My Not So Green Fingers

Happy new week to you all, friends! Hope the sun is shining on you!

I would like to think of myself as a pretty nurturing person. And I convince myself that the proof in the pudding is my great marriage, 3 happy, good hearted kids, 2 content cats and many wonderful and really close friend who stick with me. But when it comes to taking care of plants – I am pretty useless, in fact I would declare myself a complete  idiot (even my husband shakes his head). I just seem to walk right by any plant in my house. I just don’t seem to see them. And they all wilt. It is actually very sad because I deeply love flowers and plants and anything living! Not having taken this matter to the “shrink chair”, I wonder if the actual presentation and placement of plants would make a difference? Maybe I need to find a new way, one that stops me in my tracks and encourages me to admire and nurture then. I don’t want anything complicated. Just something simple that magically opens my flower senses (or perhaps slows down my pace?).

Maybe this could be a start. Just one, simple plant, in a pretty bowl. I can do that, right?

Or some pretty yellow branches placed in a spot that is hard to miss.

Maybe place a planter on a chair? That is different. How could I possible not see this beautiful arrangement?

And everyone (including myself) should have a tall, clear, simple vase for impromptu hand picked branches. So simple. They do wonders for the heart & the soul!

This amazing living room has just the right amount of plants and branches for me to handle. Three uncomplicated displays. How hard can it possibly be to nurture these?

I have shown you this image before, I simply love this plant table. Hard to walk by without wanting to talk to and love these plants in weathered pots. I have even been cyber spacing for a while looking for a vintage  industrial table like that. But they all cost $1500 and up. And until I really know if it would help me get a green’ish thumb, I question if it is even worth it. On the other hand maybe it would give me the push I so desperately need…

I just want to be able to open my eyes (and extend my nurturing side) when it comes to plants and flowers. I really would welcome that. It is such an on-going struggle for me. Any other ideas that you think would help me along? I am open for anything – as long  as it is easy. We are talking the very basic and tiny baby steps for a person with so far not the slightest hint of green on her fingers.

P.S Actually, I am pretty good at displaying and admiring peonies. For the short amount of time they are in season… Maybe I should view that as a start.

Love to you all!

Inspiration via lovely Ellmania. First image via Girl On the Move. Last image via Splendid Willow. All other images via Hans Blomquist.
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  • Carole says:

    I love that table of herbs! The simplicity of the terracotta pots does it for me.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Ms. Mon, you are not the only one! I rely on cut flowers.
    Thank you for the lovely inspiration. Wishing you a good week.

  • I’m pretty bad taking care of plants. I sometimes even forget to water them… but plants seem to like me because they look good! that’s what they call green fingers? or just good luck?
    hope you’re having a lovely monday!

  • Julie at BV says:

    You my darling friend have a heart of honey and you are not the only one in this. My mother told my the other day in a conversation “you don’t like plants” as she were telling me “you do like ice cream”. It seems that everyone around me has that wrong vision of me and I actually love plants I just don’t like to take care of them, I can’t take over one more task in my life. Therefore when I went to the plant place the other day all I said was “I want something that doesn’t need to be transplanted, something that doesn’t need to be watered everyday, I want something low low maintenance” and the guy look at me like hello plastic plants. But at the end I got non-flowery plants that are easier to take care of.

  • sandra says:

    hej vännen,
    underbar inspiration särskilt sista bilden föll pladask för det bordet:)
    Hoppas allt är bra med dig, här går livet i 110 och det känns verkligen underbart…
    Det är så härligt fint ute nu…

  • Will says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today – lovely to have found you and your blog. Great design you’ve got going on here and love this post about green fingers…I wish I had more gardening knowledge, too!

  • I am smiling. I HEAR you! I wrote a post on this very subject in April entitled, “There’s nothing like the real thing.” I actually have found orchids to be quite easy. They come in many varieties and last and last as long as you don’t over water them, which suits me fine! I love all of the pictures and suggestions that you have here….it can be as simple as the branches, right? Or how about one fern frond in a pretty glass? I think that you are on the RIGHT track! xx P&H

  • Charlotta says:

    Oh lovely, I hear you and my own not so green thumbs are tied back in inability to come with a magical solution.. I am the same – I LOVE the idea of thriving creatures in fabulous pots everywhere, but I stick to fresh cut flowers and twigs. My biggest feat is having managed to keep a Hungarian pepper plant and some herbs alive through the later part of summer… That is ALL I can manage.
    Like you I have happy children (they grow and thrive), a nurtured husband (who also looks very happy), a cat that simply doesn’t leave my side, three fish that I swear are unusually animated and a bunch of loyal friends. Potted plants.. Nej, my personality isn’t blessed there..

