Back From Sweden With Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots In My Suitcase

Hello friends. I have missed you all! I am finally back and settled after my whirlwind trip to Stockholm. A very social and fun 10 days that turned into 14 days after I missed my flight back!

Those extra four days gave me a mini vacation outside of Stockholm where I stayed with my close sister-friend Sanne in her lovely home and finally got to breathe somewhat normally after my hectic city program and enjoy the summer in Swedish style (think laying in the hammock and reading Swedish gossip magazines, enjoying long walks by the water and eating wonderful Swedish food).

The plan for my departure was that I was going to go to bed early in the evening before I had to head to the airport at 3:00 in the morning and fly back to the US. That plan was interrupted at 10:30 pm by major thunder and lightning.

We are talking I thought the entire house was going to be whisked away! Only Sanne, her son Ludvig and I were home and the three of us huddled together in our pyjamas near the front door while we listened to sparks in the electrical cables along the floors and saw the house at times light up like a major Christmas tree! Sleep was no longer on the agenda.

(My dear friend Sanne and her son stick together during severe lightning!)

After that major lightening show came the rain. And boy did it pour.

Rain had already been on my mind. I had been looking all over Stockholm for some stylish “city” rain boots to wear in my rainy home town Seattle. I like the Hunter boots but this petite lady has stubbornly muscular calves and can’t get slim fitted boots to fit nicely. Just a couple of days before my departure I settled for some stylish rain boots by the Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. (She also makes lovely shoes and clothes).

The rubber boots come in all kinds of lovely colors.

I was eyeing the blue ones but came home with a pair in camel color. I love them!

There you have it. My first post after my fun trip. And all I talk about is rain boots! But I have lots more to share with you from my trip.

Before we meet again I would like to thank my beautiful blog friends from Laura Casey Interiors, Belgian Pearls, A Perfect Gray and The Zhush for filling in while I was trotting the streets of Stockholm. You are always the best!

And to all my wonderful readers — enjoy your week and thank you for the lovely comments while I was away. You are all very generous!


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  • Mia says:

    Hi Mon, good to hear you’re safely home with nice wellingtons and all :) I’m glad you got some extra days with your friends in Sthlm. Beautiful pictures!
    Miss you too! Kram Mia

  • Åh jag älskar de där gummistövlarna! De är så himla fina. Jag hade en väninnan som arbetade på Tretorn så jag har ju en del gummistövlar hemma… men det skadar kanske inte med ett par till?! Härligt att höra du haft det mysigt hemma i SveaRike!

    Kram Jenny

  • Di Overton says:

    Hello at last. Summer has flown by (if you could call it that)but I do visit you often just haven’t had time to stop and talk. Hope all is well with you.
    WELCOME BACK, loving those boots

  • Greet says:

    Hi Mon,
    I am so glad you are back! I missed you too!! Love to read all about your trip to Sweden!
    And these boots are just wonderful!!! Love them!

  • glad you had fun in stockholm, it’s only two weeks until my trip. can’t wait.

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej hej and welcome back! I can hear it in the keyboard taps of this post that you had a great time. I can’t wait to hear the full story, incl updates on your mamma.

    The pictures are divine and to spend a few days in the archipelago is just cotton wool for the tired soul.
    The boots are way cool and I am very envious. Am eying a pair of black ones in a store near my house.. You may just have inspired me to get them (the rain is pouring sideways here right now..)

    Anyway. Glad to hear you are back safely. The kids and Peter must be thrilled. Hope he had a great birthday, despite your absence. Send my love.

    Hugs and kisses from Sydney

    xx Charlotta

  • liza says:

    So glad you are home safe and sound. It sounds like an adventurous trip!

  • Kimberly Wolf says:

    Hi Monika,

    I am so glad you had fun; we missed you, though, and are glad you are back, safe and sound. :) I would say you definitely did not “settle” for those boots as they are gorgeous! I would love a pair of those, in any color! Your style and good taste have come shining through again. Great choice in footwear for Seattle. You will be lucky if I am not trying to pull them off of your feet! :)
    I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your trip!

  • Welcome home, Monika!
    Love the boots….I’ve
    been wanting some Hunters,
    myself {with liners for
    our cold Minnesota winters}.
    How fun that you got a
    pair from a Scandinavian designer
    that you admire! Right
    now I’m at the Oregon
    Coast with my family and
    loving every moment : )
    Can’t wait to hear more
    about your adventures in
    Sweden…..Enjoy the
    weekend and good luck with
    “re-entry” back into your
    normal life!
    xx Suzanne

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Welcome back Monika! U have been missed. Your posts are always sincere and inspirational. Love the boots!

  • Piper says:

    Welcome back!! I can’t tell you how much I’m living through you right now – I really think I was meant to live in Sweden :) I’ve always wanted to go and your trip just sounds amazing!! And how nice you got an extra few days to spend!! Of course I’m not sure what I’m more envious over now…the trip or those boots :)

  • Welcome back! Darling boots. Just adorable. So nice that you had a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing of your trip.


  • Liz Morten says:

    Thanks for the photo essay. Did you photograph that lightning? I’m impressed. Those boots are fun and snappy, they will be around for a long, long time.

  • oh, welcome home, Mon. We did miss you. But we know you were having a wonderful time. Yep, we want details, details, details in the coming days!

    So glad to have you back…

    And thank YOU so much for having me as a guest while you were away. It was truly an honor.

