The Edgewater Hotel In Seattle

Last week my close and wonderful friend Ingrid took me to The Edgewater Hotel, situated in downtown Seattle. I have driven by it a zillion times, but had never had the pleasure of going inside. What a treat!

The Edgewater Hotel is nestled on Seattle’s waterfront at Pier 67. (It is Seattle’s only waterfront hotel).  Built in 1962 as a temporary structure for the World’s Fair, The Edgewater has become a Seattle landmark and a beloved part of the city’s history. From here you have views of the  majestic Olympic Mountains and the waters of Elliott Bay and yet you are only within walking distance to all the downtown shops and the famous Pike’s Place Market.

Ingrid is one of my friend’s in Seattle that I babble design with all the time. And it has bonded us in a wonderful way. She has the most terrific eye for good design and I trust her taste immensely. As the big sister – to so many of my close friends (what is up with that anyway?!) – I have been pushing her hard to do something with her gift. And I purred like a content cat when she was offered the job as the buyer to The Edgewater’s swanky gift shop. Here she gets to use all her skills and her great taste and fill the shop with lovely things from all over the world.

How often do you find design items in a hotel gift shop? Knick-knacks yes, but things that you actually want to display in the heart of your own home? Well here you do! Bravo, Ingrid!

Here are The Edgewater’s famous foot stools (found in all the rooms). My little William and Ingrid’s little Molly had a blast re-organizing a whole corner of the shop!

See this necklace from the shop? It is made by a Swedish designer in Texas who makes the most fabulous jewelry. Her name is Åsa (Aasa). That is all you need to remember. A post on her is lined up as well as a very generous giveaway by her. Oh, I will remind you. You are not going to want to miss that!

Next time you visit Seattle, don’t forget to pay The Edgewater hotel a visit. And if you don’t want to sleep or shop then visit the swanky restaurant, Six Seven. It recently was recognized by Zagat in NY and received high marks for stunning views, excellent Pacific Northwest fare (by the Northwest’s wealth of organic and sustainable ingredients), and friendly service.

From beautiful Seattle to you (I love my city!) – enjoy the rest of the week, friends!

Hotel images via The Edgewater Hotel, gift shop images via Splendid Willow, Seattle skyline via Virtual Tourist, 2 last images via Flickr.
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  • kiki says:

    Wonderful, wonderful blog news from you Monika and beautiful Seattle and its crafty, capable Swedish women. Way to go girls!!!! Grattis Ingrid!!!!

  • liza says:

    What a fun day you had! If I visit, will you go there with me, too? Oh… and I’ll be looking for the giveaway!

  • Charlotta says:

    I still can’t get over that Ingrid in Seattle and Maria (Mia) here in Sydney are childhood friends, and that you happen to be so close to Ingrid whilst I regard Maria as one of my closest Sydney friends.. The world is very small indeed! :)

    Give her a big warm happy hug from me please. It is all so exciting and I am very happy for her (and you)! Grattis Ingrid!

    Monika, one day I am coming over to see this beautiful city of yours! It is one of my dreams to drive from San Francisco to Seattle and beyond (have done Mexico to SF already). Better get that guest room ready – though I have a feeling we would stay up all night talking anyway so perhaps just fluff the pillows in the sofa.. :)

    Love you lots!

    x sis

  • Courtney says:

    Wow, these photos of Seattle are just stunning. If I’m ever out there to visit I’m definitely going to eat at that restaurant, and spend time in the gift shop of course! Congratulations to Ingrid – that’s such an exciting endeavor and I’m sure she is going to be just fabulous in her new position!

  • Flaviana says:

    Hi Monika
    I usually give hotels shops a miss but this one is brilliant, absolutely cool!Congrats to your lovely friend Ingrid!
    The hotel itself looks fantastic..better note this for my next trip to the US!
    Thanks for the hint

  • i love this post so much. i will follow your tips when i have the opportunity to visit Seattle.

  • What a beautiful restaurant and I bet the food is really yummy too. Hotel gift shops around the world should stand up and take note. People spend hours browsing in these shops just looking for something, anything really to buy. How wonderful to be able to take home something that you or another would really use and enjoy.

