Lovely White

Hello blog friends! I am back after a few weeks off filled with pure summer bliss. I am rested and happy and I hope the same goes for you. I have missed you all but was often reminded of your wonderful existence through your lovely and kind e-mails. Thank you!

I live in a big house, with many rooms but no single white wall in sight! How is that even possible? I am a true Swede after all and have cocooned in white rooms most of my life. In my house I have chosen muted colors (and a lot of light gray) that all flow nicely together but I really miss a white atmosphere. Especially after my trip to Sweden.

So my goal for the next few weeks is to do my own guest bedroom makeover with white as the prime shade. Who knows where this exercise will take me. I might just keep on going!

Images above from Sköna Hem

2 last images from Livingetc.


  • Di Overton says:

    Welcome back so pleased to hear you are rested. I have an all white bathroom and it is SO relaxing. You do it girl you won’t regret it.

  • desiree says:

    oh Monika, theses are all so lovley! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your guest room!

    p.s. I was recieved my dough bowl from Austria and used it in a newborn shoot last week. I’ll send you the photos…it’s amazing :)

  • Monika says:

    I will share later!

    Di, look forward to seeing pictures of your bathroom!

    And Desiree, send me the baby in the dough bowl photos! I bet that you once again have come up with art!


  • Mochatini says:

    Monika, wow! these rooms are so gorgeous! they brighten up my morning. I love the ookcase in the first pic and the lovely art wall in pic 5.

  • Oh, so happy to have found your site..! I love white interiors…they are very soothing and somehow manage to feel crisp and clean, but cozy too, if there is bare wood and texture along with them….

  • These images are so beautiful. I am also drawn to white rooms but do not have a single one in my home. It is always tempting to want what we can’t have though isn’t it!

    Tricia – Avolli

  • kiki says:


    I almost missed this one, and heeeey there are your butterflies again on the headbord

  • These rooms are so pure, fresh, clean, and beautiful – the quality of light is amazing. I think that pure white is actually much easier to keep clean than people give it credit for. When I last bought a new car, I really wanted white but was afraid it would always look filthy. The car dealer convinced me to try it out, he said I would be pleasantly surprised at how white does not actually show a lot of dirt – he was right! Of course, I live in Atlanta, where we don’t have snow and the salt/dirt trucks that are contstantly dumping stuff on the streets, so that helps.

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