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I always appreciate a little quirkiness, that little something unexpected in home design. Super perfect rooms that look like staged show rooms, make me yawn. It is your home, a reflection of who you are. Make it personal, make it unique!

When I decorate I typically start of traditional (with my own Swedish twist), then I mix it up with modern and when the room is almost done, I usually want to rough it up a tad. I will usually bring in 1-2 pieces of something totally unexpected, something that adds some fun and spunk to the room. It may be art, it may be lighting, it may be a wall color, It could be anything, really. I never know in advance. But I don’t force it. I don’t like it contrived.  Better for me to wait for that perfect “thing”.

In Seattle we have a fun store called “Great Stuff“, that really lives up to the name. The owner Kirk H. Albert has an incredible eye for vintage modern furnishings and I always end up leaving his store feeling uplifted and full of great ideas. If you find something you like, you have to be quick. His things are all unique and tend to sell rather quickly.

Here are more fun examples from his store:

The upholstered pink chair is fun. But I am totally in love with that old anchor chain to the very left, that has been welded into a fabulous floor lamp. I wish I had a better image!

Great Stuff is also represented on 1st dibs.

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