    Love, and welcome back! Donna

  • Monika, So glad to have you back. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. You are a fabulous storyteller. Love the boots. Would love to have some myself!

  • Welcome back, dear Mon..! You’ve been missed, but it sounds like you had a good trip – crazy lightning storms and all. I am glad you are back home safe and in the arms of your beautiful family.


  • Jane says:

    Welcome back Monika,

    I have been a very slack commenter lately.

    Your trip sounds divine how I would love to visit Sweden.

    And your boots I think are actually superior to Hunters.


  • lauren says:

    what a lovely trip! and those rain boots… perfect. i think clothes are just the best souvenirs. :)

    glad i found your blog! it’s so cute.

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Välkommen hem ! Eller ska jag säga välkommen tillbaka :) Det låter som du har haft det bra här och att du har fått njuta av det svenska vädret också (och då menar jag sommarsol).

    Kram till dig

  • What a wonderful trip! I actually love thunderstorms, but it’s best to enjoy them with friends! Fabulous boots, much more chic than the Hunters, I think! Lovely!

  • The Zhush says:

    That sounds like one scary storm!!! As to your new rain boots…I am quite jealous, they are gorgeous! :)

  • Style Attic says:

    Ah, the return home and unpacking/placing of new treasures. Better yet, the stories and time spent before and after the purchase will always accompany it. LOVE the boots and I’m sure your feet will too come September rain. I love your friends name :)

  • Tina says:

    Hi Monica!
    Welcome back!
    During your visit in Sweden I´ve been through all your posts. I really love all the Swedish antiques and your home looks fantastic!
    The boots looks great. I´ve been looking for some as well that are okey to wear in the city but haven´t found any good looking until now reading your post about Ilse Jacobsen and her colorful rubber boots.
    I love them and they are definitely ok for the city stroll.
    Hope you´ll have a great weekend back home in Seattle!

  • Tina says:

    I´m so glad you had a great time over here – and I LOVE the boots! Wouldn´t mind a pair in every color…

    Soon it´s just a month until I go to USA – it´s a real bummer it´s a different Washingon from yours..! 😀

  • Alex K says:


    Welcome back! Any other pictures of that great hotel you posted on Gotland? You found boots — any bookshelves?


  • Stacey says:

    Nice to have you back Monika! The pictures are beautiful and like your friend, i hate lightning storms too:-). Those boots are fabulous! Happy weekend to you.

  • oooh, i love these boots! i could really get into a black pair. love the image of the book,bench and glass image – hope your weekend looks that good! jx

  • Welcome back Mon! And those boots are cute!

  • Hey Monika
    Welcome home!!! sounds like you have had a wonderful trip and I think those last 4 days must have been a splendid break [pardon the pun!].. Now although the thunderstorm must have been scary.. was it exciting too? I love a good thunderstorm!!

    Well sorry I didn’t visit your guest posts whilst you were away.. my internet is still unreliable and out of whack….

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy being home with your family.. xxx Julie

  • Oh my! Sounds like quite the adventure my friend! I cannot imagine hearing such a thing — but it must have been amazing to watch! So glad that you had a wonderful time — and those boots are fantastic. The most chic boots for such a chic lady :)

    Missed you tons, but enjoyed the lovely guest posts greatly while you were away…

    Wishing you a family-filled, fantastic weekend back home,

  • Carole says:

    Hi Mon,
    So glad you had a lovely trip. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of it.
    My first day back at the keyboard and I should be writing posts but couldn’t help popping over to see how you’re doing.
    I love the boots too.
    Lots of love,
    Carole x

  • maryann says:

    glad to see you back! have a great sunday.. verbena cottage

  • Laila says:

    Oh, I just love these boots! Jeg har et rødt par, men skulle også gjerne hatt noen svarte… Kanskje noe å sette på ønskelisten;-) Tusen takk for dine utrolig søte kommentarer hos meg. Jeg setter så stor pris på det, Monika. Beklager at jeg ikke rekker å svare deg bestandig, døgnet har ikke alltid mange nok timer;-(… Håper ferien din har vært super, jeg skal skrolle meg litt nedover bloggen din nå:-) Klem klem fra Laila

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I love your post from Sweden. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m completely home sick already. Nothing could be a better wardrobe choice over there than a pair of fancy rain boots. A rain jacket to go with it, and you’re set for your next trip!!! Can’t wait to read more!!

  • MMW says:

    I’m going to book a vacation to Sweden JUST to get a great pair of those boots too. LOVE your pictures. So happy you’re back safely.

  • beeee-you-teee-ful boots. wellies are awesome.. and great pics from your vaca. thanks for sharing. xo

  • Delishhh says:

    Ok, I have been looking for rainboots for a while, everything I try is just too big or uncomfortable. These look awesome. Did you get me a pair?

  • Leigha says:

    What great stories of travel and adventure! The guest posts have been lovely!

  • Jenna says:

    Missing your flight didn’t seem so bad, an extra few days how nice! 😉 Those are really great boots, love them in camel too! I haven’t stopped by in so long I feel….boo! Looks like all is well. I love the travel/postcard series! Great places, Wow.

    I hope your vacation was lovely!


  • SOFIE says:

    Great post!
    And we are glad you enjoy them;)
    designer@Ilse Jacobsen

  • Delishhh says:

    I was in UVillage this weekend and i saw yout boots. In a store called Madewell they even have them online too.

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