Handmade Paper Cut-Outs

In a time of computer-generated communication, paper takes us back to the basic. It can be typed on, written on and read and, best of all, treasured for years to come.

Image: Inside Out

As a continuation of my last post about postcards…I am so charmed by this image with the large paper cut-outs on the wall. I have written about the Etsy store PaperCutDieCut before but I never realized that some of their paper cuts are quite large. Look at them again – all cut by hand!

Everybody who knows me well knows that I am not a big fan of anything plastic and mass produced. I have always been drawn to unique, different and handmade objects in earthy materials. To me this is lovely!

Here are a few other art pieces from their store.

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  • kiki says:

    Dear MON,
    I really love this very difficult line of art to perform!What calm and unbelievable patients these artist must have!! They are lovely!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I don’t understand how people can make these amazing things. I can’t even draw… Monika, you always find the coolest stuff. Cheers from NY!

  • Brook says:

    Paper crafts…. my favorite!!! Thanks for choosing these to post Monika, they are absolutely beautiful. And more importantly, UNIQUE! Off to check out that Etsy shop…

  • Charlotta says:

    Amazing! The skill involved to achieve that fine almost transparent texture.
    They almost look like ‘dried flowers’.

    Wonderful find. Thank you.


  • Di Overton says:

    These are truly beautiful. What patience it must take to make them.

  • These are incredible… I recently came across a Swedish artist’s work (I’ll have to look back in my files) – phenomenal. The artistry and talent that it takes to make these is just unbelievable. I love that first photo, by the way – all those textures…it works beautiful with the paper cut-outs.

  • My mother is an artist and she does paper cutting just like these. You are so right – it’s so nice to see pieces made my human hands in this day and age!

  • These are so beautiful! It is a real work of art!


  • larkyn says:

    Wow these are gorgeous. Love the minimal black and white.

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