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When my lovely blog sister in Australia Charlotte over at Space for Inspiration tagged me about the 10th picture stored in my computer I was happy to discover that it was not a picture when I was a pregnant hippo Mama but instead it was a blurry shot of a Swedish 18th c. sideboard from the days when I was importing Swedish antiques. (Kiki, if you read this – wasn’t it a fun time!). The photo also showed a slightly cut off apple crown of my own design which I was going to tell you the story of.

Well, this weekend – as many of you know –  my computer crashed and I lost hundreds of images – including that very image. But I managed to restore a photo of the same sideboard – but here looking a little bit sad and lonely. Thankfully I had some old paper images of my crown that I could scan.

So, this is the story about my Apple Crown.

I  have always admired my Mom’s Swedish iron apple crown that she brings out every Christmas. When I was a little girl she would place the candles and I got to attach the apples – and I knew that Christmas finally was here. The tradition goes back to before we had Christmas trees in Sweden and when a male in the family would carve a tree in wood as a center piece for the holidays. For ambiance and decorations, candles and apples were used. (Remember this was winter time and apples were one of the few things with color that could be stored in the earth cellars). Many versions of these trees and crowns have been made over the years.

About 5 1/2 years ago, I decided to design my very own version (and the first of its kind). All I knew was that wanted it to be beautiful and handmade in Sweden. I teamed up with a fantastic antique restorer who specializes in precious metal work and he put it all together technically according to my specifications. I had contact with people all over Sweden to find all the pieces like the rings and ornaments, the candle holders and all the details that made this crown look like it could have been handmade in Sweden in the 1700-hundreds.

So here it is, in its glory. My own Apple Crown prototype – all handmade in bronze and 24K gold.

During the design process I learned that it would be rather expensive to have it handmade in Sweden. (Which I had anticipated but was still hoping it wouldn’t be the case). I still hold a patent and will most likely go back to the drawingboard with a different plan. I am still very attached to the idea. And it is so meaningful to me personally and to my Swedish roots.

Now when Charlotta tagged me, the idea was:

1) For me to find the 10th picture stored in my computer

2) Tell the story about the picture

3) And tag 5 other bloggers

If you want to play along (not mandatory, friends) I would like to tag the following blogs (I increased the no. just because I felt like it):

In no particular order:

1. Blue Bird Notes, 2. Being Ruby, 3. Helt Enkelt, 4. Haute Design, 5. Purple Area, 6. Belgian Pearls, 7.  Head over Heals,  8. Mochatini, 9. Lime In The Coconut, 10. Trouvais,

I have saved this particularly for you guys. Why? Because you are either so brilliant with your cameras or showcasing images (or both!). And you are so good with your writing. And I love that you are all so different. (I am anything but a clicky girl). Your blogs are all wonderful!

(Helt Enkelt, Bluebird Notes and Being Ruby – the 3 of you need to talk because you are also my wisdom girls!).

Going back to dear Charlotta, in Australia who also is Swedish and like myself a happy Mama! She posts absolutely wonderful images on her blog and I so treasure our friendship across the Pacific. But as the big sister I also feel that it is my responsibility to push her a little in another area! This girl is very creative and talented with childrens’ artwork. (I can’t draw to save my life, so I find it so inspiring). She has a work blog but doesn’t talk about it very much. I most definitely think that she should do something more with her talent!

Now how cute is this?

And this? Hello?!

I think that Etsy would welcome Charlotta with open arms! Don’t you agree?!! (Etsy is the largest market place in the world for handmade objects). But of course Charlotta, only do it if it feels right in your heart. But if and when you start selling big my friend, remember who pushed you!

This was a strange mix of content. Everything from the 10th picture to blog love, Etsy and my own Apple Crown. But it has one common thread – it is all written from my heart.

Happy rest of the week, friends!

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  • Charlotta says:

    I love you!
    xx sis

  • Charlotta says:

    Me again.. I just had to collect myself.
    Am overwhelmed you featured my splashes of paint here on your amazing blog. What an honour! THANK YOU!

    ..and my God you are so talented!!
    That crown is fantastic Mon.
    You are extremely gifted in so many areas that I am falling over backwards!

    I am booking a ticket right now to have a private tour of your amazing house that I am sure hides many more of your fantastic masterpieces!!

    xx sis

    P.S. Please tell me also about the art behind the crown.. Love that series of paintings!!

