My Favorite Way Of Relaxing x 2

Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! When my friend Ally (From The Right Bank) asked her readers to send one (1) image of a room that defines their style, I knew exactly which one to send. I am sorry, Ally dear (and to my many readers) that I keep on recycling this image. But if ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! And the same goes for good design and interiors. I LOVE THIS ROOM because of:

Its classic style. (This room will work 10 years from now. Both the lines and the colors).
Its comfort. I am SOOO tired of rooms that only look good to the eye (Yawn!) but where the body and heart can’t relax.
The mix between old and new. Look at the ceiling and the contrast with the tall galvanized steel bookcases.
Its books! A home is not a home without books!
The lovely, non-contrived art display. (And I love that there is a small table lamp crammed into one of the cubby shelves!).
The natural light.

I can also imagine this room in the evening with some beautiful lighting. I would have no problem dragging a cocktail table in here and catering to some happy guests!

Speaking of relaxing, I will take next week off and just focus on relaxing and enjoying the first week of summer with my happy and funny kids!

Oh, and we are pretty excited about our latest family member. Let me present to you this fluffy, sweet little four-legged friend. We all love her! She is already a very spoiled hamster!

I will be back in a few days – more blog alert and with a big smile on my face!

And to all wonderful and generous fathers out there (see my earlier post)Happy Father’s day!

Images: 1. Via the always lovely Belle Vivir, 2. Unknown (I apologize!) ,  3. Via Completely Coastal, 4. Via Splendid Willow, 5. Via La Dolce Vita
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  • Tina says:

    Wow, vilken välarbetad och inspirerande blogg. Letade efter en bild till dagens inlägg och hamnade på så vis hos dig!
    Kommer att fortsätta följa!

  • Love that room, bar cart and porch! Enjoy your week off!

  • Tina & Jen: Welcome to S. Willow! I look forward to visiting your blogs.

    Laura: But not my hamster!!?? I don’t know if we can be friends any more! (: LOL

    Annika: I am so glad you like it here, sweetie! Can’t wait to hang out in Sweden in just a few weeks!

    Maryanne: Yes, what a wedding! Crocodile tears here!

  • What a GREAT image…And I haven’t even seen it before…so there! Enjoy your week off!

  • oh Monika, you’re absolutely right! that room is perfection! I especially adore that comfy sofa. I wouldn’t mind having that cocktail table too!
    I’m in love with your latest family member. so cute! xo

  • Önskar dig en riktigt härlig semester! Här har solen äntligen börjat att skina. Blev lite nervös att det var fars dag idag… men det gällde ju inte här i Sverige :)

    Kram Jenny

  • You could post this room everyday and it would be fine with me! It could not be more perfect and it just shows how well you know your style. It’s also making me want to buy a fat squishy ottoman to pair with my slipcovered couch.

    Have a great week off, my dear! You deserve some R&R!

  • Jen says:

    Look at that little guy in the last picture!! So cute! Hopefully he stays outside though 😉

  • Annika says:


    Det är så mysigt att följa din blogg. Vackra miljöer, inspiration och personlighet. Läckert!
    Lilla hamstern är ju underbar. Vad säger kissemiss?
    Njut av familjemys och lite lugn. Stor kram Annika. :)

  • Joanny says:

    If you stare at it long enough — you will magically find that you re-created it in your home.
    An enchanting space among the time worn pages of your favorite books and dear little one the hamster.


  • Delishhh says:

    Monika it is a great room, i am hoping to make a library feel in one of our rooms at the new house. Hopefully you can help to make it happen. Have a great weekend and hope that you will have a fabulous time at Cafe Campagne today!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Enjoy your week off Ms. Splendid!

  • Lana says:

    LOVE this room, would give anything to have a space like this in my home, sigh…
    As you said books are an essential and the comfy couch looks like the perfect spot for some reading!
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend off with your family!
    Greetings from Cape Town
    Lana xx

  • Enjoy yourself!!!! I see your Princess did Sweden proud!!!!!! Always a pleasure visiting you here…..maryanne xo

  • Jane says:

    What a great image! Has to have books, doesn’t it? (although mine in fact didn’t!) Have a lovely week. xoxo

  • The Zhush says:

    For what its worth, I have never seen this image before, and now I am completely smitten with it!

  • I love your room, and even more the fact that you are going to take some time off. That is what the summer is for, if at all possible and particularly if you have kids. This blogging thing can completely rule your life if you let it. Don’t. Hugs. Mona

  • Mia says:

    It’s a beautiful room, I would enjoy sitting there with some cocktails!
    Very cute hamster.
    Have a lovely week off, take care.
    Kram Mia

  • You see, THIS is why we’d be great friends.
    My kind of room!
    From the books, to the slouchy little
    two-seater, the lovely architectural
    elements to the haphazard placement on
    the bookshelves, I really love it all.
    Just needs a big tray for the ottomon
    with a pot for my tea and a plate for
    some cookies….
    Aaaahhhhh. Now I’m right at home!
    xx Suzanne

    PS: Have fun with the kiddies! Your
    new addition is cute. I’m in Savannah
    this week while my daughter is at an
    art seminar for teens….

