Meet Ally & Her Fantastic Eye For Eclectic Design

Before I start, I would like to say that in my monthly “In The Spotlight” interviews, I feature people who I personally find very interesting & inspirational and have something to teach about design & art. Now, some of them also happen to have blogs (I have met them in lovely blog land!). But that is not why I pick them.

Meet my dear friend Ally with From The Right Bank. (I have known her since my early blog days and she was the one who pushed me when I thought blogging was so hard). Ally has a fabulous blog which is a must read for all my readers but what I am really interested in is her eye for design. Eclectic living. She has such good taste, this gal (and she shares her personal interior design ideas and her home with her readers) . I just want to explore design through her eyes and hear her thoughts! I personally look to her for inspiration. So enjoy what she has to say and her hand picked images!

Ally, describe your design style for us.

This is always tough for me to do. My style is all over the place as I really do love just about everything. It’s a combination of global bohemian influenced by my travels along with some French froufrou from my years living in Paris, balanced out by a bit of clean and modern Scandinavian simplicity.

When did an eclectic design style first resonate with you?

Hmmmmm . . . looking back at all of my homes, they’ve all been a bit hodge podge in decor so I guess it’s always been my thing.
What is key for a perfect eclectic room or house?

Mixing styles, time periods, textures, price points, . . . everything!
Tell us more about your new home. What is the biggest difference compared to your last?

My new house could not be more different from my last one. We used to live in a contemporary, open-plan house with lots of glass, concrete and exposed beams. Our new house is a traditional brick with a much more formal layout and feel.

Did you already know how you wanted to decorate the house, before the moving truck arrived?

I think you already know the answer to this question, Monika! :) Of course! From the minute we made an offer on the house, I was decorating in my head, sketching floor plans, and picking out fixtures and paint colors.
Does your husband have any say in the design process?

I run some things by him but for the most part, he’s happy to let me do whatever I want because he trusts my style. Thank goodness! :)
Any brand new design ideas you are going for this time around?

In keeping with the architecture of the house, I’m incorporating more traditional elements than before. But I want to put a twist on it. (Of course!)

Are there any budget friendly DIY projects close to your heart that you have tried or are looking forward to trying?

I bought a set of 4 red leather chairs at a thrift store in New York back when we lived there and they’ve definitely seen better days. So I want to try my hand at reupholstering them. I’ve been inspired by all the amazing chair makeovers everyone seems to be doing lately. As much as I like decorating, I’m pretty incompetent when it comes to DIY so it’s going to be a real experiment!

What ‘s on your design object wish list?

The top three are probably: 1. deGournay wallpaper, 2. Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, 3. Union Jack rug by Vivienne Westwood for the Rug Company.
Any sentimental design objects you never will depart from?

Most of the art we have has been collected on our travels or have been gifts so they all have special meaning and I can’t see parting with any of it.
Do you have any secret places for good design finds?

I’m just starting to discover all the amazing antique shops all over Atlanta. I had no idea of the treasures they have here! I’d say the whole Atlanta area is a very well-kept secret.
Have you settled down for good in Atlanta? Or will we see you living in other areas or countries down the road?

With me, there is always another move somewhere on the horizon(!) and I would love the opportunity to live abroad again. But I just got here so there are no immediate plans!
Today you running a very successful design blog. What do you see yourself doing 2-3 years from now?

I see myself continuing to blog, write and photograph. I’d also like to get back to painting more and creating a body of work to exhibit.
I hope you have enjoyed the interview as much as I have! Thank you for sharing your design thoughts with us Ally! An even brighter design future is in the cards for you! And now, I am also looking forward to your first art exhibition!

For more on Ally’s blog, go here.

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  • Will says:

    What a lovely interview. I adore reading Ally’s From The Right Bank blog, too.

    P.S. That first pic with the chandelier and the yellow sofa – ALL MINE! 😉

  • g says:

    Great interview. Ally is very cool to be with, too. Very engaging, sweet and creative. Sort of spills out of her. She shares milkshakes as well.

  • I enjoyed learning more about Ally, and have had the pleasure of meeting her at an Atlanta blogger event.

    I too am in love with that egg chair!

  • Love the yellow sofa and the art collection. It’s nice to see so much color.

  • Flaviana says:

    Hi Mon!
    This was a great interview. I mean, I must have lived under a rock, because how is it possible I didn’t know Ally’s blog?! Thanks to you I know it know and love it! She will be great source of inspiration to me, like you!


