A Special Table For My Orchids

I have an on-going love affair with white orchids. For a very long time I have been looking for the perfect table to display a cluster of these planted orchids. I had almost given up and was ready to design my own. Now I am thinking that Ikea’s Trollsta Tray Table might just do the trick! What an unexpected contrast with the elegant, simple classic plants on top of this lacquered both modern and gothic looking table.

If I can fit at least 4 planted orchids on the removable steel tray, I will be pretty happy! Now, of course I would have loved to see this table in a gray color but for the price of $99.99, I might just get 2 and try to paint one in that perfect gray myself!

I think the table is perfect for plants with its extra wide edge and high sides. The removable steel tray can handle water spills and the table is easy to fold up and easy to move. Diameter: 22 1/2 “, Height: 17 3/4 “.

I will let you know if this works or not!

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  • kiki alvord says:

    Wow, really nice table! Way to go IKEA, who gets better and better every day.
    Take it from one who once worked for them, over a decade ago. YEIKS!
    “Jag aer saa glad att jag aer Svensk,hoho!!”

  • Monika says:

    Kiki, they could still use your services!

  • Jodi says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

  • Caroline says:

    Hej! Tack för att du hälsade på mig och även introducerade mig till en ny härlig inspirationssida! Hoppas vi kan dela med oss mycket av idéer och tankar!

  • This is a perfect table for your orchids. The dark color will really set off your white orchids.

    I have an orchid that is finally going to bloom after close to three years (maybe more actually) without a single bloom. I don’t know why it is deciding to bloom after all this time because I haven’t done a single thing differently. Oh well. I’ll take it and am so happy.

    Tricia – Avolli

  • DesignTies says:

    I have orchids scattered around the house — it would be much better to group them together, and this table looks like it could be the perfect spot to put them.

    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  • Kimberly Wolf says:

    I just got my first orchid ever last week, as a gift from a friend. I don’t know too much about them yet–lots of light and keep indoors, right?–but that table looks like it would make a lovely spot for them. I agree that Ikea keeps getting better and better. I didn’t realize you love orchids so much, Monika. Any advice on how to make them thrive?

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