Nate Berkus Never Gets Boring

Yes, we have followed him in every design magazine and on Oprah, handsome, Mr. Nate Berkus. And I was not going to do yet another post on his portfolio. But going through his images – I saw a few photos that I have not seen before. So here we go – eye candy from the very talented Nate Berkus. (Take your time – and pay attention to the details. I love his designs, because they do not feel designed and contrived. They are warm, inviting, eclectic and personal with unexpected twists. Just the way I like it).

Like it all.

This must be Nate’s signature photo. It is wonderful. (And it is from his home).

Same with this one.

The leather panels are beautiful. And I always love an over sized ottoman. Great for books, great for parties. And how fun in yellow! Who would have thought. Think out of the box, people!

I am on the hunt for 2 great, classic leather club chairs myself. These would make me very happy!

The more I look at this image, the more I like it. At first I could not figure out why. But I think it is the balance, the choice of colors and different textures. And I love the  tall white sculpture on the mantel.

Those Giacometti lamps are so stunning. Not much else is needed.

I am so into leather nowadays. Must be because I am tired of chocolate fingerprints from 2 little hands x 3 on everything covered with fabric!

Love it all. We had shades just like that in our SF apartment. I dragged home gray linen from Sweden for 12 windows of that size. The linen fabric actually cost very little, but let’s not talk about the cost to have them custom made…

The wall color is fantastic. And so is the chair. And the table. And the rug.

What a fantastic blue accent color combined with gray. I would not have thought of it myself.

I drool over the dining chairs! And yes the seats are covered with leather! And what a lovely seating area in the background to hang out with friends before & after a great dinner. Imagine this whole area lit with candles/lanterns. I would be the last guest to leave!

Have a Lovely Weekend Friends!

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  • The same to you!

    Man, that Nate is a stunner! Gorgeous and… gay. :(
    At least we get to enjoy his wonderful work, he’s so talented it scares me!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I think Nate just gets better and better. Nice to see. Have a great weekend Ms. Splendid!

  • Charlotta says:

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
    Trevlig helg!

  • I love the texture on that dresser on the second photo – I like the combination of it with the white walls, the mirror, the striped rug, and the chrome lamp… And the curve of the legs on that little stool are perfect. Great round-up of his work, Monika!


  • What an incredibly talented designer! I am constantly impressed with his wonderful eye for balance, color, texture and all while remaining functional and casual.

    I have had the opportunity to present pieces for client presentations on several occasions over the years. It is always exciting to hear the voice on the other end of the phone say…”This is ‘Sue’ from Nate Burkus calling about item 05-04-302.” It makes my heart race!


  • You are so right!! They are all eye-candy!! Thank you for sharing these ! I am gonna look at them again now!!

    Have a nice weekend!


  • kiki says:

    Oh, to die for both him and his home. By the way his Gustavian dining room chairs can be ordered from Sweden through Swedish Heirlooms.

  • Monika says:

    Tricia: I would have been equally excited!

    Kiki: With leather seats? Oh no! I can feel that this is going to get expensive!!

    OX, Monika

  • Anna-Malin says:

    Hej Monika!
    (Jag ska försöka våga mig på engelska…en annan dag =))

    Vilken inspiration, och vilken man…Jag gillar verkligen Nates stil, lugn och harmonisk. Sen är det aldrig fel med lite färg, kanske även hos mig någon dag..


  • What a great post! I love his work. So glad to find your great blog.

  • I love the use of the white lamps. Sometimes we think they only work in a beach house setting. Nate has made them look great in several of the rooms.

  • MMW says:

    I love to look at Nate’s work just as much as I love to look at him. Both Beautiful! What a great post. Such lovely images you chose to share.

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