The Perfect Wedding Gift Dilemma

Gunilla Dear – this is not for you to read!

My lovely friend Gunilla is getting married and I am on the hunt for that perfect wedding gift. I want it to be something she and her husband to be will treasure for life – and I want them to think of us every time they use it. I am definitely going classic & functional. Now the big question is what…

(If you have any fabulous gift ideas – please speak up. I can really use your help!)

Wedding gift candidates – so far:

Elegant Champagne Flutes from Orrefors’ Avanti collection. These glasses are made of lead-free crystal by master glassblowers and cutters in Orrefors’ Swedish glassworks.

Classic and modern salad servers from the world renowned Danish designer Arne Jacobsen for Georg Jensen.

Salad plates from Royal Copenhagen (the company was established in 1775 and this is its most recent series called Fluted Mega – a contemporary twist on the classic Flute model). The plates are assembled, painted and glazed by hand.

“Nobel” linen napkins from the Swedish linen mill “Klassbols“. These napkins are being used by distinguished guests at the prestigious Nobel Banquet, held in Stockholm annually.

Am I being too conservative? Help!


  • Delishhh says:

    Monika you will probably think this is a boring gift but here are my 2 cents.

    It is always nice to get nice wedding gifts and looking back (I got married 3 ½ years ago) the one gift I use most often my wonderful kitchen knifes.

    I got the nice glasses, the nice silverware, nice china etc. However, a good chef can not be without knives. I always buy knives now for people getting forward. It is a gift that folks forget to register for and don’t realize it to the end they need good kitchen knives. The worst thing is to have a bad knives in your kitchen.

    The ones I recommend are Wusthof or Henckels knives.

    If knives are not your thing my second choice are nice pots and pans, but if i had to choose from your choice i would go with the glasses.

    Happy Shopping!

  • Monika says:

    I totally agree with you! Good quality kitchen knives are gold worth if you are into cooking. And a most perfect gift. Especially the brands you suggested.

    However, I am being extra selfish with this particular friend – and want her to keep remembering us 4ever!! (:

    I tend to lean towards the glasses myself or the Danish plates…

    We were given Royal Copenhagen plates as a wedding gift and our kids get to hear it every single time we use them on very special occasions.

    Thank your for your great suggestion!

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