Swedish White Rooms

Happy Monday lovely blog friends! Are you crazy busy like myself this time of the year? (I find myself running around in circles). A dose of Swedish might just be what we all need. Here are some lovely Swedish white rooms to keep you calm and collected this busy season!

This apartment is for sale (wish I could buy it today as our retreat when we go to Sweden on a yearly basis) and it is located in the vibrant neighborhood “Vasastaden” in Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). My very first own apartment was located in Vasastaden in Stockholm (same vibrant neighborhood, same look and feel). Maybe this wasn’t such a good post after all. Now I get all emotional and home sick…!

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  • Charlotta says:

    What a lovely place!
    Vasastaden is one of my favourite areas in Stockholm and of course the home of the late Astrid Lindgren!
    Walking down Dalagatan always makes me think of her..


  • A truly beautiful apartment! I can only dream….

    Tricia – Avolli

  • Rebecca says:

    I love the whole apartment, very clean and calm. The floors are my favorite.

  • Oh, Monika..! This makes *me* homesick for a country that I have no right to feel homesick for..! Beautiful, beautiful apartment. And all that white. I just love it..! And the shots of the street and the park… I havehavehave to visit Sweden – and I may not come back. I may just fall in love with it… Thank you for sharing these. Just beautiful.


  • kiki says:

    Monica, is this not Vasastan in Gothenburg?
    I do not recognise the white big building in the park? Time to take a trip to Goetet, I guess.
    A dream flat and I am working on it!!!
    Kram KIKI

  • kendra says:

    I must be swedish in my heart and never knew it. This white soo… appeals to me. I really would like to get my hands on the wood holder near the fireplace. Any suggestions?
    Always admiring you,

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Den lägenheten skulle jag inte tacka nej till !
    Tänk att få inreda med mina egna möbler och saker. Vilken dröm !


  • Courtney says:

    What a gorgeous apartment/city! I really like that kitchen. Longer, narrow kitchens seem so practical and cozy.

  • MMW says:

    I totally dig the kitchen. Love the rustic brick with sleek lines of the cabinetry and sinks. Wow. I’m ready to move in.

  • marcela says:

    What a wonderful place!
    I just love it!

  • geisslein says:

    Simply great – I just love it!

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