  • The Zhush says:

    That crown is amazing! Not to mention that I love when I can learn something special, not only about the author (you) but about a whole country, and it’s traditions! In short, I loved this whole post! I feel like I have seen these crowns before, but only in antique paintings…the next time I run across one, I will be honored to know what it is! And, yes…Charlotta must do something with this charming art work…she is very talented!

  • Greet says:

    Dear Monika,
    Thank you for tagging me in your post! You are a sweetie!

  • Julie says:

    Dear Monika
    I agree with Greet.. you are such a sweety to think of us and say such kind words… Well I’ll be in for the tag…. have to go and find my 10th pic now… interesting…

    so….. I love that crown.. absolutely gorgeous.. and perhaps the 24K gold would send it over the edge price wise but I can see why you want to stay true to tradition… You really are so talented and full of surprises every time I visit….I’m also interested to hear about the series of painting behind that 3rd pic of the crown.. please tell!!!

    Now finally… Charlotta’s artwork… just fantastic.. so full of character..and happiness… bursting with imagination … her kids must live in a wonderful world where imagination flows freely… I’m off to visit her… thank again Monika.. sorry to hear about your hard drive…. I’d cry!! haha… xxx Julie

  • koralee says:

    Love your post today…thank you for tagging me…I would love to play along…but I am worring what that image may be…but you know me…I will post it even if it is a dud. Your apple crown is amazingly beautiful!!! AND I so agree with you…Charotta better get on etsy…she could be making a mint with her amazing work. I will visit her! Oh…I love your last post too…that pink wallpaper and that room is beyond words…that is going to be my inspiration for my new home. xoxoxox Thanks so so much. Hugs for a wonderful wonderful day. xoxoxo

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I agree with some of the other comments; you really are a multi talented lady. The crown is simply amazing. I have noticed that you often push potential entrepreneurs. Monica, you are talented and generous! Will check out the other blogs. Thank you!

  • sandra says:

    Vilken underbar äppelkrona:)
    Var inne hos Helt Enkelt och vilket helt underbar paket du skickade..
    Antrhopolige är ju en favorit här hos mig, har besökt butiken varje gång jag ha varit över…
    Ha nu en ljuvlig dag!!!
    kram i massor du är ju bara för go:)

  • WillowDecor says:

    Your talent is outstanding!!! I adore the crown – You were always the more gifted sister!! You are amazing!!
    xx- Sis (Gina)

  • Thank you for your comments and e-mails (and for those of you who have a problem leaving comments – which sometimes seems to be case with Sweden – I am sorry! I am looking into it!)

    Yes, Charlotta has many talents. And I am sure tbat whatever path she takes she will be very successful!

    A post about my artwork on the walls is in the works!

    Cyber hug to you all!


  • liza says:

    1. Oh No – I’m so sorry about your computer! 2. I just learned so much about you (importing antiques, commissioning crowns, patents!) and Swedish Christmas. 3. That crown is stunning. Just stunning. 24 ct. gold, you say? Beautiful. 4. Your blog sis Charlotta should definitely be on Etsy. Those are adorable! 5. Thank you for the links to more beautiful bloggers. 6. I love your blog. 7. Have a beautiful weekend, Monika!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Liza, you are always so sweet! Yep 24k! (No cat gold here!)

    Happy weekend!


  • So wonderful to see the work of you both here – Charlotta’s paintings and your apple crown, Mon. You both are amazing, amazing women and I am happy to have come to known you guys better over time.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Monika!


  • Joe Clarke says:

    Can I be more of an idiot? I’ve been spelling your name wrong for ages!!! Why didn’t you kick me or something?

    K as in Kreative 😉

    Just love the crown,

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Joe in NY: It is ok :) You can call me Mon to make it easier! Happy weekend!

  • Charlotta says:

    Jag tycker du ar sa gullig Monika!
    Det glader mig att se sa manga tycka sa mycket om dig.

    Stor kram och ha en mysig helg!


  • Mon, this is the most fantastic blog post I have seen in a really long time. Not only did we have the privilege of learning more about you, we got to see your lovely talent and art work. What a treat. really. and the pieces you featured from Charlotta are amazing. Please do more of this. Yes, we want to know more about the art in the backgraound. Your apple crown is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your life and passions with us. We are the richer for it…

  • Hi Sweetie!
    I just want to tell you I love that chest and the apple crown is delightful! I agree with Charlotta, I want to see more of your great “stuff”. You, of all bloggers have increased my appreciation for all things Swedish (except the meatballs). So sorry to hear about you computer crash:( Consider it this way, you are involuntarily cleaning your closet….)Always a pleasure,Maryanne xo

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