Attic Bliss In Stockholm

Here is some eye candy for you. This incredible attic apartment in Stockholm is owned by the interior architect and artist Carouschka Streijffert. I am going to keep quiet for a change and let you go through all the details yourself. Take your time.

Okay, just one comment! Let’s talk about books for a second. I do not know of one home in Sweden (unless they are somehow staged) where books are not prominent. Back home we surround ourselves with books and display them with pride. I get totally nervous when I don’t see books in a home. I am so pleased to be reading more and more about how formal living rooms in the US are fading away. People instead are opting for libraries. Yeah! I hope that trend stays!

Images via Skona Hem


  • hello..oh wow this home is amazing.I am speechless!
    I totally agree with you about books!

    Have a good weekend

  • Charlotta says:

    Oh I so completely agree with you Mon – books are a very important aspect of a real home! They are a reflection of the soul of a home, as are the pieces of art hanging on the walls – a true reflection of who lives there!
    Love this attic apartment you have found – so much ‘movement’ and they eye travels so freely around the gorgeous round curves of every room. The ‘hidden’ windows in the library and that central position of the chair.. A space to be enlightened in.


  • Courtney says:

    Is the whole thing in an attic? I love it! I’m not big on formal living rooms either – I’d much rather haver a beautiful library.

  • Caroline Oates says:

    I’m speechless. Love it. So individual, modern and yet cosy. It has raised the bar on the design of my own attic apartment. Good one Monika!

  • koralee says:

    Just found your lovely blog….it inspires me…this is such a lovely space. We visit your lovely city often..can’t get enough of it! happy friday to you!

  • Sara says:

    What a lovely home! When can I move in?

  • Hi Monika!
    Thanks for the nice comment on the Swedish pieces! Thay are amazing!This post you did was amazing. What beautiful light that artist has and I love the kitchen and the studio. And the bathroom with all the baskets lined up on the floor……

  • Gaia says:

    Fantastic! What a beautiful house! Maybe, it’s a bit too modern but when I see beautiful houses I admit this! I love beauty!

    Thanks for your sweet word! New friends that visit my blog make me always happy!

    Have a nice weekend!

  • What an intersting space…! It is stunning. ..I love the juxtaposition of the older furniture pieces (like that blue table on the first pictur) with the incredibly modern feel of the space otherwise. And of course I love all that white — and that glass, curved ceiling is incredible. Very inspiring!

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  • Anette says:

    Jag vill ha badkaret. NU!

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