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Sorry I have not been so blog alert lately. Spring break is here and we popped up to Vancouver Island, Canada for a few days to visit Grandma. (I am back with even more energy and a big smile on my face!)

Before we left my lovely blog friend Theresa over at the La Dolfina blog gave me a Happy Award. Thank you Dear! Your beautiful attitude and your creativity is oh-so contagious!

With this award I am supposed to share 10 thing that make me happy – so here goes:

1) My wonderful husband (I insists I have the best!) and our 3 happy, beautiful and good hearted kids. (I took these images yesterday in Canada).

Ok, friends – I just have to say a couple of words about my Grandma Beverly (Peter’s Mom). She is a truly remarkable and happy lady. She has 9 (!) kids, my husband being the youngest. She is turning 89 years this year, folks!. She walks to coffee and bridge clubs on a daily basis. E-mails or talks with her children every day. Reads a ton, travels and entertains people all the time. She never sweats the small things, is incredibly generous and has the most upbeat attitude.  I love her.

2) My friends. I am so lucky in that department. I am surrounded by really loyal, smart, beautiful and generous people who are more like family than friends.

3) Life. I love living and I live life happily and to its fullest. I love exploring and learning. I am one of those (painful people) who always start chatting with the person next to me at the coffee shop. There are still so many things to learn & I don’t want to miss anything!

4) Kindness.

5) Me giving back. With zero strings attached.

6) Sun-rain. I run out of the house everytime trying to catch the rainbow!

7) Champagne. Only slightly ahead of chocolate!

8. Walking in towns & cities. Big and small. I can get lost for hours. And I can never get enough of people watching.

9) Interior design & furnishings. My true lifelong passion.

10) Blogging. Well, of course! I am having so fun doing this from my little corner of the world. I have met so many wonderful, smart and creative people. I find it incredibly fulfilling!

Now I’m supposed to send this to 10 other blogs that make me happy. But to me that is impossible.

All the ones I follow make me happy. Every single one! From all corners of the world. Big & small. You inspire me every day & you warm my heart.

My Happy Award goes to ALL OF YOU.

Thank you for being there and for sharing and bringing so much joy. You are the best!

Image 1. via Flickr . Last image via We Heart It
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