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Friends, for the longest time I have been searching for a wall display for my treasured handmade cups by Swedish artist Åsa Lindström (tomorrow’s antique  trust me).  I don’t know how many posts I have written about these cups – and yes I am absolutely obsessed with them! (BTW, Camilla at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm who I wrote about in my last “In the Spotlight” post, was the one who kicked off my collection. Thank you, dear!).

As a home for my cups, I envision something vintage with some edge. Maybe something industrial gray. (I don’t want glass, I know that). I see cubbies. I like things organized. And lately I have been googling for everything from vintage mail cubbies to industrial storage, but so far I have come up with zip, nada. (Or do you have any other display ideas up your sleeve?)

And then today I opened the new Pottery Barn catalog and out of a page jumps a brand new product – a cubby organizer. I started to hyper ventilate. Could this be it? I love the look and the dimensions are perfect. I like the hand written numbers. There are 25 cubbies in total. I only have 12 cups which means I need to collect more – and I really like that! The price is very low. But folks really, a mass produced shelf for my collectible cups that I so adore?

Have any of you seen an unique, vintage display cubby organizer similar to this, anywhere? I will give you a nice reward if you find the perfect one! Or should I settle for this??? What do you think? Help!!

I know that we are all pleased that the Holiday season is behind us – for now. But this wall display could also get a different look for next winter holiday. (All the Christmas knick-knacks collected in one spot). I know the kiddos would love it!

Have a lovely rest of the week, friends! You are always on my mind.

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  • Cindy says:

    I think the PB cubbies look great. But if you are not sure about a massed produced product it wouldn’t be too hard to have this made with reclaimed wood. Or a large drawer. A carpenter could just add the cross pieces to create the cubbies. Now I am off to learn more about those cups!

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Om jag var dig, så skulle jag köpa hyllan från Pottery Barn på en gång. Den är så fin, tycker jag. Om storleken är rätt, så köp !

    Nu har du fått mig att sukta efter något :)

    Ha en underbar dag

    Stor kram

  • Jenn says:

    When you find something that is absolutely perfect, it really shouldn’t matter where it’s from. After all, in a hundred years this will be an antique, too! If it really bothers you, hand the photos to a carpenter and have it copied.

  • lisa c says:

    I just sold a fabulous cubbie (vintage/old) similar to this one in size – price was $225. Wood was just perfectly aged and a wonderful dark color. Another dealer in my shop has a substantially larger unit with cubbies, also older, and box sizes big enough for things, not just letters. It’s in Texas and would have to be shipped…Any interest in size/price?? Good idea for displaying a studied collection though…not just random collectibles!!!

  • Giovanna says:

    I love that vintage cubby organizer, but if you don’t locate one, I think the pottery barn one will do just fine. it’s really cute and will be a perfect place to display those gorgeous cups!

  • Bianca says:

    Hello Monica,

    I think you found the one! I could see those cute little special cups in that Pottery Barn Vintage Cupboard. I also fell in love with a Pottery Barn Sofa (Carlisle), which I am going to get for sure. I think it is fine to settle for Pottery Barn. :-) Bianca

  • koralee says:

    Oh my sweet friend..I love that idea…that cubby is amazing. I have not seen any at all but love that Pottery Barn one…I vote you get it…you can easily fill it up! More cups in your future I am sure. Hugs to you today. xoxoxo

  • oh my goodness! that cubby organizer is SO dreamy! I want it! the last pic is simply gorgeous! xo

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Thank you all! Hmm, recycled wood seems nice. (Lisa, and I am interested in seeing your friend’s shelf!). But now I am also thinking that the Pottery Barn shelf would be extra nice – if I painted it light gray! I am clearly confused and all over the map! (: Hugs to you all. Mon

  • kiki says:

    Go for IT!!!!GIRL!!
    I was JUST going to suggest to you to paint it grey !!!!!
    Knowing you and your home it would just look lovely. You know I have her little grey and black ones with platinum inside about 11 of them, which would look fab too in this great cubby holder. Buy It!!
    Love KIKI

  • I think the PB option is a great one. The size and scale seems like it would work perfectly for displaying your cups. You could always paint,distress, or add a washed glaze over it (maybe white, gray or french blue?) to modify it a bit. Just a thought!! My vote is that you found it :)

  • i like the pb version but would encourage making one for a truly unique look. i agree with lyndsy, paint will do wonders to create a fresh and customized look. happy weekend love. xo

  • pve says:

    I will look at a local shop which sells vintage items. You may find a carpenter to make it and then you can paint as you wish and measure to your specifications.
    Seems like a worthy project for such a wonderful collection of cups.

  • I love all your cups ! and I agree with you, the cubby desk is great !
    Have a nice sunday !

  • wow – vilken underbar hylla! klart att du ska slå till. jag har aldrig sett en gammal sådan jag heller. kanske skulle du kunna bygga en själv i så fall!? nej, hellre köpa denna som är jättefin. och vilka underbara muggar! måste genast in och kika mer. själv är jag stort fan av mölle krukmakeri… eller ja, obsessed :)

    kram jenny

  • WillowDecor says:

    Get the PB shelf and paint and distress it to best highlight your collection. I did this with a lovely little mirror from Wisteria. It was perfect size, but ugly gold tone – so I carefully silver leafed it! Everyone asks where I found it – the same will happen with the shelf!

  • Oh goodness the PB shelf is LOVELY! I agree — I’m usually against mass produced items, but Pottery Barn has been right on target lately. LOVE everything they’ve been doing. I’m sure whatever decision you make, your cups will look darling! xo

  • Anna-Malin says:

    hej vännen!!

    hoppas allt är bra med dig!! jag har skickat säkert 3 mail till dig men eftersom jag inte fått svar misstänker jag att de inte kommit fram…. :(
    min mail har strulat fram och tillbaka en tid nu…
    (sen har jag haft problem att kommentera men nu verkar det äntligen funka igen…!)

    snälla, maila mig så jag kan svara på ditt, det brukar funka bättre!

    hyllan ska du ABSOLUT köpa!! den var en av de finaste jag sett!! skulle vilja ha minst 5 själv….(hi-hi)

    största kramen!!

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