Easter Decorations At My House

Good Monday morning friends! Easter is just around the corner but don’t expect me to go overboard with the decorations. I prefer Easter celebrations & decorations in smaller doses. The children will get their large old-fashioned eggs (well of course!), we will color eggs, host a fun & lively Easter dinner with great friends and the Easter bunny will make a guest appearance. That is pretty much it.

In Sweden at this time of the year you will see all outdoor markets flooded with spring branches decorated with feathers in every color under the sun – literally. Together with the Easter eggs (non plastic) that is pretty much the only decorations you will see in a Swedish home for Easter. (And yes the children will dress up like old witches too and collect candy from home to home, similar to Halloween.)

The feather clad spring branches tradition has still not made it into my home. Don’t ask me why. I love the idea and I have fond childhood memories but it just doesn’t work for me.

This year I decided to create my own unique Easter branch decor. Don’t laugh. And please don’t feel sorry for the book (it was falling apart anyway).

So, I found a lovely large branch on one of the beaches of Bainbridge Island. I put it in the trunk of the car and brought it home.  Once there though I felt it was too dark… For some odd reason one of my old Swedish books caught my attention and I knew I had the solution.  I marched down to Michael’s (Leading US craft store chain) and asked for decoupage glue. (No, not really. I gave them my whole idea and story with vivid gestures until they understood what I was looking for). They handed me acid free Paper Mud Podge. (It is now my new best friend!).

At home, I ripped out the pages from my old book and started to decorate each branch. Every single inch. And Voila! – my dark branch now has a fresh (brighter) look.  I hung my simple  Easter decorations in it and feel quite content with my own little Easter branch tree. (My husband thought I was crazy but I think it is growing on him).

Every Easter I also bring out these lovely handmade sheep that so much remind me of my long summers as a child on Gotland (a fantastic Swedish island in the Baltic Sea). They are made by a local artist in WA state and I absolutely adore them. I found them at a lovely store in Seattle/Bellevue, a visit often, called Common Folk Co.

The only Easter decorations meeting my guests in my hallway is Wheat Grass in a simple pot and a small bird and nest.

Ok, dear friends, any fun decorations you want to share with us? We are all ears & want to learn!

Hugs to you all.

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  • Greet says:

    I so love your decorations! The branches, the sheeps !
    I did really not have time to decorate my home for easter, except with some tulips! Maybe this week I do a little bit more.

  • That is such a cool idea – looks great!

  • Courtney says:

    What a fantastic idea! You are so very clever. I love the way it turned out, and think it would make a wonderful year-round decoration. I like the idea of feathers on branches, too (but I just know my cat would help herself to the feathers!). Personally, I don’t decorate for Easter but I love natural touches and the introduction of spring in a home.

  • Therese Long says:

    Those are the most elegant and understated Easter decorations I’ve ever seen. I love how the main focus is on Spring!!! Really Beautiful!!!

  • StyleRoom says:

    Very creative Easter decoration!:-) and I know what you mean about Gotland, been there many summers myself:-)

  • Stephanie says:

    Love the little sheep – can I find them online anywhere? We decorate for Spring more than Easter as well, although the week leading up to Easter seems to sprout more Easter decor by the kiddies. My 8-yr-old Marina created some beautiful blown-out egg birds last week, painted in muted watercolors and with some of those lovely feathers for wings & tails. They are gracing our dining table next to a simple vase with daffodils (one of my favorite flowers). Happy Easter!

  • Maria K. says:

    I think I might have to copy your branch/decoupage project. I love it! If you can share the info about how to find those lovely handmade sheep, I would so appreciate it! Perhaps I can find her work online.

  • Erica says:

    LOVE your entrance!!! the david hicks paper, covering a branch FANTASTIC!, I too have that white sea sponge roost porcelain container… a favourite. Love it all! xo

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Vilken bra idé du fick och så fint det blev !! Jag är inte heller någon storpyntare till påsk. Det brukar mest bli påskris, någon kyckling och kanske några ägg.

    Stor kram

  • WillowDecor says:

    I love the branches – we have been away and have just arrived home, so I have done no Easter decorating.
    Your house looks lovely!!!

  • Therese Long says:

    Hi Monnika!
    I have an award for you on my blog :)
    You make me happy

  • So glad Terri at La Dolfina introduced you. Love text covered branches against the art. You have such a gifted eye ! Following you !

  • KMD Atelier says:

    Hi Monika,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your branches! They look so great with the decoupage. I find the branches with feathers quite intriguing as well. I didn’t realize that was tradition in Sweden…might have to adapt that one for my place. And the sheep…to die for. They are really wonderful. I always forget to pull my spring decorations out but you have inspired me! I best get to it soon so I may really enjoy it!


  • Monika these are amazing! Your display looks beautiful – very classy and elegant! Love that graphic wallpaper also. Your home looks beautiful.
    I love this Swedish tradition of decorating with colourful feathers – how fun! Although I’m with you and usually shy away from potentially garish holiday decor in favour of something a little more understated…

    Wishing you extra Easter eggs!

  • The Zhush says:

    Hi, found you via La Dolfina and boy am I glad! So much goodness here. Would never laugh at that wordy branch, its stunning, as are all your decorations! Is that David Hicks wallpaper in the background?! And, the feathers in the trees in Sweden sounds so charming, hope I can see it for myself in person one day! Thanks.

  • Mon, how crafty you are! the decorations look awesome. They are oozing your sophistication and elegance. happy week

  • Mon, I have no words. LOVE the paper covered branch and I want to do that myself. Such a wonderfully graphic look, especcially against your art piece. So creative and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us…

    New blog banner?

  • kiki says:



  • I love the Swedish tradition of the branches & feathers. That is definitely something I’d like to incorporate into my holiday decor! The paper-covered branch is brilliant! Your home is SO lovely! xo

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej darling! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home – I love it when you give us little peaks!

    The branches look fantastic – not only for Easter. I think you should keep them around.

    The sheep are adorable and took me straight back to magical Fårö, Gotland.. How I miss that little speck of heaven!

    So much inspiration here sis and I am leaping off my chair now to find a book that can be sacrificed in the name of art.. :)

    Stor kram!


  • Hi Monika,

    Sounds like Easter is a fun time at your home! I love the feathers on the branches. Such a colorful and fun way to pretty up an unadorned branch. Thanks for the inspiration!


    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hi lovely blog friends and sisters! Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments. I know that my home is not a magazine home per say – but at least it has a good heart (and hopefully some personality) and with you by my side – I dare to share it! Cyber hug, Monika

  • The newspaper branches are splendid – What a great idea! I also think the feathers are so wonderful… I bet it is a beautiful thing to see over there!

  • Oh my word, Mon! Branches + feathers?! Genius…I’m definitely going to do this. We have some branches around the house, and this sounds like such a fun project for this or next. You are just full of great ideas and inspiration, as always :)

    Hope your week has been wonderful so far*


  • Julie says:

    this is the loveliest easter decorations I have seen,.. simple understated and quirky… lover the paper covered branches.. i really want to try this now!! and the sheep are too cute for words… fantastic.. xx Julie

  • Oh, I love the decoupaged branches..! And the sheep. And the little peeks into your beautiful home. Thank you, dear!


  • Oh I love your blog! Your photos are wonderful. I also shop at Common Folk and have bought the same sheep for my mom. Guess I need to get out my bunny from Common Folk. Easter has crept up on me. I will be back…

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  • casey says:

    Genius idea of decoupaging the branch is awesome. Love your style. Your vignettes are gorgeous!

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