Celebrating 10 Years With My Love!

Oh no, the last thing you want on a Friday is another personal, sappy love confession. But how could I possibly resist? Today, 10 years ago, my husband and I  pronounced our love for another in the magnificent St. Jacob’s church in Stockholm. Surrounded by friends at family from all over the world I can honestly say that it was the loveliest day in my life.

Today, 10 years (and 3 happy kids + minus a lot hair!) later I feel wholeheartedly that we are the happiest couple I have ever met! My husband, Peter, is my best friend. My husband, my mentor, my lover, my energy and the best father on the planet. I think the world of him. But the absolutely best feeling is knowing that I don’t need him in my life – I want him in my life. (There is a big difference, friends!).

And what ultimately won me over (in parallel with all his lovely qualities and values) is when we just had started dating and he said. ” Monika, I will to be your  planet and just let you spin, spin, spin”. He got me! He was not going to change his lively and energetic wife – he was just going to let me be me. And that is how we walk in life together. With a deep admiration  and respect for each other and with lots of fun and love. I can not wait to grow really old with this man. If my next 50+ years will just be a fraction of what our life together has been so far, then I am in for a most wonderful ride of pure & real love!

Wishing you all a joyous weekend! (And and I apologize again for all the sappiness but I am just a happy, giddy girl!)

Please, check in next week when I am introducing you to a wonderful Swede (who all of you interested in Swedish design need to know). I am also having a fabulous giveaway courtesy of a very talented and generous Swedish jewelry designer. I absolutely love it myself and I don’t think you want to miss it!

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  • tinajo says:

    Congratulations, that is lovely! :-)

  • Greet says:

    This is one of the most lovely posts I have ever read!!!
    It is so nice hearing that good couples really exist!!
    You look soooo happy together! And what lovely children you have!
    The pictures of your wedding are wonderful! You two look so beautiful and happy!!
    Keep this forever my friend!
    PS I so love your wedding dress! Completely my style!

  • Julie says:

    Dear Monika
    I totally agree with Greet.. what a lovely heartfelt post.. and so wonderful to hear about a couple that is so in love and so happy ten years down the track… I’m sure you will give others hope too…. Your wedding photos are stunning.. love the black and white.. and the darling shot of your kids.. my wish for you is simply more of this ‘kind of wonderful’ life you have!!! xxx Julie

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Du får såå gärna skriva den typen av inlägg. Det är bara underbart att se och höra/läsa. Jag blir glad 😀 Ett STOOOORT Grattis till er och en önskan om att ni får många fler lyckliga år tillsammans !

    Stor kram &
    jag skulle kanske säga Trevlig Valborg, men jag har en känsla av att du inte firar det :)


  • Good Morning Monika,
    What a lovely way to start my day. You are truly blessed and are clearly so appreciative of what you have. You will live out your dream with such true and pure love for each other and family.


    P.S. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures from your life.

  • kiki says:





  • Charlotta says:

    Happy Anniversary Monika and Peter!
    I am all for what you call the ‘sappiness’, any day of the week and think it is wonderful to share this one with you.

    The colour of a 10th anniversary is silver and blue. I hope your day sparkles in these colours, along with a lot of rosy red love too!

    Stor kram Charlotta xx

  • Charlotta says:

    PS. Looks like you were able to retrieve some of the lost pictures. What a relief! Have been thinking of you since the crash.
    Also, you look divine in the wedding pictures. What a dress! So vintage and fabulous. Who is it by lovely?

  • Julie at BV says:

    Oh Mon I can never get tired of real love stories. You wedding was beautiful and I’m sure your life is full of happiness next to your beautiful family. Happy anniversary!!!

    Hugs from NY

  • Happy anniversary. What beautiful pictures! There is no greater happiness than family.

  • sharon says:

    What an amazing post for my first ever visit to your blog! What a wonderful love story and what a great line ” I will let you spin spin spin!”
    So pleased to have discovered such a beautiful warm blog – congratulations on this special anniversary.

