Alert – Giveaway (and it is not from me!)

… but I wish it was, because I am going absolutely nuts for this fantastic giveaway.

It is my Willow sister Gina over at Willow Decor that is taking giveaways to a whole new level. (Gina and I are 2 Willows that share a lot in common but also have our own styles that complement each other well. Her blog is oh-so inspirational and packed with great design ideas and sources. And I so appreciate our friendship. If you haven’t been visiting, you better hurry over).

But back to Gina’s giveaway. You all know how I love antiques + books (and that I used to dabble with Swedish antiques). Well, there is one thing I have always wanted to collect but have not had the opportunity to become serious about (I own 3, so nothing to write home about, yet) and those are Vellum books.

Vellum is a fine parchment made from the skin of a lamb, pig or calf. It was primarily used in book binding in the 15th and 16th century.

Apparently the wonderful antiques/design shop 3 Fine Grains has over 600 of these gorgeous books which were all part of collection by a famous actor who owned more than 8oo of these beauties!  (I understand he was the largest collector of Antique Vellum books in the United States). The books range in date from the 15oo’s to the late 1800’s. Most books are written in Italian, French, or Latin.

I mean, Hello! Are these gorgeous or what!????? And because they are so classic I think that they work in both contemporary and antique environments.

Until Sunday, Willow Decor will give her followers the opportunity to be the lucky owner of one of  these Vellum books from 3 Fine Grains. The book is from 1626 in Venice, Italy. Written in Italian, the book retails for over $600.

I know you will hurry over now! Admit it! (And if you end up being the lucky winner – you better let me know!)

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