Suzy Hoodless + Ingeborg Lundin

The first time I saw this image from the portfolio of the British designer extraordinaire Suzy Hoodless, I gasped. How incredibly pleasing to the eye. This just makes me want more of less. (See more of Suzy’s portfolio here).

Today I went through some files for a fun project I am working on and saw this lovely image again but this time I also noticed Ingeborg Lundin’s famous apple vase, from the fifties. Now I love Suzy Hoodless even more!

Ingeborg Lundin’s (1921-1992) art glass, produced at Orrefors, catches Scandinavian designs’ central attributes; modest beauty and functional simplicity, also described as the Swedish Grace.

In 1947, Ingeborg Lundin became the first woman designer at Orrefors. She gave a new dynamic aspect to engraved glass. Lundin’s “Apple” illustrates the graceful, daring glass of the 1950’s  and it created a worldwide stir.

The Apple was created for the influential Helsingborg 55 exhibition, and remains as a symbol, not only for that exhibition, but for the golden age of Swedish art glass. This design earned her the title “The Balenciaga of glass”.

This Apple vase used to be high up on my wish list for many, many years, but then I kind of gave up… I am immeditely putting it back on my list – today! In a couple of weeks I am leaving for Stockholm, and I might need to give the fabulous store Jacksons (specializes in the best of Scandinavian vintage design 1900 – 2000) a call. The hand blown apple vase is sitting on top of the lovely cabinet in the back. It screams – bring me home!


  • kiki alvord says:

    GREAT SHAPE …the vase reminds me of the old swedish “dameshan” they made applewine in and it sits on top of another famous Swedish Designer Josef Franks floral cabinet…I think.
    Kram KIKI

  • Manny says:

    I’d love to have the elk horns above a stone table in my house, if only my wife would let me.


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