Win a Handmade Cup By Popular Åsa Lindström

I realize that many of my readers are on vacation, but let’s have some fun amongst us who are yet to hit the beach!

I have been collecting Åsa Lindström’s handmade cups for years. (See previous article here). I think they are absolutely stunning with their unexpected enamel motifs (inspired by old books and magazines) and real gold rims. Åsa Lindström’s imagery has been described as “a nostalgic back-heel with a focus on the future and it achieves a balance between laughter and purity of style”. In Sweden many use them to drink tea or coffee from. I prefer to line them up and just enjoy the artistic side of them, or to put pencils or flowers in them for my office or next to my bed.

YOU now have a chance to win this lovely cup by Åsa Lindström, which I bought last weekat Blås & Knåda in Stockholm!  (With the delighful motif of a bunch of stylish rowers from the 40s!) All you need to do is to add a public comment (note: not under my contact tab) to any of my individual posts on Splendid Willow this week. Your comment and name will be put in the “comment hat” and a winner will be picked. The contest ends on Friday July 3rd @ midnight west cost time. The winner will be notified immediately. Good Luck/Lycka till!

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  • kendra says:

    I love these cups too and always admire them at your home. I should ask you to bring me home one but then one is not enough. Enjoy you visit! I can’t wait to go to Sweden.

  • I want the entire collection. Where can we buy them if I don’t win one..I loved the photos of Stockholm. Wonderful descriptions and photos. With love

  • sylvia says:

    I love this cup, blue is absolutely my favorite color, my living and dinning room has all the blue accents, so peaceful! Monika how was your trip to the homeland, everything you expected to be and more? Glad your back, missed your updates on your blog! Groetjes, Sylvia :)

  • Monika, I’m so interested to know – which is your very favorite from your collection? I can imagine that it would be hard to choose… Thank you for sharing these with us!
    Hugs… (and p.s. the sun is shining!)

  • Lori tate says:

    Ah Monika- the fabulous Lindstrom cups…difficult to pass this opportunity up! :) Good lord the Stockholm pics- absolutely LOVELY! I need to get back to Sweden! Whidbey soon?! xo-L.

  • Anna Lovell says:

    I will be checking these delightful cups out myself this week as I will be spending a few days in Stockholm. I would love the chance to win one of my own.

  • Carola Abrahamsson says:

    Hi there!
    Sorry I missed you when you were here…
    I´ve loved those cups for years, just never started to collect them, maybe now is the time!
    Take care, hope to see you next time in Sweden.

  • How thoughtful of you to bring back a cup for a lucky reader. I am sure you will have many longing to have this lovely piece in their home…including me! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    Tricia – Avolli

  • Monika says:

    My favorite? All of them!!! There are only 2 places on the planet to get them (which make them even more desirable).

    1) Blås & Knåda in Stockholm



    2) Hablingbo Creperie on the remote island Gotland


    Note: The vase! I am going for the vase next!!!


  • Bianca Szyperski says:

    Welcome home Monika, I am excited to see those beautiful Stockholm pictures – I want to go now really bad!! :-) Never been there. I love those Lindstrom cups from the very first time I saw them on your blog. I will check out where to get them right now. :-)

  • Kimberly Wolf says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I want one!!!! Remember, I know where you live. Hee! Hee! If I win, you can help me place it! :)If I lose, I will just have to come and grab one of yours. Ha! :)

  • Jodi says:

    If I win one, I’ll be your best friend! Oops, I guess that won’t work if we’re already “BFFs” hee hee hee…

  • sonia alberts says:

    Monika: Thank you for sharing beautiful art specially when is made in your country! I definitely can see myself collecting these beauties and buying them for friends. where do I purchase from the collection?
    Miss you!

  • Helen Luttemo says:

    Hi there,
    The cups are absolutely adorable. So is your website, magically artistic with lots of good tips and beautiful pics!!! Heja Monica!!

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika, welcome back! We all missed your wonderful posts!

  • Gunilla says:

    Monika! I am so proud of you, as your former colleague and as your friend. It makes me so emotional to follow your path and your posts, and to see comments from friends all over the world. Thank you for being such a great ambassador for Sweden! Love & Puss, your supporter, always, G.

  • Krissy says:

    Oh, Monika! What I would give to sit with my beautiful friend and enjoy the beauty of this amazing cup. I miss you so and love to be inspired by your passion for all things beautiful. All my love, Krissy

  • Erin says:

    How fun!! Thanks for the reminder email. The cups are tres fab! 😀

  • kiki says:

    Hej tjejen,

    Glad someone NOT from Sweden I hope won the cup, as we can get them when home, somehow!
    The rowers are especially interesting for me with 2 former rowing daughters in the family. I am going to get them as Xmas gifts, for them and I hope they do not see their MOM writing this as they know about your wonderful blog.
    PS: By the way, I do have 11 of her beautiful smaller shotcups or punchcups with platinum inside (@ $55-) in my shop Swedish Heirlooms, call 206 621 1002, if anyone is interested?

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