I Go Nuts For These 3 Things

Hello friends! There are always things I go nuts for! Here are three of my latest obsessions.

First up is this bedroom via Roche Bobois (sorry for the poor scanning). I go absolutely nuts for white bedrooms right now. My master bedroom has been ready for a redo for a while – and all I know is that my soft light blue walls will soon be pure white. This room is so inspirational to me. It is simple, quiet, serene and not contrived.

Yep, I have to show a close up. I am crazy in love with that bed, its headboard and the striped bed linen. The lovely tall windows and hardwood floors don’t exactly hurt either.

I first saw a glimpse of  talented Anna Spiro’s masterful dining room in the Australian Vogue some time ago and now it is featured in the latest issue of House & Home. It has been making its rounds in blog land – and rightfully so. I absolutely adore this room! This girl knows how to decorate. Anna’s dining room is unique without being contrived. Dining at this table must be such a fun experience daytime as well as evening (imagine this room with candle lights) and summer as well as winter. The room is chic, interesting, playful and inviting with is mix of chairs, vibrant art and different styles & textures. The balance among all the pieces is perfect. I go absolutely nuts for this entire room. It went straight to my heart.

This image is a teaser for the June issue of House & Home. There is no text to go with this, but it looks to me like a fine, little collection of pretty handkerchiefs in frames. What a great idea! Especially if they are hand picked over time and from different parts of the world. And how easy to bring one home with you as a memento –  one, single, unique handkerchief, with a hopefully good story to go with it. How splendid! Talk about luxe for less. I will never look at a handkerchief the same way again!

This list could have been a mile long but I’d like to let it sit with you for a while! Happy rest of the week, friends!

Acorn image belongs to Splendid Willow/via Getty.
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  • Mia says:

    What a beautiful bedroom!!! And the framed hemisphere for Williams room really looked great, maybe I’ll steel that idea from you and Thomas O 😉
    Big hugs!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bedroom!! What a stunning overall palette. It is so peaceful and I adore that bed frame! I haven’t seen that ad/image so thanks for sharing!

  • g says:

    Oh my goodness that bedroom. Wow!

  • Well Hi!

    Thanks for visiting the designer challenge over at my blog. How sweet of you to leave a comment!

    I love the striped linen on the first image. Also, I just adore the dining room shot with the different chaisr, reminding me of the mad hatter’s tea party… a favorite of mine. Add lots of layered rugs in that image and I’d call it home!

  • pretty in pink is my current mood! love, love, love that dining room… those chairs are to die for! xo

  • You’re the cutest Mon – love the little acorn!

    That striped bedding is amazing – love, love love!

  • Courtney says:

    That handkerchief idea is the best! I have so many scarves that I’ve picked up over the years, but they’re just tucked away because I haven’t known what to do with them. Hmm, now I’m envisioning something like that. Thank you!

  • Alicia says:

    great post! i love how the lamps pick up the stripes of the bedding. it’s gorgeous!

    PS thanks for entering my giveaway of cards on mochatini…best of luck to win!

  • WONDERFUL! I am feeling the love from all of those images. The handkerchief wall could really be fabulous. I’m heading to a big barn sale tomorrow and will start collecting. I have a few, but they are tucked away because I haven’t really known how display them properly. Brilliant idea. Looking forward to seeing how your bedroom evolves!
    xx P&H

  • I really like the hankerchief idea too. Very quirky and as no one seems to use them any more a nice way to keep them and show them off.

  • Greet says:

    My darling,
    I agree with you, that bed is gorgeous!! I think I want the same bed as you!!!
    Wonderful!! Really! I filed this picture!!
    Have a very good rest of the week!!

  • I adore that bedroom!!! I love the stripes against all the neutral and the shape of that bed is just lovely!

  • Charlotta says:

    Monika you find the best and yummiest nuts!

    LOVE that bedroom and adore vintage kimonos. Once upon a slimmer body I owned such a fabulous Japanese treasure and wore it to fabulous parties. Now I am glad if I fit in to an old sack.. :)

    The wing back bed head is to die for and speaking of which, I really dig adding them to a dining table as well.

    Stripes. I too am mad about them. I think it is a Swedish thing you know.. Having grown up in Polanr O’ Pyret clothes I think Swedish kids are brainwashed to adore stripes in all forms from early years.. :)

    Wonderful inspiration, including the vintage hankies.
    Have a little collection of kids ones that I intended to have framed for Oscar’s very first room.. I shall have a look for them and send you a pic. They are adorable – not as stylish as the ones you show here though..
    Sadly the plan never actualized due to a dramatic twist & story that I shall relay another time..

    Hur ar det med mamma gumman? Har du bestamt datum for hemresan annu?
    Skriver till dig under helgen. Tanker pa dig jatte mycket.
    STOR kram

    xx Charlotta Cyber-sis xx

  • I love this introduction with the nut! It describes your post perfectly. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. It really means the world to me. My life is definitely not as busy as yours but you still make the time to leave such lovely comments and I admire that. You are definitely a beautiful person and an inspiration Monika!

    p.s. Thanks for your friendship too! I can’t wait to read more. And I hope you have a lovely weekend! May has been a hectic month for me too, but I can’t imagine how busy you are with a home full of kids, full time job and a husband! You’re amazing!

  • So happy to find your blog. I just love it. Beautiful images and I look forward to many more. Have a great weekend.

  • Mon, you could NOT have picked anything more suited to me. perhaps we were separated at birth? I have longed for such a headboard for months – but I think it is not to be for me. This is the first time I’ve seen the striped bedding but I do love it!

    And Anna’s dining room! Her entire house!

    Love everything. Thanks for always hitting it right on the mark for me…

    love to you, Donna

  • Piper says:

    I just read that issue and saw Anna Spiro’s home…I LOVE her dining room, all those mismatched chairs…oh, that’s my dream!! the bedroom btw is just so beautiful…so serene and all that white and grey…so perfect.

  • Lana says:

    Lovely choices but I’d have to say the headboard is my fave, it’s amazing, love it!!

  • The Zhush says:

    That bedroom is over the top great! And, I absolutely love the framed handkerchief idea! Inspired!

  • Mmm, I can see exactly why now, Monika :) Such lovely photos…the bedroom is wonderful – I too like the white walls, but so perfectly softened with the natural materials. Somehow, the scale of furniture just works for me. The space looks lived in, yet elegant. And the dining room? L.O.V.E…a great a mix of chairs. Love it. And what a lovely detail – framing your favorite handkerchiefs…what a wonderful way to preserve and enjoy them.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend,


  • Yeah, I can see you going nuts about those, me too! Especially that bedroom!!!!!!!!I have some vintage hankies…..They are stuck away in a drawer…..You just gave me an idea!!!!!Maryanne xoxo

  • That white bedroom makes me want to re-decorate. And have super tall windows.

  • maryann says:

    i love the bed and the beddings that match the two lampshades. anna spiro, she is just the genius of mixing patterns and colors. lovely photos you have here, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience in carmel. sta. cruz is a lovely place too. have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  • Lovely pictures,what a sweet blog,i am happy to have stumbled upon,

  • I just found you blog trough HarmoniogKontrast and love it :)

  • Di Overton says:

    Got up early and decided to visit my blogroll links. I have just spent a lovely hour catching up but now have to get back to work :( I need a lie down in that bed

  • Julie says:

    Oh Monika
    First of all I love that serene bedroom too .. especially the quilt cover and the low commode.. beautiful…..

    Anna Spiro’s work is fabulous isn’t it .. what I like most about it is the fairly neutral backdrop which allows for these burst of colour via artwork and decor.. truly beautiful… Have a lovely week xx Julie

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