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One of the leading interior design magazines in Sweden, Skona Hem, has come up with a new catchy name for the new design movement taking place right now (especially in Sweden where being current and environmentally correct are two key factors within design. Well actually with just about everything. It is a very progressive country I come from!).

The term they use is “Slow Decor”. A close relative to “Slow Cooking”. And it means design that is meant to last. Both from an esthetic and material standpoint. Invest for the future. Try to buy local. That is how people think and buy right now. (And if they don’t – maybe they should).

Yeah!!! I am slow!!! That is how I have always tried to decorate. (With an emphasis on try because this girl is far from perfect!). I prefer to save for a long time to get that perfect, classic object that my childrens’ children one day will appreciate rather than to buy a ton of trendy things that I will say goodbye to shortly.  (And here flea markets and auctions also come to play. Not everything has to be bought new and/or for a steep price tag if you only train your eye and add some patience and a little bit of luck).

Let’s take a look at the first picture again. Love it BTW ! An old Swedish table from the 18th c. holds a collection of “new” and old Swedish classics of different textures. I love the beautiful and decorative bowl and the lamp from the 60’s next to the small, so typical Swedish, hand carved wooden bird. Pleasing to the eye. And a good investment for the future.

The table  “Twin” has a reversible table top – black/birch. For every table made, a new tree is planted. I love the tall vintage striped (originally) lemonade glasses (I have to look for them when I go to Sweden next!) and the wonderful collection of classic plates from different eras. (Reminds me that I need to get my own mixed collection going).

Only classic pieces from different epochs mixed here. And a beautiful old Swedish mirror. Hey, who knew that an old tuba could be so decorative!

A Tripode lamp shares the room with a classic Divan and a book shelf made of large, sturdy paper rolls (!) and Velcro that you put together any way you want (by ReturDesign) . The room is filled with more classic accessories.

Textile art in blue by Verner Panton from 1966. The chair by Carl Malmsten from the 50’s is called “the lazy servant”.

The Tolomeo lamp is always “right” and it brings a nice contrast to Carl Malmsten’s table from the 50’s and the eco friendly bedding.

Mix people – and by smart!

All images from Skona Hem.


  • I love the idea of slow decor. It is what I try to do – I think very carefully before I buy something for my home, because once it comes in the front door, it is staying for a long time (and, my husband hates waste, so he won’t let me replace something that is perfectly functional just because I am tired of it).

  • What a lovely post, Moninka! I love the philosophy, of course, and I try to adhere to it as much as possible. Anything that’s old and has a story always makes me happy…

  • The idea of Slow Decor is wonderful. Much like organic gardening, I think slow decor is what our grandparents & great grandparents used to do naturally – they didn’t need a name for it; that’s just what you did. I agree that we all should be buying that way. I am far from perfect as well & am often tempted to simply get some item from a discount store to satisfy what I am looking for, instead of spending extra time & money to find something that will truly last decades … it’s a slow process to return to our roots, but we’ll get there :)

  • Brook says:

    I love that glossy vase on the worn table in the first photo!!

  • Courtney says:

    This is what I’m trying to do with my own apartment. Though I admit, every now and then I just grab something on a whim (and usually regret it a month later). These images are beautiful and quite inspiring!

  • lotta says:

    I love everything about this – the concept, the objects, the photos, and of course the country where it all originated!

  • “Slow decor” is perfect! Is describes these images perfectly.
    It’s so nice to have a way of describing what I am always trying to achieve.


  • julie at BV says:

    Very beautiful images. Thanks for the info.

  • joni webb says:

    Very interesting!!!!! actually, I am a slow decorator!
    ahha! just ask my clients.

  • Federica says:

    Thanks for your e-mail! This is really interesting! I loooove this style!

  • Thanks for pointing this out! I have started hearing the term ‘slow decor’ recently and it’s a good one. Hopefully the whole concept that furnishings and housewares are “disposable” will come to an end soon!

  • Wow. I love this style. Great post Monika, thanks for introducing it to us.
    the images are FAB!

  • Purple Area says:

    Love the mix, its fun and inspiring!!

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