My Home & The Chest Is Now Blue!

Welcome to my home in Seattle! The very talented (and funny!) Patricia Van Essche made this drawing of my home. I absolutely love it! (it has kind of a retro feel to it, which is what I wanted and she made the house look even better than in real life! Haha!). Thank you Patricia! This was a winter picture. We are now starting to get more greenery in our front yard. And yes, the sun shines even in Seattle!

Here is a montage of some things/areas at my house. (If I am brave enough, I might share more with you. A little bit of remodeling will begin soon and I would love to bring you along on my very personal design trials and tribulations!). My blog style “Edgy classic with a Swedish twist” is also my style at home. I like to mix old with contemporary and high-end with flea market finds. (I have no problem pairing original 18th c. dining chairs with Ikea chairs. (As a matter of fact I encourage it!). Our love for art and books is real and of course my home would not be called “home” without a good dose of “Swedish”! Not many pieces here are brand new. I like classic pieces and I am not  a slave to trends. I know what I like and what works for me and my lively family (3 kids + two cats!). Comfort has highest priority for me and a good welcoming vibe for people of all sizes. The kids climb on very single piece of furniture in our house – 24/7. (I grew up in a family where we kids were not allowed to enter the dining room except on very special occasions). If you look closely you will find signs of markers on my dining table and chocolate fingerprints on just about anything upholstered. And I love it! A house needs to breathe life).

This is pretty cute. When I was taking a picture of the foyer, little William (2.5) decided to park his bumblebee vehicle right in front of the camera – on his way to grab a snack in the kitchen! This is why I love kids!

An old, antique Italian secretaire paired with a cubby shelf from Pottery Barn! You can read more about that here.

Do you remember my little chest dilemma, a while back (read here)? My question to myself (and to you!) was if I should paint my antique chest navy blue? And perhaps add new hardware? The majority of you said yes.

And after some soul searching and looking at it from all angles – I went for it! And I could not be happier! Let me introduce to you my new night stand table!

I had the chest first primed and then painted in Benjamin Moore’s ” Old Navy” (oil based, high gloss). I replaced the dull ornaments with these wonderful and substantial lion pulls from the fabulous hardware company Whitechapel Ltd (the pulls are in brass and originally from England).

Now, I would not recommend painting just any kind of antique. Actually, in many cases I dot not recommend even touching them at all. But having imported antiques in the past, I can assure you that this is not a a quality piece. And instead of it not having such a prime spot in our home, it is now the delight of our master bedroom!

I also decided to leave my consignment shop gold mirror ($27 dollars!) in its original state. Gold is back in vogue again and several of you convinced me not to touch it!

Old marching band music cards!

So, there you have it! My chest makeover. I could not be more pleased!. This  folks, is the ONLY area in the entire house that is mine – ONLY mine! It feels so luxurious to me (and yet this project cost me less than a good pair of shoes)! Here I keep things nice and organized and I surround myself with only things that I love. This corner is my own little piece of heaven!

Thank you for letting me share my home with you. Happy, happy to you all! And check in on Thursday when you will meet a lady with really good taste (and who inspires me!)

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  • Hey Mon – your home is lovely and so is your newly painted chest. You’re absolutely right, some pieces shouldn’t be touched, but some pieces are just plain old! Great job of breathing new life into it!

  • Monika, I love all the things you have shared about your house. You not only have fabulous taste, but style. What a great memory, yes I did urge you to paint the chest and I LOVE it. I would think its one of your favorite things now. As we have just finished this house every time we would do something new it would become one of my “favorite things”. That’s the awesome reward to design. There is always something new and the opportunity for it to be one of your new “favorite things”.

  • Carole says:

    Hi Monika, your home looks warm and inviting. I love the picture of the armchair and cushion in front of the books. And, the blue chest looks great! You are very brave for doing it.
    Sorry for not ‘visiting’ sooner this week. I’ve been an ‘absent’ blogger, sunning myself on Corfu, but now I’m back and catching up!

  • Eddie Ross says:

    Amazing style! Love that chest of drawers! And Patricia’s drawing is, of course, beautiful!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  • Monika, the chest turned out GREAT!!!!. Your home is beautiful and oh so stylish. I love it all. I don’t know enough about antiques to know which is or is not ok to paint over, so i would probably never had the guts to do what you did…. boring old me! i love it that your home is “open” to your kids and pets. That’s how a house should be set up. So what the uphostery will be ruined. We all need an excuse to update the look of a room anyway. hugs and kisses from a new friend.

  • Hello dear, I just borrowed one of your chest pics and linked it back to you. The reader will be directed here if they click on the picture. I will put a little blurb at the bottom of the post as well. Thank you Monika, please let me know if you object.

  • Monika,

    Your house is beautiful and so charming! I absolutely love the chest. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue and it looks so classic. I have been dreading the task of re-painting my dining chairs, but now you’ve motivated me! Great job!


  • Eddie Ross says:

    OMG!!!! It is so Beautifiul!!!!! What an AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! You are fabulous with fabulous taste. LOVE EVERYTHING, especially the chest!!!!!

  • liza says:

    Your home is beautiful, Monika, with so many things that are personal to you. Thank you for sharing it with us. The chest looks so good in blue!

  • Your home is eclectic and stylish – yet so comfortable and welcoming looking. What a wonderful nest you have made for your family, they must love it. So happy that you went ahead with the chest and have a special piece now just for yourself. It looks FANTASTIC! xoo E and R

  • Jenna says:

    The dresser is PERFECT in that blue! I want to do a color nightstand or dresser in my room for the boys side….still trying to find the perfect piece. I just LOVE it. Paired with that great mirror you found, it looks just stunning!

    P.S. Your home is beautiful MON!!!!!!


  • Amazing! I LOVE your style! xo

  • Gorgeous!I love your landscaping and the beautiful blue dresser.

  • Monika-
    Still can’t believe this is actually your home – absolutely stunning (+ this is why I’m still too shy to show mine!)

    The bright blue was definitely the perfect choice. What a statement making piece and the hardware is just the perfect touch.

  • Sorry to comment on such an old post but I just had to. Your blog is new to me and I am enjoying it. This blue chest with the asymmetrical vignette with the mirror and music is soooo lovely. I had to save this image for inspiration! Julie

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  • Rene says:

    Wow! I love your nightstand and your blog! I’m so glad that you stopped by yesterday. I’m your newest follower.


  • Hi there! Just came over from The Decorating Files because I LOVE your blue nightstand! And, now that I see your beautiful home, I can’t wait to poke around more!

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