    Wishing you luck dear sister.
    xx C

  • these are wonderful, Mon. That third image in the large planter is my fav. Those are narcissus; I grow them inside from bulbs each winter around Christmas time. They are SO easy and the blooms are lovely: white and delicate. They have such a strong fragrance (my husband says they don’t smell good!). You must try them….

    Lovely post. Love to you! Donna

  • Loved this post. I will be saving these images. You are so lovely, that I find it hard to believe you cannot nurture and grow plants. You make the rest of us feel soooo good! thank-you Monika! Mona

  • Hamptontoes says:

    What about a simple to grow plant in the kitchen near the sink? Extra water in a glass? Toss it in the plant, but be certain to not over water too. Kitchen plants get my attention the most!

  • Lana says:

    I’m sure you can work on this Mon! Think of it as your challenge for 2010! Lovely pics you’ve chosen

  • Courtney says:

    I would love to be able to offer up some green thumbed advice, but I too am hopeless with plants! I did have a pretty little fern for a while though. It seemed very much dead a few times, but then new tendrils would sprout and it’d come back better than before. I think it was just a really easy keeper – perhaps most ferns are?

  • Greet says:

    My darling,
    What a beautiful ideas you showed us here! I don’t have green fingers neither! My husband has!! But I always try to do my best and I think I am good in decorating with flowers. So Jan plants the flowers and I pluck them to decorate our home with!!!
    I wish you also a wonderful week !!

  • Piper says:

    YES…ever since I saw that table of plants in Lonny I’ve been obsesssed with it!! I have a sunroom too that would be perfect for it – but I’m with you – I have all these plants around the house that are clinging to life because of my lack of a green thumb! But I can’t help it – I love plants so I keep trying :) Any of these ideas would work – I love them all :)

  • Courtney says:

    P.S. I’m reading this article ( and instantly thought of you – “Growing herbs is so simple that even people who routinely kill houseplants will find they can do it”

    Perhaps herbs are a gateway to better plant-keeping? Plus they smell so nice and can be used in the kitchen.

  • Hi wonderful friends, thank you all for your sweet comments! You give me some hope and don’t make me feel like a complete loser!

    Courtney, thank you for the link. I think the article is written for me! (:

    Hugs to you all! Mon.

  • Oh Monika! You’re so sweet! But the funny side of this post is that I have the same problem as you. I love plants and flowers and I even remember planting my first tulip bulb at the age of 8. I stole some of our neighbour’s tulips and replanted them in our garden and from then on they bloomed every year.

    However, I can’t say the same thing now. The plants tend to die in our home. It’s because sometimes I forget to water them and then my husband waters them; but then sometimes I do remember to water them and my husband still waters them….so it’s basically they’re dying of thirst or drowning in too much water. I pretty much now delegate any plant responsibility to him….he doesn’t know that though :-)).

    A Big warm hug to you and Grande Baccia!

  • Hi Monika, so glad you stopped by today. I love your blog and added you to my blogroll!
    As for the plants, I didn’t have a green thumb either but believe it or not, talking to them really works, they love to hear how gorgeous they are! Right now I’m staying in an apartment for the month and talking to the geraniums that were close to dead when I got here. They’re now now in full bloom!

  • maryann says:

    truly inspirational for me! anything with twigs, leaves, old pots, flowers-these are heart stopping vistas i adore. have a great day! verbena cottage

  • Mia says:

    Hi Mon, lovely pictures and the plant table is really nice. I’m just like you, no green fingers … hopefully we have some other good qualities :-)

    Inte konstigt att du inte vet var jag bor för det har jag nog aldrig talat om. men det är varken Stockholm eller Göteborg utan i Jönköping – mitt emellan 😉


  • Oh you and me both!!!! My husband is the complete opposite of me, so he is in charge of all the plant nurturing! Hehe :)

    I am sorry I’ve been so MIA! I just caught up on a bunch of your posts.. LOVELY as usual! The table with all the terracotta pots in this post is so stunning! Going in the inspiration folder for sure. xoxo

  • TWO brickmakers tables in ONE living room?!?!? It doesn’t get any better. I’m convinced. Hah – you have such a lovely blog! Glad I got to meet you via Lana!


  • Hi!
    It looks like what you need is stick to cut flowers and branches. Why stress over a wilting plant? Let me tell you that I have managed to kill something like 10 palms in one year. Some plants just don’t want to live indoors. I think it is a conspiracy of the gardening centers that have all of those lush varieties looking healthy and shiny calling your name at the store, with an expiration date of six weeks… so you can come back and buy more.


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