My Swedish Secretaire – A Love Story

I am often asked if I have a favorite antique at my home. I always point at this secretaire. It may not be considered a masterpiece and it might not be found on the very fanciest street in Stockholm but I absolutely adore it. It is Swedish mid 18th century and to me, so lovely.

I love it not only because of its beauty but also because it is solid, functional and everything about it  reminds me of my home country. In my opinion antiques should be functional.  They should be used (how boring otherwise) and we sure get a lot of use out of this one (drink table, side table and at Christmas time I hang wreaths on the inside of each door, open the doors and fill the cabinet with lovely treats. It is then referred to as the “candy store”).

I have even given it a name – “Longing Home“. Here I store all nice pieces and objects that remind me of my own Swedish roots. If the house ever catches on fire – this is the one object my husband will have to push out through the front door! It is coming with us everywhere!

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