  • A blessed union indeed! What a wonderful family, and your photos were amazing.

  • lotta says:

    Grattis Mon och Peter! Vilken underbar kärlekssaga, och jättevackra bilder. Er lycka smittar av sig. Jag tror och hoppas att ni har många, långa kärleksfyllda år framför er. Stor kram.

  • Courtney says:

    Congratulations, Monika!! What gorgeous photos – you can really see the chemistry and love between the two of you, and your entire family. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story – it made my day!

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika, I LOVE THIS POST! Happy Anniversary! Great photo’s of your wedding, the pictures looks like they are out of some magazine. Thanks for sharing this great day! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Thank you all, friends! I had actually not planned to write this post at all – felt my old wedding pictures did not belong here. But I know that it would mean the world to Hubby (and the kiddos!) so I did it last minute anyway. And now when I read it, I get all emotional myself. I love my life!

    The dress is all my own design. I wanted something simple & elegant. I got all the fabrics in NY and went to a fabulous seamstress in SF (where we lived) who put the dress together they way I wanted it. It turned out more than fabulous and we only had 4 fittings! My shoes were fantastic off-white Gucci shoes = straight from the store (i took me 20 minutes in total to find my wegding shoes!). I spent hardy any time on my outfit and could have not been happier with the end result!

    The wedding itself was a 3 day affair in Stockholm and that is where I put my energy. I wanted everyone to have the best time ever! And boy what a fun wedding it was!

    Cyber hug,


  • KMD Atelier says:


    Thank you for sharing your joy. You are an inspiration. What a beautiful couple you made on your wedding day and today! To find that kind of partnership and love…you give me hope :)

    Happy Anniversary!


  • MMW says:

    10 years! What a milestone! You were a beautiful bride – I can only imagine how you GLOW now. Love is the best beauty secret! Lovely family – lovely blog.


  • Happy Anniversary Monika!!! What a lovely post, and GORGEOUS bride, your dress was stunning!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  • oh Monika, this is the sweetest post I’ve ever read. so lovely to see how much you love each other. loved your dress at your wedding. your kids are so gorgeous… well, hope you have a beautiful weekend together! xo

  • CONGRATS my dear! So happy for you two. And just look at those AMAZING AMAZING wedding pics. You look just as gorgeous today. And of course I am not surprised that how CHIC your dress is..only to be expected.
    Hope you are going to get spoiled rotten my lovely!
    happy weekend

  • Hi Monika!
    jJust adorable! Congratulations on picking a “good one” and Happy Anniversary! Maryanne xo

  • Kicki says:

    Absolutely stunning wedding dress. Nice talking to you today.

    Kicki (Kirkland)

  • Congratulations on a real milestone! Hope you are doing something special to celebrate. I wandered over to visit from Bluebird Notes and really love your page. I am a big fan of Swedish style {especially with a twist} and will look forward to coming back again. Enjoy your big day! xx P&H

  • Jenny says:

    Congratulations to you and your family. I love you all! You guys are so sweet, so kind, and so loving to all those around you.
    LOVE!!!! the wedding pic’s. you were then and are now beautiful radiant!
    xoxo, jenny

  • Sonia A, says:

    Many more years of happy life!!
    Love, The Alberts

  • Peter says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. Talk about time flying…Er…And hair too 😉

    I’m pretty sure everyone here knows I’m the luckiest guy in the world. If not, I’ll say it again. I’m the luckiest guy in the world! BTW Nice blog.


  • Lucy says:

    Congratulations! On your wedding, on your anniversary, and also on obviously having been good partners to each other! I love it when you see wedding pictures and then the photo of three cuties that came into being as a result! My brother recently celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary also, and I was loving looking at my happy little nieces and thinking back to the wedding day before we met them!
    Wishing you happiness in the next ten and beyond!

