A Summer Postcard To You Via Space For Inspiration

Hi, Charlotta here from Space For Inspiration

 My personal summer postcard to you is sent from:

Though my heart beats for Swedish Summer (the best in the world!), this little post card is stamped in Sydney Australia. Where I happen to live!

Despite being mid August, it is Winter here in Australia. Not at all warm or sunny! As if that is going to stop me from sending you my Sydney Summer greetings..!

The one thing you can’t miss when visiting this unique and fun city is:

 A Sydney Harbour Bridge climb!

Not only is it incredible to climb onto a world-famous icon from 1932 (!), but also an exciting rush to stand 134 meters (440 ft) above the sparkly waters of the harbour and see this breathtakingly beautiful city beneath.

Climbing the bridge was one of the first things I did when I moved here from London 11 years ago, and something I definitely would do again!

My way of relaxing this summer:

One of my favourite Summer past-times is hosting and/or attending alfresco parties, and let me tell you, the Sydneysiders are great at this!

Be that a lazy afternoon BBQ, a poolside snack, a spontaneous picnic dinner on the beach, a full garden party, or a boat trip to the famous Sydney fish markets for some fresh seafood, I just love the idea of fun, uncomplicated and relaxed gatherings in the gorgeous outdoors!

In my opinion, the perfect hostess gift:

In my mind bringing a good bottle of wine is mandatory, and in the heat of the Australian Summer I love drinking a nice cool glass of Chardonnay from the legendary Leeuwin Estate Art Series.

Aside from, and in addition to the wine, I think Summer is the perfect time to be creative and fun with the hostess gifts. You know, a little more playful and casual than the more formal gifts that tend to come with Wintery events. One thing I love giving to friends with a garden is a hammock. I know no one who doesn’t love this restful way of spending an hour or so in the shade of a great tree, with a good book and cool drink! A gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family – old as young.

An absolute must read book this summer:

A book I have read many times and that I can warmly recommend to all & any of you is the legendary ‘Siddharta’. Written by German born, Swiss writer & artist Hermann Hesse in 1922, this book is beautiful and full of wisdom that is relevant to people of all cultures and ages. The perfect company for those lazy hours in the hammock..! :)

You will find me dreaming about this design item from my hammock (I want it so badly!)

Mamma Mia! What to choose.. The Hermes ‘Cape Cod’ watch? A set of Tom Dixon copper pendants for the dining room? A set of antique floor-to-ceiling mirrors like these, in Martina Arfwidson’s home?

Hmmm.. no, this Summer (ahem.. Winter..), I am dreaming of a large print of Nick Brandt’sBuffalo Group Portrait – Amboseli, 2006. I saw this amazing shot in a 2m x 1m format at the fabulous Shapiro Gallery only a couple of weeks ago and I felll in love instantly!

With that I wish you all a fabulous rest of the Summer!

Sydney is slowly easing its way through the last of Winter, and soon I too will be skipping around barefoot and tanned! The fleeing weeks of relaxed and carefree enjoyment of Summer pass too quickly. Live in the moment, to the fullest, and have fun!

xx Charlotta

(For more on Charlotta and her fabulous blog go here).

Images for postcard art via: 1. Flickr, 2. Flickr, 3. Flickr (insert of photo by Splendid Willow).  
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  • Will says:

    Sydney looks brilliant in the summer sunshine! Also, I do love a poolside snack! Thanks for the fun post, Charlotta!

  • Dear Charlotta!!
    It’s like having a double serving of gelati … Charlotta at Splendid Willow!!

    Well I love that Buffalo portrait.. I must check out this gallery… and I have also climbed the bridge.. but many years ago now.. . amazing isn’t it??? I did a cartwheel on the top.. I thought the guide was going to scold me!! hahaha

    Well I love all these beautiful images you have brought us… and those bright clear skies truly sum of Sydney on her good days!!

    Have a lovely week … xxx Julie

  • Oh, I love Siddhartha. My brother gave me my copy when I was young. And art as a hostess gift, too cool! I saw Ruby (have you seen that show?) climb that Sidney bridge and I sooo want to do it! All the best, Julie

  • Tina says:

    Hi Charlotta(& Mon)!
    Glad to find you here at ‘Splendidi Willow’.
    Don´t know about climbing the bridge(you know me by now) but it for sure looks beautiful, and of course that was one of the first things you decided to do coming to Sydney:), knowing you a little bit as well by now.
    I´m sure doing a thing like that can give you a great rush! Sorry for me I´m such a chicken, missing out on all these great one in a lifetime- experiences!
    I totally agree with you on the perfect hostess gift. A good bottle of (red) wine is my favourite giveaway. The hammock was another great idea and I will keep it in the back of my head, I might just come to use next summer.
    The book sounded interesting and I for sure will look it up!
    Loved the photo art as well. Not much can compete with the aliveness in a photography!
    All in all, as always your pictures are inspiring and reflects such calm, happy and positive feelings!
    Have a great day!
    Lots of hugs!

