A Summer Postcard To You Via Belgian Pearls

Hi, Greet here from Belgian Pearls
My personal summer postcard to you is sent from:

My home in Brakel, a small town about 50 min away from Brussels, Belgium.
The one thing you can’t miss when visiting the region where I live is:

The Castle of Beloeil and its beautiful park where you can go for wonderful walks! 

My way of relaxing this summer is:

To enjoy our garden and our outbuilding that was just finished a few months ago. We love having friends and family over and to treat them to the most delicious barbecues!
In my opinion, the perfect hostess gift is:

A scented fragrant candle from Baobab.

An absolute must read book (in fact almost more for the beautiful pictures than for reading!) this summer is:

The interior design book “Saint Tropez — contemporary & timeless” by the interior designer Sandra Cerfontaine.

You will find me dreaming about this design item from my hammock:

A beautiful Swedish bench — like this! 

I wish Monika and all her many readers a pleasant and warm summer with lots of happiness! Don’t forget to “see and enjoy” even the smallest things in life. They very often make your day!

xx, Greet

(For more on Greet and her fabulous blog go here).

 Images for postcard art via: 1. Flickr, 2. Flickr, 3. Flickr (insert of photo by Splendid Willow) 
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  • Stacey says:

    Lovely images. I would love to visit there, especially that castle!

  • Jamilyn says:

    Hello and thank you for your wonderful comments and for becoming a follower too! I have never been to Belgium but it looks spectacular. Your blog is so interesting and I am going to sit back and stay for awhile…and read! Have a wonderful day!

  • Tina says:

    Hi there!
    Really love the sofa. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  • so lovely, Greet. I hope one day to visit your beautiful homeland! I enjoyed your postcard and I must say a bench like you want would be at the top of my list as well!


  • Greet says:

    Hi Monika! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in this wonderful Postcard idea of yours! I hope you have a nice time in Sweden! I wished I could be there!

  • Piper says:

    I would love to visit Belgium one day – it looks absolutely beautiful. It’s nice to be introduced to new blogs too :)!! Lovely post.

  • This is lovely, Greet!
    Thank you for the
    wonderful postcard ~
    I’ll be popping over
    for a visit!
    xx Suzanne

  • Lovely post!
    So much beauty…

    Happy weekend to you.

  • maryann says:

    Hello Mon! A great virtual summer travel to your side of the world…Lovely postcards and great to see you back! Verbena Cottage

  • Okay, I’ve packed my bags, and I’m on my way for a visit!

    Greet, this is a stunning destination — I can see exactly why and how it captivates you — you are so lucky to call this beautiful place home. Also, I must try that candle and look for that book — any recommendation from you is always great! Lovely ideas :)


  • Thank you Greet for sharing!! That castle looks amazing and hope to one day visit! I also hope to add that book to my collection as well – it looks lovely! Thanks for the postcard! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Mia says:

    Hi Greet, lovely guest post! The castle really look like it’s worth a visit. And I agree, scented candles are great gifts and the book looks very inspiring. Now I’m going over to your blog and tomorrow I’ll meet Monika in stockholm :)

  • Jen says:

    That Swedish bench? Yeah, that’s pretty gorgeous!! Can you imagine owning that piece? I’d die!

  • Charlotta says:

    Hi Greet – this is lovely. I am so looking forward to visiting you one day. Just have to relocate to Europe first.. :) Our sons will get a long like wildfire I am sure!

    Your post is so nice and the castle & grounds look amazing. I miss this type of heritage here in Australia.. (though, I haste to add that we needless to say have other temptations!)

    Happy summer to you. And to Monika – hoppas Sverige ar super mysigt och att allt ordnar sig med mamma osv.

    Kram / hugs

    xx C

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