Tasteful Porcelain

The Italian designer Paola Navone has created this stunning line of dinnerware in cooperation with the well established German Porcelain maker Reichenbach. The line is called “Taste” and I can’t think of a more suitable name.

Gorgeous and artistic lines and curves combined with a simple crisp, white finish. I think just about anything edible under the sun would taste better on these plates.

The pieces also make for very attractive collectibles to be showcased on walls or in display cabinets. I can easily see these white plates against a dark gray backdrop.

I have contacted the manufacturer who has promised to let me know where this line can be purchased in the US. As soon as I know, I will add the information to this post.


  • Brook says:

    I love these. I am in the market for new place settings and want something that is simple with an edge – again, LOVE these!

  • Monika says:

    Aren’t they stunning?! I am placing an order myself! (Hoping to be able to by them in the US – soon).

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