  • oooh! I stayed there for a night over the holidays last year and it was spectacular! The food was incredible, but the view was splendid! And of course the gift shop was fun too!

  • I love Seattle! The Hotel looks great! The dining area is beautiful with the view. Looks like you had fun there!!!!!!Maryanne xo

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Charlotta: Crazy small world! That you are coming to visit me in Seattle is a given. And your sheets will be professionally ironed and a gift basket will be waiting for you (and your family). I am not kidding! (But the rest of the house will be a mess…).

    Courtney + Flaviana + Liza: And you are going to visit me too! And we would have fun in this lovely city!

    Eliana: Thank you! And welcome here!

    Mona: Couldn’t agree more! (:

    MaryAnne: Lovely indeed! Can’t wait to show you around in my city. I am soooo going shopping with you!

    Katrine: I bet you did! And now you are hiding those bags from me! LOL.

    Lyndsy: And that was before Ingrid got her hands on the shop! You tell me next time you come to my city so I can spoil you royally!

    Kiki: Thank you for your lovely comment! Cheers to another talented (x-Seattle) lady! We miss you, girl!

    Donna: Your flair and fab style we could need in Seattle too! The door is always open for you my friend when you want to visit the great North West.

  • Katrine says:

    I visited the gift shop a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Walked away with many more things than I had planned on. Thank you Monika for letting other people in on this great treasure trove.
    :) Katrine

  • Mon, lovely post. So nice to see the opposite coast and it’s stylish environs. Your friend is lovely and has a real eye. What a treat of a day that must have been…

  • what a gorgeous view!
    oh, and i followed up on your blogger award today with 7 unknowns about lovelyvelo. it was a fun process, many thanks again!

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika, what great pictures, that is why i love Seattle. When the mountains are out on a clear day nothing beats that amazing view! Summers in Seattle are amazing! I have never been to Six Seven, i will have to go there, try it out and write a restarurnt review on it. Don’t forget Seattle Restaurant week going on right now, 3 courses for $25 let me know if you need some recommendations :)

  • Alysia says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I have yet to visit Seattle :(

    I know, I know….I need to get my butt over there :)
    Beautiful boutique!


  • So lovely! The lighting in that 2nd photo is surreal! The boutique looks so charming! I need to visit Seattle– I’ve never been!!

  • Willow Decor says:

    Erase my last comment – Ingrid is a cutie, as are the kids!! The photos are wonderful – we both live in cities on the water, but Seattle is so pretty with the mountans!! Looks like a great hotel!! Can’t wait to visit someday!

  • sandra says:

    förstår att du älskar din stad, det hade jag oxå gjort.
    Vilket underbart hotell.
    Är du med på någon av bilderna?
    Tack för att du är så söt och underbar….

  • The Zhush says:

    One day…I will visit Seattle…I’ve never been! And I will stay there, and we will have lunch…and while I’m at it…I’ll take one of each, of everything here, please!

  • KMD Atelier says:

    I had the pleasure to stay at The Edgewater back in the 90’s, loved it then, but I must say it looks even dreamier now. Great photos! Wonderful peak at the gift shop and your children are absolutely adorable!

    Happy almost Friday to you,


  • kendra says:

    Makes me want to come visit even more! The Pacific Northwest is a dream come true! I need to know about the t-shirt with a bike on the front behind Ingrid, Rick would love it! Nice work, Monica. You and Ingrid make the world that much prettier.

  • Anci says:

    Hej och tack så mycket för dina fina och uppmuntrande ord ! Jag tror nog att jag är tillbaka snart.
    Nu vill jag ju åka till Seattle och se allt fint som finns i din stad :)

    Hoppas att du får en skön helg !


  • oh my! I will have to pay a visit to Seattle and to this fabulous hotel!
    hope you have a great weekend, Monika! xo

  • paula says:

    my husband grew up in seattle and we are always talking about taking a visit. this place looks lovely.

  • What fun – to visit a place that is so close to you and in a way discover it for the first time..! And through a dear friend, no less. Thanks fro sharing this, dear Mon. Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  • Greet says:

    I wish I lived closer to you!!

  • Kicki says:

    It is also worth mentioning that the Edgewater is one of only six green eco-friendly hotels in Seattle.

    Kicki (Kirkland)

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