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Meet my lovely blog friend Manvi!  I met Manvi in my very early days of blogging and she has always been a loyal and good friend. Her blog Mochatini is packed with fabulous posts but the reason why I wanted to highlight her is because of her stylistic eye. (Yes, I am pushing her to write a coffetable book!). Her blog is my secret inspirational source for effortless and lovely table displays (among other creative things)!

She is a familar face to several of my close blog friends, but to my many other readers, would you like to get to know her? Let’s!

Manvi, describe your style for us.

I think I would describe my style as modern, French eclectic. I like my home to be stylish, bright and inviting with a balance of modern and antique pieces. Comfort and function are also very important to me.

What makes your creative juices kick into over-drive? Styling, photography or blogging?

For sure styling and decorating. Anytime I’m in a rut, I start rearranging furniture and accessories and it gets me right back into the swing of things!

You have a little bid of Nomad in you. Where have you lived? Any other place/s you know with your whole being that you will have to experience at some point in your lifetime?

I have lived in Muscat and Salalah – Oman, Dubai – UAE, New Delhi – India, London – UK, New York, and now I reside in Washington DC. I would really like to live in Buenos Aires at some point and for sure Paris!

What things or trends within interior design make you really drool right now?

Turquoise is one of my fave colors so I’m super glad it is a big trend this year. I love seeing vintage birdcages and textured wallpapers. Pastels and soft romantic colors also call out to me – so being spring – I am happy to see those everywhere.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Flowers, the beach, traveling, photography, nature… So many places!

Your table displays are always so wonderful and inspiring. Tell the truth, is that always how your guests are greeted?

Thank you! I use any occasion to try new ideas for table décor. It’s one of my favorite parts about hosting a dinner or a party. I think about décor and ambience first and the menu later..  (:

Do you have one table display that you like and keep re-cycling over and over again?

I love to experiment so I rarely repeat a table display. However I do re-use items like runners, linen and dinner sets from previous displays. I tend to add some new elements, reuse some and mix it all up for a new look!

But I do admit, I love using my bird salt and pepper shakers a lot!

Fresh flowers and candles are a must so you will see those in almost all of my table decors. When I am crushed for time, simple white is my way go to.

(Below is Manvi’s “Cinnamon stick place card” idea for the Holidays – that I shamefully copied straight off! Lovely, right?)

Any secret places where you find terrific things for your home?

No secret places, I am afraid! I am constantly on the look out, observing…window shopping. I find things at the most unexpected times. Some favorite places are flea markets, antique bazaars and thrift stores. I also really love to shop for my home when I am traveling.

If your husband told you that you could only keep one sentimental design object in the house (horror!) what would that be?

Yikes! I know he would never do that to me! I love our cowhide rug from Argentina. We picked it out together and both really love it. I am also really attached to my thrift store wingback chair. It needs to be reupholstered as the fabric isn’t our style but it’s super comfy and I would hate to part with it.

What’s your favorite spot in your home? What makes it so special?

Though I love pretty much all corners of my house, I find that I spend all most waking hours is my living room. Its flooded with natural light which makes it an awesome space to work and relax.

What DIY project makes you extra proud?

I made a wine cork mirror frame for our entryway that I get lots of compliments on. (I pulled it out from the entryway to take a clear pic of it – just for you!)

I also am proud of the fabric headboard that I made for our guest room. But my greatest DIY accomplishment are hand sewn table linen such as placemats, table cloths, runners and napkins that I made for my mother-in-law last Christmas. (Lucky lady! Splendid Willow’s comment).

Any DYI project(s) you intend to tackle before long?

The list is toooo long… I would like to make lots of cushion covers for the couch and a few beds. I also have a ton of fabric that I have been meaning to turn into table runners. And I always have some serious paint projects around the house to tackle. All fun!

Manvi finally, where do you see yourself using your creative skills down the road?

I am constantly learning new things and acquiring new skills. They all revolve around home décor and styling so probably something along those lines. I really have a special heart for tabletop styling and décor!

Thank you dear! How fun to get to know you even better!

And people a coffetable book about Manvi’s lovely table displays is in the cards. Just remember that you read it here first!  (:

Images: No. 3 via Emma’s designblogg, no. 4 via Elle Decor, no. 5 unknown. All others via Mochatini.
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  • love that living room on the first pic! gorgeous!

