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When I need to declutter my mind and find some peace in & harmony I often gravitate towards my old home country. Swedish interiors can at times be considered cold but when done right and with some heart, I find those rooms calm, serene and easy to breathe in. They are often filled with less stuff but instead things with a purpose. Let me introduce you to such a home in beautiful Sweden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Anna-Malin is a friend who I have met in wonderful blog land. We have been sharing e-mails cross the Atlantic about  life issues and thoughts on design. Not only is Anna-Malin a wonderful person but she is also highly creative and talented. Her home is so inspiring and so is her Swedish blog Helt Enkelt. Take a deep breath – this is not staged, this is how she actually lives. Lovely or what?

Anna-Malin loves mixing Scandinavian design classics with heirloom pieces and vintage finds. She is an expert at taking flea market finds and turning them into must-have objects.

Just take a look at this vintage chair (Anna-Malin is well aware that I have a very serious crush on that particular chair!). She found the chair at a Swedish flea market, nobody wanted it (where was I!!), she paid about $40 dollars and voila. Hello?! Can a chair get much lovelier?

And now that chair lives here. In her kitchen. With sheep skins and everything. Oh no, that was 2 weeks ago! Anna-Malin changes furniture around on a daily basis and the kitchen of the week now looks like this!

                                                                                                                                                                                     She constantly moves things around and prefers to try new ideas before she would even consider going out and buying anything new.

As with most Swedes, Anna-Malin finds inspiration from nature. She is drawn to simple lines, organic materials and neutral colors. And she like to be good to mother nature by reusing things. She says: ” Being from the very North of Sweden, I get good energy from white and cripsy snow, complete quiet and branches from simple, wispy trees”.

Who said you need a whole roll of wall paper to make an impact? Just a little piece will take you a  long way!

My friend is a resourceful lady who is not afraid to use a hammer and nail on any given day. This sofa table is one of Anna-Malins own creations, put together on a weekend. (Maybe Hubby was involved in that project too, I can’t remember).

Another dining/work area in the family room.

All over the house you will find cozy and calm areas to relax and just be.

The rooms of her two boys are no exceptions.

I hope this gave you some good food for thought. Just writing this post got me so inspired that I am heading to a nearby consignment store – today! Thank you Anna-Malin for your friendship and all your wonderful ideas & inspiration! Happy Monday blog friends!

All images, curtesy of Anna-Malin @ Helt Enkelt.
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  • Mrs C says:

    Hey there,

    just found your lovely blog after just reading a comment you left over at Head Over Heals…..I’m liking your style and will be back!!!

    Best wishes from Ireland,

    Mrs C

  • kiki alvord says:

    OH, underbart är enkelt, man blir så lugn och fridfull och det gör gott i själen på alla vis.
    Varma kramar från ett iskallt Sverige.

  • Oh this is so beautiful! I just love it when talented people can take someone else’s cast-off and turn it into art. The balance of new and old is also an art form skillfully executed here. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Tricia – Avolli

  • Federica says:

    Thanks so much for this pics, really inspirational.
    I have a thing for white and scandinavian interiors!
    Have a fantastic new week!

  • Charlotta says:

    Simply Swedish – Simply Stunning!!

  • Greet says:

    I love all these serene pictures! They make me feel calm! So beautiful! That is so typical for the Swedish style!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Always adore all white interiors, this is no exception – really beautiful collection! Really love the cute little heart cookie cutters too, what a clever, charming little accent.

    Hope your week`s off to a great start!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Good to be back to your fantastic blog, Monica. Beautiful home. I need a little bit more color but the owner is really talented and has such a great eye.

  • WillowDecor says:

    So lovely and peaceful! Great photos!

  • Elie's Papel says:

    Tell your friend she has a beautiful house… I love that the Swedes always find the perfect balance between rustic and modern… :)

  • Rebecca says:

    Love the Swedish sideboard. Simple and lovely home.

