A Postcard To You Via Design Darling

This will be the last guest postcard for this summer. I hope you have enjoyed the series!

Hi everyone! I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m thrilled to be covering for the lovely Monika while she gets a little well-deserved rest.
My personal summer postcard to you is sent from:
Nantucket, where my family owns a summer home and where I have vacationed each year since I was born! If you have the chance to see the island, don’t miss a Christmas card picture at Sankaty Lighthouse or an ice cream cone at the Juice Bar (I dream of them year round!).
My way of relaxing this summer is:
Lounging on the beach or hanging around in my air conditioned home reading delightfully long September magazines or catching up on my favorite blogs.
In my opinion, the perfect hostess gift is:
Equal parts personal and practical. How about a monogrammed tray from Dabney Lee to show your friend you care? 
One of my must reads this summer was:
Sixx Design’s Downtown Chic. I know it came out forever ago but I finally had a chance to delve into the gorgeous pictures and inspiring renovation stories. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
This summer, I’m dreaming of:
Vintage scarves from The Lucky Fish. I can’t wait to frame one for my new bedroom!
Monika, thanks for having me here on Splendid Willow today. Enjoy the rest of summer. Fall will be here before you know it!
ox, Mackenzie
(For more on Mackenzie and her fabulous blog go here).
 Images for postcard art via: 1. Flickr, 2. Flickr, 3. Flickr (insert of photo by Splendid Willow).
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  • Will says:

    Mackenzie, you had me at that lighthouse, isn’t it darling?! Plus, Downtown Chic is an excellent book choice!

  • Charlotta says:

    Sounds like a gorgeous place and I love lighthouses! In fact I and the kids hiked up to one of our favourite lighthouses this very afternoon – Hornby Lighthouse on the cliffs facing the brilliant South Pacific. So much fun! ( exhausted now!)

    Love the hostess gift and your book tip.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    x Charlotta

  • Franki Parde says:

    I have several “framed scarves” and love how they “connect” color schemes. Love your photos, too! franki

  • Nantucket is at the top
    of my list of places to
    see in the next few years
    as it looks so beautiful
    and charming. Loved hearing
    about some new faves and I
    will chase a few of them
    down and check them out for
    myself. Thanks for the fun
    fill in for Monika!
    xx Suzanne

  • Delishhh says:

    Mackenzie i miss Nantucket! I used to live in Boston and go to Nantucket or Marthas Vineyard every summer. I don’t think summers are the same here on the west coast. We have something like The San Juan island here in the Seattle are but it is not the same, with everyone on the beach during the day and then at night the little towns are just happening. So many memories. . .

  • Tommy says:

    Great post!! My idea of relaxing is eerily simliar to Mackenzie’s. :)

  • the zhush says:

    LOVE everything here…from Nantucket to that scarf, adore Mackenzie’s style so much!

  • Thank you Mackenzie for your nice post card contribution! I have never been to Nantucket. Lucky girl to have so many great family memories from that beautiful corner of the world! As usual your post is filled with lovelies.

    ox, Mon

  • One of my most favorite bloggers, yay! I want to pack my bags and head there now… I’ve never been, but would love to! I can only imagine how much fun it would be :)


  • Oh, I finally got to read the Novogratz’ book and I loved everything about it! Great choice.

  • liz morten says:

    My hostess gift is always an orchid. Our grocery stores are loaded with them, and they cost about $25.00 for a nice one, but they last forever. I’m also a good guest in the sense that I take the hostess and host out to a nice meal, or I cook something delicious with them. I haven’t been to Nantucket since I was about 18, so I’m over due. Thanks, Liz

  • Piper says:

    Nantucket has been up there on my list of places to visit – it looks like such a lovely place! And yes – I have downtown chic on my reading list :)

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