Great Gifts For Father’s Day

June 20th. Just around the corner! That is the day when we celebrate Father’s day here in the US.

I have only great memories of my own father, who passed away way too early (when I was 14 years old). In my heart I remember him as a very hard working,  intelligent,  generous and family oriented person with a good sense of humor and an always positive attitude. My parents were immigrants and were clearly very different than the parents in the ritzy part of Stockholm where I grew up. Growing up I always felt like an outsider. But maybe that is exactly what I needed to become strong and independent and to learn to not be afraid of things or people who are different.

Much later in life I found my soul mate – the love of my life. And as no surprise to myself  – he is very much like my own father! So, the goodness continues.

A couple of years ago – on Father’s day – I started placing a framed photo of my father on the kitchen table next to some beautiful flowers. And I told my children about their Grandfather. This year I will do the same with Peter’s father who passed away 12 years ago and who I never had the opportunity to meet and love. It is about time that they meet! I know that our fathers would have gotten a long wonderfully. They are probably talking about us now!

We only do little things on Father’s day at our house. But we do make sure that family quality time with Dad (the best on the planet – I insist!) gets highest priority. A good brunch is a given, small handmade gifts and cards from the kids and a small little gift from me. I have not made up my mind yet but here are some good gift candidates:

1) A membership to a local wine tasting class. (Hey, I would only benefit from that!)

2. A good quality key holder or wallet. Something that only looks better overtime. (Yes, go ahead. You may call me a snob when it comes to small leather goods!)

Key holder: Tod’s via Neiman Marcus

Wallet: Ferragamo

3. A backyard hammock. (It would quickly turn into everybody else’s favorite spot!). This one from LL Bean.

4. Electric salt & pepper mills. (My husband is so good with the pots & pans!). Via Williams-Sonoma.

5. Monogrammed BBQ tools (hey, why not!). Via Williams-Sonoma.

6. A Thermometer fork. Via Williams-Sonoma.

7. Stieg Larsson’s best selling books.  My Swedish contribution!

Stieg Larsson (1954-2004) was a Swedish writer and journalist. Prior to his sudden death of a heart attack in November 2004 he finished three detective novels in his trilogy “The Millenium-series” which were published posthumously; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest”.

Altogether, his trilogy has sold more than 20 million copies in 41 countries (spring of 2010), and he was the second bestselling author in the world 2008. Also, if you have a chance see the movie – the Swedish, original one. It is fantastic!

Anything good you have up the sleeve and would like to share? Don’t be shy now! We are all looking for great gift ideas!

Photo credit: Image 1. Flickr, Image 2. Weheartit, Image 3. Flickr, Image 4. Unknown (sorry!),  Image. 10+ 11 stieglarsson.com
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  • Dearest Monika, how beautiful you are writing about your fathers and yourself! Thanks a lot for sharing with us all. In Norway we are not celebrating Father’s Day now, but I will try to remember some of your good ideas! All the best on Father’s Day to you all! Laila

  • Greet says:

    Hi Monika,
    I love the way you tell about your dad! It is so sad that you were only 14 years old when he passed away.
    My father passed away 9 years ago and there is no day that I don’t think about him. He was also a very hardworking man and oh so concerned about his family. My son Anthony was his first grandchild and they were very much connected to each other. Anthony was only 5 years old when he lost his grandfather and big friend.
    Here in Belgium we celebrate fathers this Sunday, the 13th.
    As you do – I framed a picture of him and on father’s day we will think about him a lot!
    I love all these wonderful gifts here! Especially the key holder! Good idea!

  • Janell Beals says:

    Wonderful thoughts on your father and what special way to remember him and share stories of him with your children…AND thanks for the reminder I need to get moving on planning for this day! Janell

  • Piper says:

    Monika, this is such a beautifully written post. How sad to have lost your dad so young – but it’s nice that you had such a great relationship and I love how you have kept him in your life! Sadly, I never really had a relationship with my dad so it’s always cool to come across people who have had that.

    And btw…beautiful gift picks! (especially the Larsson books – they’re soooo good!!)

  • koralee says:

    Such a lovely post….I was thinking FD was this weekend…I still have time to get the Grandpa’s something special! Your ideas are amazing. Hugs. xoxo

  • beautiful memories of your father and father-in-law, Mon. You have made me realize how lucky I am to have my father still; he is 83. Lovely gifts, and you have given me some great ideas.

    Great piece, as always! Love, Donna

  • Mia says:

    The two top pictures are really nice and the gift tips also (I’ll save them until november when it’s fathers day in Sweden).
    Have a nice day! Kram Mia

  • lovely thoughts about your father, Monika. my dad passed away some years ago and I always think about him, moreover on Father’s day… well, now I buy gifts for the hubby… have posted some ideas in my blog… xo

  • Bianca says:

    I love the idea of putting a little photo of your father next to a flower bouquet on father’s day… I am going to copy this tradition. Thank you so much for sharing your story. ~Bianca

  • What a lovely tribute to the men in your life – your husband, your father and your husband’s father! They and you ARE truly blessed. I wholeheartedly agree with you Monika! Difficulty is what challenges us in life to be better people and spirits. And diversity is essential for creativity and true love to grow within us.

    p.s. I have the same penchant for leather goods and silver. xo

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika, what a great post, i had no idea you lost your father at 14. I also did a similar post yesterday for Father’s Day – check it out: http://delishhh.com/?p=1615. Have a great day!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Good Morning to you all (US west coast time!). It was so lovely to wake up to your sweet comments this morning. Thank you! I love each and everyone of my blog friends. You enrich my life! Hugs to you all. Mon.

