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Happy Friday to you all!

I am sorry for all the technical problems with my blog yesterday. I later found out that the host server was down due to a major power outage. Oh well, I ended up with a much needed quiet day. I could not even write this post until late this morning.

For those of my who missed my guest post over at Alice’s adventures in wonderland yesterday, I am sharing this flag with you that that I want so badly. If you come across a vintage version anywhere let me know!  I will pay you a finder’s fee!

In the article featuing this lovely flag art display it reads that it is the maritime signal flag, N, and that it represents/communicates No! For those of you who know me well, you know that I am an optimist and say more yes than no. But saying no to stress would not be a bad thing…

Turns out, when I did some more research on the topic, that the N (November) signal maritime flag is supposed to be blue and white. (Maybe this is a rare version).

The more common black and white checkered flag is being used in car and boat races and communicates “completed race” or “cossing the finish line”. Even better! That will lift up my spirit. I know I can do it! (Below is one happy driver who just won the race. Kimberly, if you read this. Maybe something for your home!).

I hardly have anything checkered at my house – except for an old chess table. I will start browsing E-bay today.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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  • Piper says:

    I LOVE IT!! Uh oh – now I want one :) If you find it, let me know!!

  • it looks beautiful on that wall! have a lovely weekend, Mon! xo

  • Pernilla says:

    Funny – how we pick out the same things! I know where to get new ones, but still looking for the vintaged ones in cotton. If I find some, I will make sure to order 2 ;)/P

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hi Pernilla dear,

    Maybe that is where it comes from – my all of a sudden liking to black and white – from you!!!! I see it now! (:

    Love to you and your family. Hope to play soon!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Always splendid!

    Have a fun weekend.


  • Karena says:

    Interesting I love them, and always think of the artist Jasper Johns when seeing flag art!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Flaggor är vackra just därför att de är så enkla, tycker jag. Rutor är inte dumma de heller :) Någon gång vill jag ha ett rutigt golv !


  • Janell Beals says:

    New look on your blog? I love it, the style really fits your style and the content of your blog. I’m hoping to get mine redesigned in the next couple of months…long overdue! Enjoy your weekend! Janell

  • Charlotta says:


    Feberfri och lycklig!! Och nu skriver jag med SVENSKA bokstäver då mammas dator har både Å Ä och Ö – hurraa!
    Jättefin flagga. Jag ska också hålla ögonen öppna. Har kompis som jobbar på stor Svensk second hand – skall lägga in önskan om att hon håller ögonen öppna. Har du någon särskild storlek i tanken? (så Swenglish det där lät – have you got a special size in mind.. :)

    Puss hej
    xx sis

  • Charlotta says:

    Och visst har jag sagt att din nya banner är jättefin!!?
    Dags för mig att uppdatera min blogg också.. Något till sommaren kanske.. Vi får se.


  • That is so cool, Mon! I wonder if you could paint one on an old board? I know it wouldn’t be a flag, but similar… love it! XX!

  • love the vintage flag, that looks!

  • Happy weekend to you, Monika! What a nice way to start, with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Fabulous post as always…

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, filled with relaxation and plenty of fun… sometimes, with so much to do, we forget to be silly sometimes and to just laugh with the ones we love most. I did this yesterday and was reminded of how healthy and wonderful letting go can truly be.


  • Monika, How in the world are you? I feel like such a bad blogger friend, but I have been slammed with work. Just spent some time looking back through your last few posts that I have missed. Some great posts!!! Love, love the flag. I’ll keep my eyes out for you. XO Mona

  • A nice little trivia about the flag – thanks. I am def going to keep an eye out for it. How are you my dear?

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