Cozy Reading Nook – So Me

Not many words needed here. I am totally, madly in love with this reading nook. And that’s because, I am a huge book & art lover. I like my book areas to be organized but show life. I love the color gray. Seats should be comfortable with a capital C. Mixing old with new is my style (look at the ceilings and the industrial book shelves). Slipcovers work great with 3 young kids, messy huz & 2 spoiled cats. I crave daylight. I like just about everything in this room down to the simple reading light and the fresh flowers. (This image is going straight to my personal “So Me” file).

Happy new week to you all! I hope you all are off to a good start! Sending you warm thoughts and good energy. Hug, Monika.

Image from the always lovely Belle Vivir.
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