Furniture With A Royal Touch From Sweden

My alert friend Kiki A. (yes, I know 5 gals with that name!) who owns Swedish Heirlooms in Seattle, called me about some fun royal news.

Oscar Magnuson, the son of Princess Christina of Sweden, who is a successful industry designer, has launched his first furniture collection together with EM, a leading furniture chain in the Nordic countries. The collection will hit all EM stores in August (only in Sweden and Åland). Each piece is numbered.

In a news article for the Swedish interior design magazine Hus & Hem Oscar Magnuson says that he “feels cooped up” in most regular arm chairs and was looking for a design that was more open and inviting. That is how the Sydney chair came about. The chair comes in several different colors.

Mr. Magnuson says that his goal was a collection that was classic with a contemporary feel. He states that Josef Frank has been a great source of inspiration. The fabrics were chosen in direct contrast to the classic lines. Since Oscar Magnuson is very interested in fashion,  the colors were picked straight from the catwalk.

I find the Sydney sofa very attractive. I hope to sit in it when I go back to Sweden in June. (And I will then be able to give you a better report on quality and comfort). The wooden legs are really beautiful.

Mr. Magnuson says that he found the actual development process incredibly fascinating and educational. Working together with leading Swedish furniture makers he was very hands on, down to the smallest screw.

The next launch will include a cabinet and a table.

I like what I have seen so far. Don’t be shy! What do you think?


  • Joshua says:

    What a beautiful and comfy looking chair. I can see the Josef frank influence in the use of creative lines and bold color. I want one! I think a glass of wine would be extra tasty sitting in one! Monika keep us posted on the rest of the line. Cheers!

  • Monika says:

    Thank you for checking in! I will indeed keep you updated. Monika.

  • Brook says:

    I LOVE that chair. Is it available in the U.S.?

  • Monika says:

    Hi there Brook! No, unfortunately not. But maybe they can help with shipping. I have shipped furniture all the way from Sweden with UPS!

  • Leigh says:

    Wow, those are the most comfortable chairs and sofa I have ever seen. The Sydney sofa is just great. I love the color and of course I love the unique design of the legs. The legs really contribute a lot to its general appeal. Nice post!

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    Thanks! :)

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