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Happy New Year to my wonderful blog friends! I hope you created some fun memories this winter holdiay. I sure have missed you! I am very exited about this year. 2010. I feel it’s going to be a good one – for all of us!

I am starting the new year with one image that has kept me occupied for the last couple of weeks. Seriously, I can’t get it off my mind. I am drooling and drooling and thinking about this picture that I picked up at the oh-so-lovely blog Delight for Design.

To me this it the ultimate way of displaying treasured family photos – and because of it I have now decided to repaint my bedroom all white and adopt the concept myself on one of the walls!

Why I am so obsessed? Because of the large cluster of photos collected in one spot. (I like things organized. And I don’t like things skimpy). The monochromatic all white walls, ledges and frames make a quiet but stunning statement. I like the smaller frame sizes in different constellations. Reminds me of an art gallery. (And everything is hung in perfect eye level postion). I also love that there is no fighting for attention in the room. I would die for a room with just the artsy display and a cocktail table. What a hit! Nothing else is needed.

Yep, this I am so trying! And 2010 is off to a good start!

The sitting areas from that same home are also wonderful. The owner obviously has a great eye for art too.

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  • Courtney says:

    I love how the home seems so clean and uncluttered, yet still so inviting. And I agree, those photos look fabulous. If you do try the display in your own home, please let us know how it goes!

  • Delishhh says:

    Oh love it! What a great idea!

  • I love it too. What neat doors!

  • Charlotta says:

    Ja men visst är det underbart!
    I love how the owners have created little ‘moments’ everwhere.. Lots of personal detail on display.
    Great find and I am so curious about the blog you mention too.

    2010 here we come!

  • Just love this beautiful space – and those clever pocket doors are just fantastic! (great space saver too!)

  • Greet says:

    Hello Monika,
    Oh yes the first picture with the shelves where the photos are displayed is wonderful! A very good idea!
    I love that too!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • pam robin says:

    you have a fabulous blog… and i love the photo idea…. wow… happy new year x pam

  • Happy New Year, Monika!

    Love the photos in your post today! They feel so…January! Tons of winter white and pops of muted color. Looking forward to visiting Splendid Willow in 2010!


  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Kul att du är tillbaka !! Hoppas att du och din familj har haft det mysigt och skönt under jul & nyår.
    Dina bilder är fina och ger också mig inspiration. Jag gillar konst, ramar och bilder.

    Ha det underbart !!

    Kram Anci

  • Jodi says:

    OK, this is my favorite thing so far! I have a pile of framed and precious photos and have been looking for a cool way to display them. I can’t wait to do this – you can see it the next time you come over!! Love you Monika!

  • Giovanna says:

    i love this idea! i want to try it too! i can’t tell – are all the photos individually framed and then placed on shelves?

  • welcome back, Monika! thank you so much for your good energy and warm thoughts! best wishes for 2010! xo

  • Monika says:

    Ok, all! I went to Aaron Brothers yesterday (frame store). They have a great sale right now – pay for 1 frame get the other for 1 CENT! I found the perfect frames in 3 different sizes – almost identical to the ones on the picture! You should see the trunk of my car. You have never seen so many white frames in your entire life! Now, I am looking for ledges. I want simple lines. I am thinking eevn Ikea might have something simple contemporary.

    Cyber hug to you all! Monika (splendid willow)

  • Monika – this is such a fun but sophisticated idea. I love family photos but really struggle to make them look stylish. I don’t have a wall to pull this off. But I think it’s a great idea for anyone who does.

    Can’t wait to see what yours looks like.

    Good luck!

  • koralee says:

    I am in love with this idea….I would so love to do this massive photo gallery…all the same frames. What a beautiful statement. Sending you many blessings for a wonderful Thursday. xoxoxo

  • nkp says:

    This place is amazing! The first photo leaves me breathless. Really. It’s actually the second time I’ve seen it today. The Universe must be trying to tell me something. ;0) Obviously, you feel the same. I’m so impressed that you’ve gone out and purchased the frames. I am such a procrastinator, but I can’t wait to see your project come to life.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and your oh-so-kind comment. I’m thrilled you ventured over and I really appreciate your very nice words. Plus it brought me here, so icing on the cake. Oh, and another thing we have in common (besides the three kiddos, yours boys or girls?), I’m European born as well.


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