  • Charlotta says:

    Dearest Monika – I am deeply touched by your story about your dad, and so sorry you lost him so early. What a wonderful tradition to include him (and Peter’s dad) in your Father’s Day tradition. I bet, like you say, that they men are looking down on you from where they are and nodding in that loving & approving way men do.
    It is so beautiful that your Peter is so much loved – he seems like a very special person and I know also he comes from a large & loving family. How lucky you are to have met each other – the girl from Sweden and the man from Canada.

    We don’t celebrate Father’s day until later this year, but I am taking notes on the great gifts you always share.
    Some winners with Marshall have been spa sessions, an experience with the kids (we’ve done whale watching, private boat hire with fishing, treasure hunts etc) and special performances at home (kids & I having a ball preparing a little song’n’dance number..). He loved all of these.

    What ever you do though I know it will be wonderful. I know few people who are more loving and nurturing than you. You are a rare gem my sweet and I am very happy to have found you.

    Biggest hugs to you my dearest and wishes to Peter for a magic Father’s Day!

    xx C

  • Monika ~ I’m sorry that your daddy passed away when you were so young. I love your tradition of setting his picture out each Father’s Day…..and now, your father-in-law’s, as well. Sounds like your own husband must be a wonderful dad, if he is a lot like your own! Thank you for the gift ideas. I am trying to think of some “experience” type gifts ~ a play, a cooking class, etc. Also, Mr. Privet collects kaleidescopes and has a small collection in his office, so may try and add to that. It is great to start men on collections, since they are hard to buy for! The kids have already made cards to go with whatever gift we land on. Hope it will be a special day for you! xx Suzanne

  • The hammock is my favorite idea! Thank you for the post! :)

  • liza says:

    I love how you are introducing your children to their grandfathers. We talk of my mother the same way, especially on her birthday and the anniversary of her passing. I love when Eddie asks me questions about her! Your husband deserves all the best (love that key holder!). I know your family’s Father’s Day will be so full of love.

    (ps…the painting is coming along well – I may be brave enough to show some after photos)

  • MMW says:

    Wow Monika – your story sounds so similar to my husband’s. His father died when he was in his teenage years… And even though our children never knew their grandfather {and I never knew my father-in-law}, they know much about him – because we talk of him a lot and have his picture displayed. My favourite part is that we often draw references between my husband’s father and our children, such as, “your smile looks very much like your grandpa’s OR you are a hard worker, just like grandpa was.” It’s a great way to share love between generations.

    ALSO – for Father’s Day, my husband has asked for THIS wallet: http://www.saddlebackleather.com/categories/102-Wallets-Medium-Bifold-/products/1978-Leather-Wallet-Bi-fold-Medium-Carbon-Black

    xoxo to you. Have a lovely Father’s Day,

  • Lana says:

    I love your Father’s day tradition of putting out their photos and flowers, it is so special. Wishing you a fantastic weekend xx

  • what a lovely post and great suggestions. xoxo

  • The Zhush says:

    What a lovely tribute and such great ideas! My husband is getting an ipad (so hopefully he will now stay off my mac!):) Last year, we gave him a wine tasting gift from a California company, every month for 6 months he got a fabulous bottle of red and white (oh, again I benefited :) ), some of the best wines ever!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your father, Mon. This is a lovely tribute to all the dad’s out there :) I am lovin’ this gift guide. My dad would love every last thing here, so I just may be putting your list to good use- thanks! xoxo

  • fabi says:

    i loved your story and it almost made me cry as my dad is far away from me and your post made me miss him even more! i love your tradition and i think it is a wonderful idea to introduce young children to their grandfathers or other relatives. we are always interested to know more about our roots and it all the family stories become part of our identity. it is so important to know about our family’s past to appreciate our present.

  • maryann says:

    sorry to hear about your dad. i lost mine when i was 12. now i just need to reinvent this special day and perhaps do something else in his honor! hope you are enjoying your weekend. verbena cottage

  • Oh, Monika, I did not realize that you lost your Father so young. Thank you for sharing your story — your honesty and heart is lovely and refreshing. I love getting to know the person behind the wonderful blog more and more… great Father’s Day inspiration! Thank you! I need some ideas…

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,


  • oh mon, thanks for sharing about your father. i didnt realize that he was separated from you so early. im sure where ever he is his light is shining on you and he is super proud of his amazing daughter. i know how you feel about being an outsider…my parents traveled a lot and growing up as an expat came with similar challenges to yours. love your special way to remember your father.

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