  • pve says:

    What an inspiration! I want a coffee table book signed by her!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Nice interview, Monica! Like PVE I will also stand in line for a signed copy. Hope your week is going great!

  • Your words moved me so. Thank you lovely lady!! It is such an honor to be your friend in your spotlight here.
    ps: pve and joe, most definitely for the signed copies.

  • Greet says:

    I go visit her blog now! Looking at those pictures I am sure it will be a beautiful blog! And your friend looks so pretty!

  • Charlotta says:

    Great post Monika!
    As you know Manvi is one of my faves too and like you I keep on suggesting a coffee table book with her table top designs. She is SO clever and her blog one of my favourite watering holes. As is yours! xx

    Manvi – all that you touch with your magic hands turn into something beautiful and I am so glad you are publishing your designs. Can’t wait!!

    Big hugs to both of my favourite girls in the Cyber world!


  • Charlotta says:

    ..Oh.. Monika, forgot to comment on your new banner!
    It looks lovely. A Manvi design?

    Kram xx sis

  • OH Monika, how perfectly timed this post is. I was in Buenos Aires, Manvi, and only arrived home to New York yesterday morning. You’ll never guess what my husband and I bought in San Telmo on Tuesday. . .Yup, a cowhide rug. It has a gorgeous sheen and feels like butter under foot.

    The Palermo district in Buenos Aires has a slew of design shops, many of them gems. At 4 pesos to the dollar, the world is your oyster.

    Thanks for the intro to Manvi.

  • Manvi has some serious style!! Her home is LOVELY & I agree… a coffee table book is definitely in order!

    I’m off to pay her a visit! Wonderful interview, Monika!!


  • StyleRoom says:

    Just beautiful! Thanks Manvi for sharing your home, what a great interview!:-)

  • […] mentions + press A big thank you to lovely Monika of Splendid Willow for featuring lil me “in the spotlight“. Splendid Willow is one my fav blogs and a constant source of swedish interior inspiration. […]

  • I am so touched by all your lovely comments. thank you!
    charlotta, now you are making me tear up.. thank you awesome lady. i am grateful for your support and friendship. xoxo
    greet – thanks, its a rare picture because i can never keep my eyes open in most pics.
    styleroom- thanks!
    dandelion & grey, thanks for stopping by mochatini.
    lydia – what a lovely coincidence! i love palermo. i think i got my rug from BA design. yep so with you on the exchange rate, i cant wait to get back there and shop more!!

  • What a great interview..! And such a treat to discover a new blogger! I am headed over there as soon as I finish this note…

    At the expense of being a little too forward, I’d love to sign up for a signed copy, too. :) Congratulations, Manvi! I am really excited for you, and hope that your wish of living in Buenos Aires comes true at some point. It’s a beautiful city filled with incredibly kind, caring people. I know because I’m from there – I think you’ll enjoy your time there, dear! Of curse Paris wouldn’t be a bad place to live either!

    Congrats on the book again, and thanks Monika for the introduction!


  • Oh, and Monika: I love the new banner! It represents your style perfectly – classic with a little edge. And a bit of playful thrown in to keep it all from being too serious. I like it a lot! Nice work!


  • sandra says:

    vad underbara bilder och turkost är ju bara så fint.
    ska nu titta in hos henne..

  • Gorgeous!! Every single shot is beautiful. I love the attention to detail.

  • Hi Monika!
    Nice introduction to your creative friend! Beautiful pictures. Love the black foom the table settings all of it! Missed you too! I’ll check her out….MaryanneXO

  • Faboulus pictures! I ll will immediately ad her on my blogg roll! Great post!

  • Di Overton says:

    Fascinating, off for a visit.

  • She does have such a great eye! Thanks for the introduction, Mon. And Manvi: You must definitely go live in Paris one day! :)

  • ashlina says:

    what a fantastic post. i adore mochatini blog. its such a brilliant and fun read and i am so excited to now have a face and person behind the blog. so fun! thanks for sharing
    and PS. i heart your blog too! its gorgeous!!!!!


  • agneta says:

    Your blog ….. it’s amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

    A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

    Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

  • Katrine says:

    Thank you so much Monika for sharing the wonderful inspirational interiors and decor ideas of you friend Manvi. Feel like throwing a party and setting a fabulous table right now!

  • What a lovely interview + introduction!

    Thanks for sharing :)

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