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People, I almost stopped breathing when I glanced through the magazine Living Etc and saw this photo. Madre Mia! What is wrong with me? Why has it not occurred to me that there are some really amazing illustrators and photographer behind so many classic vinyl album covers? Those LPs that are sitting in storage with layers of dust on top of them. How could I have ignored them so?!

I will IMMEDIATELY start my scavenger hunt for (to us) really meaningful album covers with amazing artwork. I will take my time to find the perfect ones. I will frame them, love them and save them for the grand kids! (Will they even understand what an LP is?)

Yeah! I can’t wait to start my little collection!

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  • kiki says:

    Can you believe how OLD we are!!!Yeiks!!!

    I am older than that I am afraid,as I remember when my now soon 89 years old father turned 40 and got the first recordchangerplayer for 45s having to put the plastic tripod like “thingamajig” on if the original was missing in the middle before you could play it. Also the first 78s and how they were stacked up like a Swedish panncakestack and fell down on their own mechanics when one was finished.
    Those were the days, and how far we have come and it is amazing!!

  • Peter says:

    Great post! Like it. Just make sure there’s some Coltrane in the mix 😉

  • lotta says:

    My husband have hundreds of albums still. We have long said to pick out the best for framing. Now I’m motivated!

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