Fall Is In The Air

…everywhere I look around…

Photos: Flickr – “Wanderlust”

… and I am drooling over all the lovely things that I have come across that will keep me warm & very content while the air is getting crisper and the days much shorter. Imagine me whistling when I am putting together the list of some of my fall FAVES!

Fall = boots! ! A lady needs a nice pair of boots! How about these lovelies from Coclico.

Image via the lovely blog Bliss

I also like these from Cole Haan.

I have a real crush on these boots from Italian Fiorentini & Baker. I can’t obtain a good image, so go to Barney’s if you want to take a real good look. (Check out the image with the cool zipper!)

It won’t keep me warm – but very happy! – this lovely leather and silver bracelet called Jumbo from Hermes. Simple. elegant equestrian.  Not cheap. But I am a hard worker – so, yes, please!

This sweater from Nordstrom would keep me both warm & purring!

And of course anything from Swedish Odd Molly will do. I was a lucky owner of this cardigan below (in a different color) but it magically disappeared from the back of my chair at a fancy bistro… I am still mourning it and am determined to  get a new one. ( I know that Mint Julep, among others, sells them).

This gray dress from Odd Molly together with boots. It would make me pretty happy!

I bought this scarf from the Etsy store Karlita last year. People went nuts over it. It is still one of my favorite scarves.  It looks so good with jeans and a simple shirt or sweater.

I am eyeing this one in rust for fall.

My husband can’t stand strong artificial scents. (What is wrong with him anyway?!!) So, when he is on business trips it is my chance to indulge! I love the elegant Mandarin Tea collection from Aquiesse. Their soy based candles are handmade in the US.

Fall = curled up in a cozy chair right next to the fire place reading a really good book. A nice throw is then a must! I love this one from Swedish Inredning Etc. It is a high quality wool throw made on Gotland, my favorite Swedish island. (The store ships internationally). Let me know if you need any help with the Swedish language.

Also from Inredning Etc are these adorable baby slippers! What a cute gift! (And they are not too expensive).

With my good book and throw I also need a great cup for my green tea. This one from Dean & DeLuca in NY can move in with me anytime.

I recently ran across this tea infuser from the MOMA store in NY. Very slick!

Sheep skins have been on my mind a lot lately. They are warm, cozy, and make so many of the minimalistic chairs so much more comfortable and inviting. (How lovely during cold winter months).  I am saving up for a whole bunch. And I will only get them from my lovely Gotland where sheep farming is a key industry.

Photo: Stellan Herner for Elle Interiör. Stylist: Tina Hellberg.

Photo: Flickr – Scott Dungan

Now I am ready for fall! Are you?


  • Caroline Oates says:

    Hi Monica – like your FALL piece. It surely has put me in the mood. The pieces you selected …. lovely. Nice start to my day to see all these lovely things. Thank you.

    Bye for now.



  • Charlotta says:

    What a lovely post Mon!
    I too love fall and wish I would wade through golden leaves in fabulous boots (the ‘Jumbo’ ones are my faves!), with a new scarf and sassy gloves with the scent of roasting chestnuts in the crisp air. Aaah!
    Here in Sydney though we are enjoying an early heat wave of early Spring. An explosion of divine blossoms (and pollens too..aaaaatchoo.. I am sad to say!.
    Equally lovely but in my Swedish heart I hold the memory of those golden falls of the North very dear.

  • Oh, goodness, I’ve been ready for Fall for a month at least… Unfortunately where I live it hasn’t quite arrived yet… Love that Odd Molly cardigan, with the graphic pattern and sweet pop of color of the ribbon (and sadness that someone would take yours..!) Love all those Flickr Fall pictures you found… I am so very ready..!

  • This is a lovely post that has really got me thinking about how much I do love the autumn season. I think it is the combination of the bright days with cool air…and fall fashions are my favorite!


  • I would love to have the sweater from Nordstrom!!


  • Di Overton says:

    I have 3 Gotland rugs – 2 long and one short and curly. They are the best things I ever bought though they cost me an arm and a leg.

  • Monika says:

    Di, you lucky girl!!! Monika.

  • sylvia says:

    Hi Mon, Great things! I always loved your purple scarf ! I have a weakness for scarves like yours, they are a great replacer if you do not have the right jewelery for that awesome outfit! Hope all is well! Syl :)

  • Monika says:

    Syl – all is well here! Next time I hope to see you in that scarf! Mon.

  • Celia says:

    i think it’s safe to say you are not in los angeles because it’s supposed to be in the 90s for the next week. gross and sad. :(

    p.s. what a GORGEOUS blog you have!

    p.p.s. i get the gold star because i thought of the favors! score!! thanks for stopping by…

  • kiki alvord says:

    Dear Monika,

    I still have some of my Gotland round lambskinn pads ($60/p) for wooden chairs or where ever you want to put them, and I can not live without my whole grey curly lambskinn, that every winter are in my bed and I litterarly sleep like a lamb, right on it, with windows open and my downcomforter on top. My “babies” slept on them too as they are mashinewashable with Woollight. It is an expensive but a wonderful investment for life.
    KIKI @ Swedish Heirlooms

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