  • I adore that coffee table! The “X” pattern is just perfect. Thank you for sharing such great photos…

    I hope your week is off to a great start, Mon :)

  • michelle says:

    Beautiful interiors, I love the high ceilings and the built in bookshelves, I dream these details for my own home one day!

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Vilket fantastisk hem ! Det är väldigt fint, jag håller med dig. Tror att jag ska titta in hos henne också nu :)

    Ha det underbart !!


  • Mia says:

    Det är verkligen ett helt underbart hem, alldeles lagom blandning av gammalt och nytt. Måste kolla in på hennes blogg :-)

  • nkp says:

    Wow, I mean WOW, yes…WOW! Food for thought is an understatement, my mind is positively racing with inspiration. Gorgeous photography and so much creativity brimming in one home. This is just lovely. And as I mom, of boys, I love that second to last photo of the bookshelf displaying the toys. Grouped together by theme they make a huge impact and a stunning display. Thanks for sharing this ladies.

  • Everything is so beautiful and peaceful. But I wonder if I could actually live with so little color. I love it in theory but … I’m not sure…

  • Just beautiful. I think in another life, I must have been Swedish. I have some Norwegian blood, but I’m afraid it probably doesn’t count. Sigh. I’ve yet to see a Swedish interior I don’t like, and this one is no exception. Beautiful.


  • I love everything about these images. And I’m so inspired considering I just bought a white farm table and vintage chairs. The window frame with the little hearts resting inside is so charming. I’m so glad I found your blog! XO!

  • Anna-Malin says:

    Hej Monika!

    Jag smyger in här och läser de fina kommentarerna.
    Mannen tyckte att det var SÅ BRA och fint skrivet.
    Det är roligt att bilderna är stora för det ger
    en helt annan känsla, detaljerna kommer fram på
    ett annat sätt.
    Jag tänkte att jag skulle lägga en länk till det
    här inlägget från min sida.

    Än en gång, tusen tusen tack!!

    Vi hörs!


  • stacked suitcases and rustic wooden benches… a blog post after my own heart :)

  • caisa K says:

    Åhhh… jag har ju sett anna-malins bilder tidigare,
    men får aldrig nog!
    Det är bara … just perfect!
    Så vackert att det knyter sig i magen!!
    Hon är så duktig att få till, så att det enkla blir det vackra!

    Varma hälsningar frå från ett vintervackert finland

  • Rebecca says:


    I stumbled onto your site today. I am enchanted. I really like your entry wallpaper. I am looking to get a sample to see if it goes with my home. I have blue grays, soft gold/yellow, brick colors in my home. I would love to redo the bedroom on the main level using just a bit of wallpaper.

    My great grandparents came from Sweden, so I am always interested in things Swedish.

  • lotta says:

    Hej Monika,

    Tack för länken til den här fantastiska bloggen – jag kommer att hälsa på ofta hemma hos Anna-Malin. Jag lovar att ringa snart, en till deadline på Måndag, sedan hör jag av mig. Kram.

  • eva says:

    gorgeous, i love all the lighting, and the old wood…

  • Thanks for your link on http://www.TheDesignFile.net. I appreciate it. And still love this post…

  • Deanna says:

    I stumbled across your blog from the design file and will be back! Some really nice photos here.

  • sylvia says:

    I love it! Fun to Syl :) see that she used some Dutch objects in the 2nd. picture. Yeah!!

  • Hej!

    Vad roligt att hitta hit och få läsa reportaget om Anna-Malin. Jättefint skrivet! Jag tror nog att hon blev väldigt glad för det du skrev. Är själv kompis med Malin och kan bekräfta att hon är helt otroligt kreativ!

    Nu ska jag kika vidare här på bloggen :)

    Mvh Jenny

  • Kavya Manoj says:

    Tranquility is so obvious in these pics. No sophisticated furniture/ houses can match the environment that country side homes offer. I liked the sofa-table your friend has made. I love the way she experiments with things and re-arranges stuff to give a new look to her home everyday.

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