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I can’t believe that I still have not managed to get my act together and get started on one of my own favorite must-do-projects. Well it is a new year and I am so going to to put together an artsy and sentimental wall of framed vinyl records. (Just the ones we truly love)!  There are so many wonderful graphic artists behind some of the classics LPs. Actually there is a whole industry out there called Vinyl Art. Did you know that?

A recent picture in  Hus & Hem, reminded me of one of my old posts. The home owner has framed Talking Heads “True Stories”. (An easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your home).

Personally, I am going for all white frames and a full wall! (White frames have been on my mind a lot lately!). Now I am off to do some research on vinyl cover frames. 

On a much more important note, I earlier today turned a “I-must-do-this-now-or-I-won’t-be-able-to-sleep” thougth into reality.

As relief efforts begin to mobilize,  officials estimate staggering loss of life from Tuesday’s disaster in Haiti. A grim road faces these quake survivors, and even the littliest support from all of us can make a huge difference. There are many help organizations,  I personally chose to donate via UNICEF. If you would like, join me.

Click here for a direct link to UNICEF, where you can donate via mail or phone.

Happy rest of the week, friends!

And Dear Kiki, if you read this. I hope your trip back to Sweden went smoothly. I miss you. All of Seattle misses you!  OX Monika

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  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Åh, den idén gillar jag. Nu måste jag gå hem och titta om vi har några skivor att sätta på väggen :)


  • Monika,
    I love a white wall with framed black and white pictures! So classy ! Isn’t it?

  • Mariana Naslund says:

    Hej Monika!

    I love the white frames…jag behöver verkligen fixa till mina väggar med fina bilder.
    Tack för alla bra Idéer!
    Vi ses, Mariana

  • I am really loving that gallery wall! Lovely inspiration for the gallery wall I plan on doing in my home soon! I am with you– white frames are so lovely! XO!

  • Charlotta says:

    Monika thank you and big hugs to your wonderful reaching out to those who suffer so horribly in Haiti. I am with you in this and encourage everyone to dig deep at this time of need! Think of all those children!!… Puss på dig för det du gjorde!

    On a brighter note, I totally agree with you on the vinyl art.. I too am so ready for a splendid spread of framed LPs on my wall in our hallway.. I too must pull my self together and get to it.

    Missing you too and will email you after the weekend. Sending hubby back to Sydney tomorrow – once we’ve settled into the groove after his departure we must write, and talk… xx C

  • koralee says:

    What two great ideas….donating to Haiti and record covers to cover your wall. Thank you for all your sweet comments you always leave on my blog sweet friend! I so agree we all need to pitch in and help out…what a terrible terrible thing those poor people have to deal with…much love this weekend.

  • Hi Monika!
    Been playing catch up in the blogosphere!Thanks for the link on Haiti I will be donating. Good luck with your vinyl art project! Let us have a peek when you get it done!!!!!Maryanne xo

  • agneta says:

    Wooow vilken härlig kommentar jag fick av Dig. Det gjorde min morgon lätt lätt lätt! Kul att Du gav Dig till känna och Din blogg ger ett så läckert intryck, och jag retar mig på att jag inte har varit här förut. Skivorna på väggen är en superb idé, och faktum är att jag aldrig tidigare har stött på den.

    Kul kul kul att Seattle gav sig till känna (för visst var det Seattle).

    Kära hälsningar från Österlen & Agneta

  • Hi Monika
    Thank you for your very nice comment on my blog!
    The name of splendid willow is perfect for your blog, it is really spledid! I also look forward to visiting you.
    Can you write swedish too … if I write to you in Norwegian (almost like Swedish), would you be able to understand it?
    Have a great week!

  • Hi Monika!
    Thanks so much for your comment today, of course you can use my photo of Boomer! He’s sitting on one of my favourite chairs… can you believe I got that at a garage sale?!
    Have a great week!!

  • Thank you for this post, Monika.


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