  • man, that first image has blown me away! incredible.

    oh and love your friend’s house a few posts back – she has fantastic style.

    great blog you have here, love it. jules

  • Post away my lovely friend, I’ll never get tired of this beautiful space. The absolute perfect spot to settle in and pour through a great new book!

  • Piper says:

    Gorgeous!! I can see why you like this room so much. And I agree…a room should feel like you can relax in it. No wonder you like this room :)!! I don’t know how you guys did it, picking just one photo. so hard!! enjoy your time off :)!!

  • Darn! Now I want to go back and change my ‘style in one picture’ photo to THIS one. Love it, Mon. For all the same reasons you do.

    Have some relaxing and fun days….we will see you when you return. Enjoy your time and your family.

    Love to you! Donna

  • maryann says:

    Lovely and it does not look broken to me! Glad to hear about your plans for a blissful week with family. Stay safe and see you soon! verbena cottage

  • right there with your Swedish siesta in the reading nook. it’s perfect and i never tire of seeing it here. wish you a grand week. xo

  • ohh, what an absolutely beautiful room! i LOVE the books and the natural light!!

  • Hello Mon,

    Can I please transport myself into that first image? It’s perfection… everything about it makes it so inviting and cozy. There are so many great details to absorb, from the LV luggage piece to the artwork tucked in. So much personality.

    Also, your new little family member is super cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful week off and enjoy some family time… you are in my thoughts as well :)


  • Style Attic says:

    If you just take the cart and wheel it into the first room and take the adorable hamster with you and have the view from the porch picture to look at while you rest those tootsies, you have the makings of the perfect scenario, or what I like to call “Movie Moment!” Those are all great photos and a perfect mix for a great blog :)

  • it’s a great room. stylish and informal. the ceiling is interesting, kind of mini vaults.

  • paula says:

    love the image. so true perfection must be shared time, time again.

  • liza says:

    You have such good style, Monika!
    Enjoy your week with your family – I love that you mention the funny-ness of your children. They crack me up at this age! I’ll be back here when you return!

  • Julie says:

    Dear Monika
    You are so right about needing a relaxing space.. a functional space rather than just pleasing to the eye. you know I passed up water views to get that villa as I really wanted somewhere that would fit my furniture .. and relaxing as you say!! Just love that cocktail cart… have been dreaming about such for many years!! one day.. and little hampster must be well loved over your way…

    Did I see on the news the princess of Sweden just got married? I didn’t catch the words but saw the face and thought she looked similar to the lovely princess you posted about… OK.. have fun with your holidays.. and Happy Fathers Day to you husband!! xxx Julie [ps thanks for all you support dear friend!!]

  • Charlotta says:

    You can never wear that picture out dear sis. It’s perfect!
    Agree on the drinks trolley – wheel it in.

    Thank you for introducing us to the newest member of the Claassen family. What is his/her name?
    It’s adorable and I will not be able to show this to my kids or we will have to get one as well. Our cat would move out if we did! :)

    I know you are having a break from the cyber world and you won’t read this until next week.
    Hoping you are having a great time with the girls off school and that the sun is beaming down on you.

    Stor kram
    xx C

  • Julie at BV says:

    Great picks Mon. It sounds like the perfect way of relaxing. Enjoy your days off with your beautiful family.



  • All of this sounds like the PERFECT way to relax, Mon! I agree about the books.. and that porch looks incredible right about now :)

    Your new furry friend is too cute for words- that picture of him is really sweet! xoxo

  • i love the room you chose for ally’s challenge… it honestly looks like heaven on earth right about now. you’re so right about rooms that look good on paper (or in blogland) but wouldn’t be remotely liveable in real life. the books, the cheeky and uncontrived art display, and the temptation of that cozy armchair and ottoman are all speaking to me in a big way. bravo on the perfect choice!

  • kelly ann says:

    the first photo = perfection… i could spend all day there. 😉 it looks SO comfy and peaceful and warm!

  • Marija says:

    What a wonderful choice! I want to hang out in that room. It’s perfect indeed. Warm and cozy and inviting, full yet uncluttered. Love that everything feels important. I would like one more comfy chair as I think the only thing that would make it better would be spending time there chatting with a friend…

    Hope you’re enjoying time with your family and relaxing!! This was only the second official week of our summer break and I’m already dreading the day it ends! My kids are at such a fun age…I just want to enjoy them! Hope you’re having a splendid time :)

    xo Marija

  • loove that first image!!! that’s heaven for me surrounded by books!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! so happy to connect with you and thank you so much for stopping by this week & your lovely comments!

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