  • Stacey says:

    Such divine pictures!(as usual). I love the idea of giving a hammock as a hostess gift. The picture of the bridge is stunning. I know my fearless hubby wouldn’t hesitate to climb it! He would have to do some major coaxing for me to join him as i am afraid of heights:-). I enjoyed your post. It’s funny how you’re in Winter and well, we’re almost at the end of summer… xo

  • Stacey says:

    Oh and i am going to get Siddhartha since you recommended it;-).

  • Franki Parde says:

    My daughter and her husband climbed “the bridge” on their honeymoon. I look at their photo and their smiles which will last through eternity. franki

  • Janell Beals says:

    Love these images, LOVE Australia! We have been talking about another trip there, I hope it does happen soon! Janell

  • awesome post Charlotta! I’ll have to visit Australia! have a nice new week! xo

  • cool post Charlotta, and so glad to see you love a good west aussie drop! :)


  • Lana says:

    Lovely postcard Charlotta, I’m a bit scared of heights but that view looks stunning!

  • Piper says:

    I can’t tell you how fun it was to read this post!! My hubby and I visited Sydney for the first time last year – and we didn’t want to leave, we were ready to move! I think if it weren’t for family and friends back home…we’d still be in Sydney. That was one of the things we loved…all the outdoor cafes and just how relaxed the city seemed. Plus it’s just beautiful there. Sigh, can’t wait to go back!

  • Charlotta, wonderful piece. I should have known that we are sisters – I love Hesse and have read just about EVERYTHING he ever wrote. I just got The Diving Bell and Butterfly today after your recent recommendation. I had it on my list for months, but you urged me on to get it!

    You are the best!

    Love, Donna

  • Lyckans ost som har våren runt hörnet. För hur mycket jag än älskar årstiderna älskar jag våren mest och bäst! Jag blir som en kalv på grönbete faktiskt, kan inte sitta still och vill bara ut och lukta på blommorna :)

    Tack för ett fint inlägg!

    Kram Jenny

  • What a beautiful combination – Charlotta and Monika in the same space!

    This was a lovely postcard, dear. I am completely inspired and ready to swing lazily on a hammock by a beautiful azure-colored ocean.


  • liz morten says:

    Charlotta; Its fun to run into friends of friends!! I need to find a way to get more air miles! What is the temperature there in the winter? I’m seeing palm trees in those photos, so I’m guessing your cold and our cold are very different! I haven’t read Siddartha since High School, but thanks for the reminder. It was after all a very long time ago!

  • Charlotta says:

    Hello Monika and everyone who have left such nice comments.
    As always I love coming here to spend time in Monika’s wonderful blog corner.

    Thanks for the slot Mon and lots of hugs.

    xx C

  • Mia says:

    Sydney seems lovely, I have to go there some time :) Nice pictures and ideas of relaxing.

  • So gorgeous, Charlotta! Fabulous guest post, wish I could come visit you! XX!

  • Greet says:

    It was so nice hearing about you Charlotta! Now I have the feeling that we know you a little more better! And I hope to visit your most wonderful country one day!

  • Style Attic says:

    You are so cultured and bring it to earthly and applicable terms for so many! Nothing but love, sunshine and interesting intellect, always beaming from your corner of the world!

  • Oh Charlotta this is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to visit Sydney. It’s on my short list of next destinations. Beautiful post! :)

  • Thank you Charlotta for your beautiful contribution. I knew I could count on you! (:

    A warm hug,


  • the zhush says:

    So enjoyed reading Charlotta’s postcard! Of course you would have her here…think of you both as kind and kindred style sisters! Must be the Swedish thing that has my brain linking you two together..that, and the warmth, great style and fab blogs!xx

  • Leigha says:

    I have always wanted to visit Australia, but Charlotta’s recent tales of kangaroos, sites, wine, etc. have knocked my travel bug into overdrive.

  • fab post charl. hammock as a hostess gift -so creative and im sure the hostess will love you forever for that.
    thanks for sharing and great tips for when i visit australia. x
    Mon, hope you are well dear. x

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