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Hello friends! Happy new week to you! Let it be a good one.

People who visit to my house see a lot of objects of round shapes. I apparently like things round! (Would almost like to have that analyzed!) When I recently glanced through the May/June Veranda magazine – I stared extra long at an image with round wood sculptures (above).

Remember this beautiful NY home which I wrote a post about a few weeks ago? On the floor an uneven ball (I also spy a few up on the shelf). But even more lovely that way!

So, it was no surprise to me when I realized I had unknowingly been collecting several  images of round wooden balls or spheres! And almost all of them come from my dear friend Greet’s (yes, the lovely Belgian Pearls of course!) blog. Now, could these wood spheres be a Belgian trademark that is now adopted around the globe? I have never seen them in Swedish interiors.

This is what Greet told me when I asked: “A few years ago some great Belgian designers like Axel Vervoordt and Walda Pairon started to use them in their interiors. To me this is the reason why these wood spheres became so hugely popular”.

(Some images via Belgian Pearls).

Greet tells me that she has one in her own greenhouse which she purchased from an art dealer on Brussels. She was told hers was from the Philippines.

Greet also sent me her favorite image, which I had not seen before. This one is taken from the home of Walda Pairon.

When I did my own research I also found this beauty at Gallery of Wood Art. The artist is Marc Ricourt and the sphere is made of Bleached Maple. It is hand carved wood people! Isn’t it stunning!

When I browsed Veranda (on-line), I also came across this stunning image. Simple is beautiful. And, well of course – see what also captured my attention!

I also found the source for the wooden spheres in the very first image (entry) from Veranda magazine. Bobo Intriguing Objects sell them here in the US. These are made of huge poplar trunks and are reclaimed from construction sites. They are available in two sizes –  23”-27” and 27”-31

I am going to see what the prices for these are. I sure am tempted to bring one home. I will convince my husband that it is functional art. A sculpture and something to climb on for the kids! Anybody else out there a lucky owner or have a great source?

Sweet Greet also gave me a Happy Award a while back – here. Thank you so much, girlfriend! You bring sunshine to the whole blog world, dear! (I will link to a previously written post, here, about what makes me happy).

Happy, happy to you all!

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  • Lana says:

    I love that first image, the white wooden archway is amazing! Have a great week!x

  • Julie at BV says:

    Hi Mon,

    I hope you have a great week. These images are to die for especially the third with the pops of color!



  • Flaviana says:

    Hi Mon
    what an inspiring, “spheric” post! I especially love the image from Walda Pairon home, stunning!
    Have a great week too my darling !!
    xo Flaviana

  • This is a great post!! I have seen these spheres used A LOT. I think the “random” object is quite popular now in design, whether is a wood sphere or not. I love them 😉 Great post!

  • Stunning indeed !!! You had me with the first image… so serene.

  • Michael says:

    Tres, tres chic!

    Earth, fecundity, fullness, they’re strangely emotional and almost hypnotic. A bit like looking at brain coral with the Marc Ricourt!


  • Piper says:

    You’re so making me want a giant sphere now for my living room!! Now my room feels like it needs one. I’m seriously drooling over the 2nd picture…the bookcase, the awesome chairs, the table…the uneven ball!! I must have that uneven ball, it’s awesome!

  • Greet says:

    You are a sweetie! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this gorgeous post of yours!!!
    A big kiss to you my darling!

  • Monika, I love the images in this post. I love all the wood spheres but I am also really loving the purple mixed with all the white in one of the pictures. Just lovely. I have been fond of Axel Vervoordt for a long time but am not familiar with Walda Pairon. I’ll have to see if I can find out more about him. I announced our first giveaway today so you will have to pop over and leave a comment so maybe you will win!