  • Inger says:

    Vilken underbar blogg!! Hittade hit idag och har nu suttit och läst i flera timmar. Så kan man också fira första maj. Är extremt inredningsintresserad och njuter till fullo. Roligt att du också visar så många vackra svenska hem.
    Grattis också till den fina familjen som du så varmt skriver om.
    Hälsningar Inger

  • Alice and Jeff says:

    Congratulations Monika and Peter! We are both very happy for you! Enjoy your special weekend!

  • What a lovely and sweet post Monika. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I couldn’t agree more with you about wanting to be with that special person rather than needing him/her. It makes an important difference.

    Thanks for sharing such sweet and beautiful pictures of your wedding and family. I love learning about other people and their lives.

    Lovely post!


  • The Zhush says:

    Congrats to you! No need to apologize…your happy and giddy attitude is infectious and most welcome! Your wedding pics are right out of a fairy tale of the best kind! Have the best Anniversary weekend!!!

  • o. my. stars. where do I start? That was the MOST beautiful piece that I have read in a long time. We can just feel your love and joy. Mon, you and your family are so blessed. And can I please just say, how incredibly gorgeous you were in that gown? Amazing… And it was your own design? Gal, you have style and grace dripping from your fingers. Truly, I have never seen a more beautiful gown/bride.

    Peter’s comment about the planet spinning shows he is wise beyond his years. Continued blessings to you and your whole family for many more love-filled years.

    Love to you, Donna

  • Lana says:

    Congratulations!! What a special post, not sappy at all! And I love your wedding dress!x

    Hurray for Love and Blessings to you and your family
    celebrating ten wonderful years!

    xoo Edie

  • Piper says:

    Just wanted to say a big CONGRATS – that’s so wonderful :)! What a lovely post, here’s to many many more happy years! (my husband and I just celebrated our 10 years – we’re coming up on 12 this year…where does the time go? :)

  • *Blink*Blink — I have tears in my eyes…what a wonderful story! Congratulations to you and your husband! You look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos — not surprising at all — I can imagine the entire affair to be incredibly chic. Warmest wishes for many, many more wonderful years together…


  • liza says:

    Happy Anniversary, Monika!! What a beautiful family… and story. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Trouvais says:

    What a find! And the happiness keeps rolling out! You’ve been awfully busy the last 10 years…and they’re all adorable! Congratulations Monika! XO Trish

  • Annika says:

    Hi Mon!

    Feels like yesterday that I saw you two walk down the aisle in Jacobs kyrka. I´m so happy for you & I know for a fact that you are a wonderful family. I wish you all the love & happiness in the world – because you´re worth it! :)

    Splendid Willow is so much YOU. I love to read it!

    Take care systra mi. Love you to bits! <3 Annika.

  • Mia says:

    Grattis! Vilket vackert par, ni är verkligen skitsnygga! Och underbart att höra hur lyckliga ni är. Keep up the good work.
    Kram Mia

  • Monika! This is the sweetest post! Congrats to you on 10 fabulous years and all your wonderful accomplishments! Your wedding looks beautiful & joyous and you show us all what true love looks like! Happy Anniversary! XOXO

  • Congratulations, Mon!! (We’re celebrating 10 years in October!) 2000 was a great year to get married, no? 😉

    You exude such happiness and love for life..! I love that about you – and I’m not surprised Peter is your perfect match, then. I’m just incredibly happy for you both – happy anniversary!


  • Monika-
    You have me a little misty eyed! I love that you shared this post and your thoughts on your wonderful husband. Yours sounds like a true friendship which is the very bets marriage to have!
    Not to mention your wedding gown is stunning! You look so elegant and happy. Thanks for sharing them!

    Monika + Peter – Happy 10th anniversary, here’s to many, many more happy years together!

    Fondest love,
    Shar xo

  • Leigha says:

    It is always okay to be sappy about love! By the way, that last image(with the lilac) is so stunning!

  • Gaia says:

    I’m sorry! Please accept my belated congratulations!

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