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I am sure that you are already aware that the declared design color of the year is Turquoise. I must have overused it in the 80’s ( I remember strutting around in high gloss turquoise shoes together with a green and turquoise jacket! No wonder I never looked back!). And I have never really reconnected with that color shade since. Until I saw this room. Just the right amount of turquoise with all that crisp white and with a little bit of black as a contrast. I think it really works well. Maybe we will become friends again!

Turquoise and light blue are quite lovely paired with brown (as in pillow no. 2).

And pink, people! I see pink/violet everywhere.

Perhaps the new purple.  Lovely nevertheless.

Words, numbers and quotes as acccents in wall decor continue to go strong. Here is a fun one.  A limited-edition oak framed print with quotes from well known movies.

This image I have saved in my great gift file. My husband is an avid cyclist. How fun would it be to present him with this table on his upcoming birthday!

Don’t take your interiors (or yourself) too serious! And go with your heart.

Happy rest of the week, friends!

Images: 1. Burcu Avsar via Desire to Inspire, 2. Burcu Avsar, 3. Desire to Inspire, 4-6 Living etc, 7. Coulson Macleod via Lotta Agaton
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  • Charlotta says:

    Fantastic images and thoughts as usual.. What would I do without your so very very splendid blog!

    Just a few days to go before we head back to Sydney (sob). I am not ready to expose my now oh so pale wintery limbs in the hot sun of Australian hig summer.. (Iiiih..)

    Kram till dig!

  • Well…you nailed it.The turquoise IS just the right amount. I am loving a dose of pink lately, too.

    Beautiful images. Make hubby the bicycle table!

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Det är inspirerande bilder du visar ! Jag gillar mest den turkosa färgen i första bilden och tavlan med citaten. Nu får jag nya idéer :)


  • How great is that table! I love seeing new things. Fun post!

  • Courtney says:

    Wow, that first space is gorgeous! I really love that distressed pink chair too. It’s so perfect. This is such a happy, springy collection. It made me so happy. Thanks for sharing, Monika!

  • Janell Beals says:

    The bit of black accent in the shade looks great in the first image, the room does not become too sweet. And that table…wow. My husband would love it as well!

  • Mariana Naslund says:

    I love the color! It feels like spring….

  • Maria K. says:

    nope, not doing turquoise! not fuschia, either! Love the table, though!

  • kiki alvord says:

    Hej MON,

    I will write in English eventhough I am back in Sweden. Most polite I feel.
    I just spent a whole day with dear old friends at the Formexshow in Älvsjö, and you are so right those colours are so IN together with a lot or darkbrown rustic furniture and the industrial design is very big too.
    The Danes are good at mixing this very etchy style and I saw a lot of things in velvet in these colors like pillows and throws and close. Folklore, is still a big part of the Scandinavian heart and why not, we have a great tradition in linen and wonderful furniture to be proud of.

  • Federica says:

    Thank you for entered my giveaway and for your lovely words darling.
    Good luck!

  • I have just one tiny touch of turquoise in my home — a vase in our entertainment center and I really love it.

    The pink is rally growing on me too. I laughed when I saw this post because I just did my own pink post – http://www.thedesignfile.net/thedesignfile/2010/01/pink-rooms.html

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  • I feel like I’m seeing pink and brown everywhere… And I’ve always had a soft spot for blues, including turquoise (in small doses!) And I agree about that bike table – so fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Monika!


  • Hei Monika
    Takk for din hyggelige kommentar. Dere har jo så mange fine folkedrakter i Sverige, de er vel heller ikke så mye broderier på, noe som jo gjør det lettere å sy dem…
    Skjønne bilder du har på bloggen idag! Bildet med tekst blir jeg meget inspirert av og glassbordet med sykkelhjulene er helt herlige! Stigen i stuen er en fabelaktig ide. Normalt ser man dem på badet med håndklær, men hvorfor ikke bruke den i stuen til pledd?
    Ha en flott weekend!
    Krammer fra

  • nkp says:

    Great advice and a very happy weekend to you as well!

  • Kristin says:

    I want that fish throw pillow right now!

  • Shana says:

    I had a woven headboard made,with black and silver rope,and painted the frame a turquoise-green.. I thought it would go against a red-pink wall. I’m still not sure if I got it exactly right, but a little touch of turquoise is beautiful when in the right combination!

    The round cushions in the first picture really caught my eye, I havent seen those here,and that quote from Ghost thought provoking.

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  • Linda in AZ* says:

    * I’m soooo shocked!!!~~~~~~ That “movie-quote” pic has soo many quotes from sooo many of my FAV movies! So much so, you’d think my sweetie hubs had picked out the movies from which to CHOOSE each “special” line! (ALbeit missing IS one I KNOW he would NEVER, EVER forget ..

    (Condensed: “I was looking up… it was the closest thing to heaven……. Oh Nicki dahling, if YOU can paint, I can wallllk”….. (insert my moans, sighs n’ tears here!)… Got it, anybody???? (“An Affair to Remember”… Deborah Kerr & Cary Grant (sigh!)… The ONLY other one missing is ANYTHING said in “It’s a Wonderful Life”)….

    Sooo, can you pleeeeeeeease, pretty please, tell me WHERE I can FIND/PURCHASE that? (It honestly “IS” “just M*E”,& for personal reasons, I think~ make that KNOW!~ my hubby would truly enjoy it too! I MAY have to ask (OK, B*E*G) if he’ll allow us to add “maybe just a small room, wall or walkway” (eeks!), but I W*I*L*L find a way to display it where at least “I” can truly ENJOY this “art” as it is MEANT to be enjoyed by the “guardsman” of the piece…

    Aha!~ “Light bulb moment!”… (Doesn’t happen that often!(I can REMOVE ONE painting for another… I can put it IN MY STUDY, where I PRACTICALLY LIVE” everyday,anyway!)… Heavens, even my Mom would have agreed with that!)

    SOOOOO MANY THANKS for SOOOOO MANY, FUN MEMORIES of movies with my Mom n’ Sis…

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide!
    Warmest & w/ sincere blessings,

    Linda in AZ *

  • Linda in AZ* says:

    * P.S. Just saw, on my way out, that your DH is a bike enthusiast~~~~ MINE, TOO!!! Wonder if he’d notice a few “missing”, (so maybe we could make a trade!!! biiiiig gins!!!)~~~~~~~~~ Best, Linda *

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