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Happy Monday, Friends! (And Dream Big on this Martin Luther Day).

I consider myself very lucky to be close to not 1, not 2 but 3 Anthropologie stores within a 30 minute radius! I have not been lurking at any of the stores for quite some time but I think I will be going very soon (like later today!) after visiting their on-line home section. It’s all to do with that “vintage industrial look” that is so hot right now. I personally can’t do a whole room in this style (but many others do it beautifully!) but a single piece here and there as an unexpected touch, I am all for.  Some lovelies here, wouldn’t you say?

How fun this distressed Ordinal dresser with a metal top is. (And if you don’t want to spend the money think consignment store +  stencils + black paint+ labor of love).

Handsome and sleek rocker. The Bresson Rocker

I think this Decker End Table is fabulous. It is made of iron and mango wood. (Can see that top packed with white orchids in weathered pots).

Who said a folding chair can’t be handsome and comfortable? Just look at this Terai upholstered chair.

Feminine and pretty Rose bathmat.

Ingegard pendant. Simple and lovely.

Nice, toffee colored leather Battersea sofette . I don’t know about the quality. But this two-seater with a fan back sure looks nice!

Add a touch of color to your room with this Iris Bolster pillow.

And for your sushi loving friends these twig chop sticks  make for a splendid gift.

What a unique & fun mirror! (Also, a great DIY project!). It is called Collected Memories.

I am about to start working on Prince William’s (2,5 y) big boy room. I know I will use some vintage looking numers as decor, but I am always concerned about the lead level in old signs. So this Take a number sign might be an option. ( (But I have invested in this great little lead test kit from Home Depot that I use when in doubt!).

And finally, there is always space for a simple & lovely recycled vase from Spain. Something, perhaps, to put your stunning cherry branches in. I think that combo actually makes for a really wonderful gift.

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  • Joe Clarke says:

    Hi Monica, the rocker, please! All these items look really fantastic on your blog. Cheers!

  • Anna-Malin says:

    å, den där byrån får GÄRNA flytta in här, helt fantastisk, tja soffan med för den delen 😉

    sista arbetsdagen imorgon, sen ska jag fixa med bilderna!!

    ha det gott min vän!!


  • Hi Monica,

    Great post, I just love Anthropologie’s home items. You’ve probably heard but I just discovered a fun show on Sundance channel yesterday called “Man Shops Globe”. It follows the buyers of Anthropologie around the world as they discover treasures that they carry for the home department. I set my DVR…it airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Sundance…


  • I’m in love with that pendant light! I wonder how it would look in my new kitchen . . . ? BTW, thank you for the Tapetorama recommendation. Or actually maybe I shouldn’t thank you because now you’ve made my decision even harder! 😉 So many lovely patterns to choose from . . .

  • Love these, especially the rocker as a thinking chair in my home office!

  • OK, so how do you choose a favourite out of that bunch??? It’s a toss up for me between the Drawers, the Mirror Collage and the Number 7… Oooooooh I want them all! x

  • Oh I love Anthropologie, but sadly no stores here. You are so lucky.

    Thank you so much for the visit and the lovely words, very appreciated.

  • Shana says:

    My faves would be that vase with the cherry blossoms in it, and the dresser is unique too!
    Like your blog.

  • Kari: Sounds fun! I will try to watch it. (But it might be too addictive!)

    Shana: Thank you for visiting. I will now visit yours!

    Cyber hug, Mon

  • Very lucky! – for you, maybe not your wallet…
    what amazing finds!

  • I just got their catalog recently and how I wish we had a store nearby..! I’d love to be able to touch and see all these beautiful things in real life… But I’m happy to look at them here, too! I love the choices you’ve listed, particularly the decker end table and the recycled glass vase.

    Sending much love your way, dear Mon!

  • Linnéa says:

    Vilka fina grejer! Gillar speciellt byrån och glasvasen. Räkna med fler besök från mig :)

  • Federica says:

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment darling, don’t miss my First Anniversary Giveaway, today on my blog!

  • Lucky you! I have only 1 an 1 1/2 away. I do have the same bottle…12 bucks at tj maxx. Love the folding chairs and the pendant light!

  • jenna says:

    I love that recycled glass vase…I want and yes some branches would look divine in it!


  • Gaia says:

    Hi darling! How are you? I’ve been here and there running and travelling as a gipsy and you cannot imagine how I’ve loved it!

    Now I’m back home planning to do something soon. Can’t stay at home for too long!

    I’ve been to London where Anthro. opened the first store and the second is “… coming soon”. They have so many beautiful things. I always love to buy at that store!!!

    Hope you are ok and I wish you a great weekend!

  • My favorite is the Decker End Table- and I’d love it just as you described it.. weathered terracotta pots and pretty orchids. Everything else is just fabulous too! XO.

  • adore the ordinal dresser, lamp; sofette

  • MommaHen says:

    oooo These are all my favorite things!

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