A Touch Of Pink

Good new week to you, friends!

I am the first to admit that my home decor is not very feminine and romantic. Except in the kids’ quarters. You can most likely envision that with two young girls we get our dose of sweet pinks and soft colors. Maybe it’s because of spring in the air or me simply getting influenced by all the lovely pink shades that I see in the design world right now. But small touches of pink are starting to grow on me and something I can see making a debut in even other areas of my home.

I really like the mix of textures and and colors in this fresh formal dining room. The distressed woods and natural textures together with the warm pink damask wallpaper and crisp white wainscoting is airy and lovely.

And pay attention to the curtains! Simple white drapes from Ikea that look like a million bucks in this room simply by having some green pom-pom trim added. (Note to myself – must try!)

Image via House & Home magazine (not on-line. Self-scanned).

I have a new-found crush on this “Color Field Blush” pillow from Dwell. I can see this as an accent pillow on a chair or bed with pure white fabrics.

This Cherry Ink dinner plate by Paul Timman for Ink dish is also a wonderful way to bring spring home. (But personally I would keep my large white dinner plates and just opt for Cherry blossom dessert plates. Somehow I can’t see a steak on this friendly pattern! But then again, it is probably only me!)

The sun is out in Seattle.Yeah!  Wonderful spring is here for real and I hope that the sun is shining on you too – wherever you are! Much fondness – Monika.

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  • anna says:

    i love that pillow, & the wallpaper!

  • The Zhush says:

    oooh! Cherry Blossoms! Gorgeous…can’t wait to see where you utilize a bit of pink.

  • paula says:

    that dining room is gorgeous! I tend to decorate more on the masculine. Well, except elllie’s room, now that’s girly as can be.

  • Wonderful pink finds!! That pillow is great!

  • some wonderful images, there, Mon. And even being a ‘gray’ lady, I think I could live in the first image…those curtains with the trim are awesome!

  • Courtney says:

    Pom poms on curtains are the best! I cannot help but smile when I see them. The Dwell pillow is really lovely, Monikia. It’s so sophisticated and casual all at the same time. Would make a welcome addition to any home, I’m sure. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  • oh this room is so beautiful. I’m loving pink so much lately. I never had pink things before. maybe because I’m the only woman at home? but now I’ve been adding little pops of pinks everywhere! xo

  • FLAVIANA says:

    I love those cherry blossom dishes !I’ve been wanting them for..like.. ages!and the pompom curtains ..love at first sight. You never fail to inspire me :))
    xx Flaviana

  • Anna-Malin says:

    vilken tapet!!

    jag ska erkänna att det smugit sig in lite rosa här med…
    så det är helt säkert våren 😉

    stora kramen!!

  • Charlotta says:

    I agree with you that pink in small doses is just fabulous.
    I love the diningroom – the damask pattern sits perfectly with the table and looks just so fresh and fabulous.
    Pompoms – they make me so happy and I love them on a french blind or long plain lengths like these. They are always a great idea.

    Lovely inspiration as usual my dearest friend.

    x Charlotta

  • LOVE all the pink. especially that china!

  • liza says:

    We don’t have much of it here, either. Not because I don’t love it, but because I live with two males. I could have all of these and be happy! Especially that cushion. Thank you, Monica!

  • liza says:

    AHHHH! How did that “c” get there… I KNOW you spell your name M-o-n-i-K-a!! :)

  • Lana says:

    Love that first room with it’s soft curtains and the cushion from Dwell is divine!

  • beautiful and you know how i love pink! that table is gorgeous. adding it high on my wish list.
    thanks for a lovely post. happy week to you.

  • kiki says:

    Love that pink dining room,..everything in it…. right on, Mon.!

    As for loving pink, ask me with 2 daughters that grew up in the 80s who always chose pink on everything.!!!!
    Laura Ashley´s very pale Pink was our theme and I never got tired of it.
    Today THEY just laugh at all the pink clothes (yes, I saved most of them) and…. being dressed alike, yikes!! How could you ,MOM!!!???
    Solen skiner även över lilla Sverige och blåsipporna blommar !!
    Love Kiki

  • Hej goa Monica!

    Tack för din söta kommentar. Jag arbetar med bemanning och rekryteringen och har precis gått över till ett annat bolag efter 12 år. Det är fantastiskt härligt och utvecklande men omtumlande på en gång :)

    Hoppas allt är bra med dig! Vilka underbara saker du visar – blev väldigt förtjust i porslinet! Vackert!

    Kram Jenny

  • What a pretty dining room!

    I adore the wallpaper, table and chairs — so well detailed. The cluster of vases looks fabulous, mixed with the antler candle holders. I love using found antlers — we mixed some in our library, and it looks fantastic. I’m not a fan of carpet, but in this case, it is the last thing you notice!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday — enjoy the sunshine :)


  • I want that dining room!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello friends, thank you all for your you nice comments. I am not being very blog alert this week. My computer crashed in a major way and I lost ALL my photos – going 4.5 years back!!! But I am sure there is a reason for all of this. And I am actually breathing ok. You will hear more from me in the next few days. ox, Mon

  • Monika, this photo is lovely! I love everything in this room – the aged, white chairs, the pink, the curtains, the table, even the wallpaper! And normally, I’m not a fan of wallpaper. I would love to try this in my home, but my husband is not keen on anything too feminine. He’s already protesting on all the white that I have planned for our home.

    p.s. I’m so sorry to hear about your computer crashing. That’s a complete bummer! I would probably have a mini-breakdown for a day if that happened to me. I hope you treat yourself to something delicious to make yourself better! And I also hope that it’s not as bad as it sounds.

    Wishiing you lots of luck! xo

  • I almost painted the ceiling in our dining room the palest shade of barely-there pink. Atrium White, by BM. But I decided against it after we got the curtains with blue in them… I love pink in unexpected places – and no surprise here, I love it when it’s used subtly.

    Sorry to hear about your computer crashing..! But, as always, you are a breath of positive air..! I hope the sun is still shining in Seattle, dear. And I hope you will be able to recover all your photos.

    much love,

  • Therese Long says:

    Hi Mon,
    I’m so sorry about your computer woes, but you have a great attitude and I’m sure it will all work out!
    I know what you mean about pink. I’m feeling the love too, especially for hot pink lately. Love the Dining Room, it makes me smile.
    Much love to you my friend and please promise me that you will let me know when you’re coming to Santa Cruz as I want you to stay with me for a bit and hang out!!

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Ibland är det problem med att kommentera hos dig. Jag förstår inte varför.
    Jag är ingen rosa tjej, men nu på våren är jag mer pastellig än annars och jag längtar efter lindblomsgrönt och rosigt rosa.

    Ha det underbart, vännen


  • Trish says:

    Hi Monika…oh that dining table and wallpaper! So sorry about your photos! Its just a matter of time before that happens to me!!! Best wishes…and thank you so much for the side tag! XO Trish

  • That has to be the loveliest shade of pink I’ve ever seen! And that wallpaper?! SWOON!

  • i am always lovin me some pink, and your post has brightened my day with it! yummmmmmm. i’m sure you have seen farrow and ball’s silvergate wallcovering (BP811) with its magical soft pink. i will use it one of these days in a project or on the wall.

    lots to do here to prepare for family visiting for graduation! love to you.


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