  • Trish says:

    I have been collecting the shape for awhile…cement, marble, moss, twig…the stone balls look so great in the garden. Have those British bowls balls. But love the big, raw wood looking spheres. Very cool! Merci Monika…xo Trish

  • maryann says:

    hi mon! i have seen more and more of circular shaped objects that stand as art, they make a great accent to a room. thanks for sharing the collage of photos. you have a great week! verbena cottage

  • The Zhush says:

    I adore the bobo product line…and this post has me imagining where I could possibly stick a sphere or two in my own home. They demand to be touched don’t they? I too have noticed wire spheres all around in magazines and catalogs…a nice trend! Also, loving all the pops of purple you have going on over here today! :)

  • Hi, Monika! I just discovered your blog… great inspiration :)

  • g says:

    I love these as well and have a few odd ones in my home. Cannot help myself, either!

  • Charlotta says:

    Balls, spheres, orbs – love them all very much but only if they are the beautiful ones you have shared with us here. My son is a ‘ball-a-holic’ and we live with an abnormal amount of bouncy balls in this house..*#@$!!
    I love the larger wooden ones in the final pic. On my wishing list for when we have settled for real in Sweden (can’t wait!), and with Milan screaming that wood and brown are the ‘new black’.. well, one can’t go wrong with these!

    Happy mid week lovely M.

    xx C

  • Charlotta says:

    Forgot to say that you would probably enjoy reading a new little blog called ‘Balsamo Antiques’.

    They have posted on Belgian spheres and it looks yum!

    xx C

  • Mon, a lovely post as usual….I do love these. I do not have any but I have a wonderful antique wooden hat form that is almost oval. I was moving it the other day from my mantle to a side table (as I am so prone to move my things around…) and I had to stop and admire the lovely patina on the old wood. That is one of the delights of some of the orbs you featured here.

    beautiful post…

  • Purple Area says:

    We have something in common, I also love these, I’m crazy about the wood and the round shapes!!! In fact I want them badly!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Thank you all! I will let you know when a gigantic sphere has moved in here!

    Michael and Design Traveler – I am glad you stopped by! Hope you enjoyed your first visit!


  • Annika says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them all! :) Hugs & kisses sister.

  • I’ve already commented on this post. It is so lovely. Just wanted to thank -you for your comment on my giveaway and thank you so much for the cyber hug! Your a doll.Mona

  • Mia says:

    Lovely pictures! Round shapes really makes the pictures softer. Have a splendid and lovely rest of the week. xx Mia

  • i think you’ve spotted a new trend! i don’t see myself purchasing any large boulders anytime soon but i love the lamps and accessories you featured. i think you’re onto something!

  • Marci Smith says:

    Love love these huge wooden balls. They really make a statement in a room. I especially love picture #3.

  • MONIKA: Gorgeous post, as always! I started thinking about the spheres in my own house, and there are a few, but none as dramatic as these in your pictures. I am going to check out the BOBO source as I think I’ve fallen madly in LOVE with those! Isn’t it interesting when you collect images and then when you decide to sort through them at some point, you see a theme emerge? Wonderful! Happy Day! xx P&H

  • Julie says:

    HI Monika
    Well I just love these also.. I think though I am also attracted to them as they are made of gorgeous smooth wood.. almost driftwood looking.. Funny I love the spheres.. but when it comes to trays and that sort of thing i prefer square to round shapes.. Perhaps these balls also remind of of the world.. a globe and infinite possibilities… ooh.. you have me thinking now.. i just remembered a photo I have of some interesting spheres I will have to show you!!.. scanner warming up.. haha… I love how your posts get us thinking.. and have to agree Greet’s has such a wonderful style and warm personality.. xxx Julie

  • I love that you posted on this! There’s something so intriguing about these spheres – a perfectly round shape but in an organic and inherently imperfect material.
    I’d love a really big one for my living room…

  • Laila says:

    Love this post, the wooden balls and everything – the photo with the wooden tray in particular:-) Thank you for visiting my blog and for you lovely comment, Monika! Wish you a happy weekend! Laila

  • Leigha says:

    Lovely collection of images! Tucker Robbins has some exquisite wooden spheres.
    Scroll about midway down on this post:

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