Happy Stockholm Will Make The US Happy

Happy Stockholm is the name of a small trio design company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I just found out that their products are now being represented by a bunch of resellers in the US and of course anything new and lovely from my old Stockholm gets my support!

Behind the company are 3 creative design specialists within textile, glass/ceramics/iron art and silver. All the products are designed and made in Sweden. Here are a few of their offerings:

Very pretty pendant necklace in silver. I love the layered look.

Lovely table runner in linen. Both classic and modern.

A clever and handsome trivet/pot holder in iron. (I’ll tell you – a lot fancier than the round beat up ones I got!)

Beautiful earrings of silver and white freshwater pearl.

Another table runner that I think is so pretty. (Also offered in pillows and towels).

For their whole product line, visit here.

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