contrast to that upholstered settee. Love all the art. And the rug. And the fact that this area does not feel too styled and frou-frou. (But in my case I might need some more chairs and a larger table!).

I have been wanting to start a pottery collection for a while. All in one color. I kind of started a white collection, which still has some ways to go. Now, I see these black lovely objects on display and it reminds me that it would be really nice to re-start that idea, now when the days are getting darker (and I have nothing better to do! Ha!).

These two rooms are part of Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin’s sanctuary, filled with midcentury furniture and cherished keepsakes. (That girl has terrific taste).

Ok, we have seen a lot Union Jack design items this past year+. Pillows, rugs, artwork etc. But I have never come across this Union Jack Ottoman before, via Cox & Cox Interiors. Wouldn’t this be lovely in a white room! And I think it would go quite well with my blue painted chest.

Thank you for stopping by today. Live well!

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  • Flaviana says:

    Hi Mon!!
    This is the time of year when we’re really “itching” to make a few changes in our houses just because we know we’re gonna spend a lot of time in them:-) As usual you’ve got brilliant ideas..a cozy dining area, bistro-style is so appealing !! And please.. start your pottery collection ASAP ..I so want to see it !!!
    Hope your week is off to a great start. Sendind you a big hug !

  • Tina says:

    Hi Mon!
    Lovely pictures as always.
    Found that same Union Jack ottoman at the Danish furniturestore ILVA the other day, and was thrilled. I love it and want it so bad!

  • Greet says:

    Hi Monika,
    I love that bench at the table! I would love to have a place around the table at your home! We could talk and talk a whole night long about all things that keep us busy in life!!!! Maybe one day…

  • This seems like a reasonable wish list. I think banquettes are so fun & practical for families. We had one in our former home and it was used as a place to eat, work, whatever!

  • Purple Area says:

    Great inspiration, Monika! Love the dining area, really beautiful and cozy.

  • I love cozy nooks for dining like the one pictured here. Definitely a project worth pursuing. Great ottoman. A real statement piece. and your right definitely in an all white room. XO Mona

  • Delishhh says:

    Sooo cozy! I love the dining nook!

    Don’t forget to vote for me today!

  • Cozy is my middle name;
    I love it all year ’round.
    Someday I will have
    a banquette as I also
    find them VERY appealing!
    Good luck getting your
    cozy on, Monika : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  • that dining area is so beautiful and uncommon! gorgeous! xo

  • My dear. Yes so cozy. I especially love how the love seat is paired with bertoia chairs. I have had white bertoia chairs on my list too.
    ps: like the new look of splendid willow. its good to change things up now and then. which reminds me of how i need to make time to give mochatini a facelift.
    have a week filled with happiness.

  • Style Attic says:

    The nook is beyond amazing…please post a picture when you get your inspiration turned fruition! You could do a classic black AND white collection!! All great ideas :) XO, Kelly

  • Mia says:

    Hi Mon
    I love the pictures, autumn always makes me want to update things indoors too.
    Have a great day!
    Big hugs Mia

  • Hi Mon! I am with you on this! I have always loved the banquette idea, I think it looks so luxe in the kitchen (plus, it’s a fab place to add pillows, and I adore pillows!). That ottoman is to die! Have the most lovely day, my dear! XX!

  • Lana says:

    Hi Mon! Thanks for your lovely comments, I’ve also been so busy and haven’t had much time for visiting either. Good luck with your new job application, sounds soo exciting!

    Love love love this seating area you’ve featured, everything about it! Wishing you a happy day xxx

  • Julie at BV says:

    Lovely Monica we are on the same page. I’m also trying to change things around a little bit. Great selection, love all these images.


  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I just ordered that Madeline Weinrib carpet for a client, but with black instead. En svensk bloggare i USA-I love it!! We’ll have to share all things Swedish with everybody.

  • paula says:

    this is one of my favorite homes. it is just lovely. that ottoman is fabulous too.

  • Hi, dear..! First of all, I love the new banner — it’s easier to read and I love the color combination.

    Second, I wish I could say fall is here…not yet. Siiiiigh. Soon I hope, soon.

    And third, hers is a lovely home, just like yours (I see you’ve added a few more to the sidebar since I last checked!)

    I’m not sure I could deal with the ottoman — but I do love the checker black and white flag on the post below. It’s a beautifully styled shot, too.

    All is well here. Have been working with clients in NYC, Boston and Maine. (!!) I am very happy (exhausted trying to keep up with everything) but happy.

    much love,

  • Emma says:

    I love this dining room – especially the Niche Modern pendant. It also looks like a really comfortable place to both read and eat. (And it’s from a Canadian design editor’s home so I’m extra patriotic!) Fab!

    (BTW – Thanks for adding me to your blog roll – I’m honoured!)

  • Stacey says:

    I was reading your post from my new Evo Sprint phone yesterday, but wasn’t able to leave a comment. Anyway, i love that Weinrib rug(at least i think it is) in the 2nd pic. Beautiful and inspiring post for fall! xx

  • It’s getting chilly out here in Connecticut too!
    I love all of these rooms but the most fun is the unionjack ottoman … that embodies the Union Jack trend to the point of actually transcending it, yes? xoo E.

  • Escapade says:

    That tree is spectacular!
    Love some of the ideas from Erins place, can’t wait to see how you pull it all together!


  • The Swedish Room says:

    Hi Mon, These are great ideas. I think the ottoman with the Union Jack, is so fun. I love the blue and white rug in the second pic. Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comment. Yes Target and Ikea are the best, I’m always at either one. Have a great week!
    The Swedish Room

  • The Zhush says:

    Yup, we really do tend to gravitate toward many of the same things…I posted an image from that very same home as well…I love it so much…and that amazing Union Jack ottoman and your gorgeous blue chest…aahhhh. I love it!

  • Sue Murphy says:

    Oh, The Union Jack ottoman is wonderful. It would be fun to build a whole room around it. With the blue chest….absolutely. Just found your blog. I love it, I will be back!

  • Diana says:

    That tree is amazing…That is exactly what I love about Autumn:)….Have a wonderful day my dear:)
    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  • Hello Monika :) What a cozy spot — I really like the display of artwork and the pottery. Quite asymmetrical, and I really like that — I find that you can enjoy the pieces much more, especially with such a serene palette!

    I hope you are having a fabulous week. As soon as I have a chance, I am sending you an email — there is much to say,

    Thinking of you,

  • audrey marie says:

    what a cute dining nook! love the way the artwork is hung

  • Oooo. Now you have me drooling!

  • i posted on this home this week too – just love, love love that dining space. so cool right?! jx

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