  • Flaviana says:

    oh..sorry hon.. I meant ” I know it now” !
    I got too used to Word correcting all my typing mistakes:)

  • amazing interview, Monika! I love her style! xo

  • Ally is one of the bloggers that I admire most. Her eye is so well honed. I adore her sensibilities and always look forward to her posts. Mon, thanks so much for this closer look. It was terrific!


  • nkp says:

    Wonderful interview Monika and Ally. Ally’s blog resonated with me from my very first visit and I always find something to be inspired by on From the Right Bank. I loved seeing and hearing a slightly more personal account of Ally’s design sensibilities here. I can’t wait to see more of her beautiful new home come to life!


  • Delishhh says:

    Great Interview!

  • Wonderful interview ! I’m a newer reader of Ally’s blog, but simply adore her style ! Great to get to know her better.


  • Awesome post Mon! Love your blog and your style Ally – i visit every day :)

  • That’s the mysterious Ally depicted in sunglasses? She’s lovely, as lovely as her taste in home décor. I’ve been reading her blog for ages now and it’s great to get to know her better here. I plan to knock on her door for a tea when I’m eclectic enough.

  • Thank you all for such lovely comments. And thank you, Monika, for including me in this series. It’s been a real honor! xoxo

  • Mycket trevlig och intressant läsning! Ska genast in och kika på hennes blogg lite. Är bilderna från hennes hem?? Super…

    Kram Jenny

  • Joe Clarke says:

    You are both stylish and classy! I will head over there now. Thanks. JC.

  • How exciting! A new blogging neighbor to visit! She sounds so earnest and down to earth, despite her success! I can’t wait to pop over there. I really admire her ability to mix it all up and have it turn out….perfect! Thank you for spotlighting Ally on your blog, Monika! xx Suzanne

  • Oh, what fun! And a picture of Ally, too…! I loved this interview, Mon. Thanks to you both, ladies – it was a treat to read.


  • Charlotta says:

    There is so much eye candy here that I could write an essay!!
    I love Ally and her fantastic blog (on my regular read’s list!), and so enjoyed to get a more in-depth portrait of the girl behind the fab posts.
    Lovely and well structured interview Monika – thank you for turning the spotlight towards this very talented lady!

    Stor kram

    xx Charlotta

  • Kristin says:

    Her blog is just gorgeous…and so is her aesthetic!

  • Brittany says:

    oh i just love her blog! great interview. :)

  • Lana says:

    Great interview Mon, can’t wait to see how Ally’s new home turns out, super stylish I’m sure! Have a lovely weekend!:)

  • Jessie says:

    I love Ally’s style! She decorates opposite of me. lol I always decorate “matchy matchy” which she hates. lol I can’t help it though, that is what I like to LIVE in. She is an inspiration for me though to not be scared to mix and match someday! Also, she makes me want to travel! lol 😉 Great post! I just found your blog today. I will have to stop by from time to time!

  • Piper says:

    Awesome post! I loved getting to know more about Ally – I think her blog is so inspiring and I love visiting it!! I get lots of ideas :)!

  • This was a fantastic idea! So often we make virtual friends and know so little about them, until a post like this sheds some new light into the writer behind the blog. I love it!

  • Julie at BV says:

    I love the interview Monica and ally’s sense of style is tremendous. I love her house and her blog as well.

  • Gorgeous girl, gorgeous eye! We too are in love with mixing old and new. Thank youi so much for sharing Ally’s stylish magpie vision!

    xoxo Edie and Rhonda

  • Very nice interview, Monika! I love Ally’s unique style and the photos you shared in the post. Looking forward to perusing her blog today!


  • Monika!

    What a fabulous interview! It’s so detailed and thorough. I love the interior in these photos!

    I also think it’s so lovely that you forged this relationship through blogging and you both let it grow into a lovely friendship of support and exchange.

    :-)) Reese

  • maryann says:

    great style (LOVE IT!) lovely post…have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  • Love the wire chandelier and the armoire with the clothes showing through the door…… Great Fun Picks.!Maryanne xo

  • I have to admit it’s not often I read interviews and long texts, but this one was really interesting, Monika!

  • Love her!!!! Great interview!

  • liza says:

    Thank you for this interview, Monika! What a great post.

  • The Zhush says:

    Great interview! Big fan of Ally’s blog (as you know..since we “met” thru her!) Adore her style and her eye, loved reading and learning more about this stylish lady!

  • Lovely interview! I adore Ally’s blog and her style — she’s a wonderful person, and I have enjoyed learning more about her through this interview :)

  • Leigha says:

    Everything is gorgeous! Especially the third picture.

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