Hunting For The Perfect Sconces

A pair of sconces have been missing in my foyer for 3 years now. I have neither found anything I liked nor anything that would put me back a mere $1000. I am looking for something classy, modern and somewhat unique. Now all of sudden, when I have more or less gotten used to fumbling in the dark foyer, I have bumped into a number of good candidates. Ini, Mini, Miny, Moe….

No. 1 – Chaise Sconce from Ballard Designs, $159/each.

No. 2 – Coral Sconce from Lighting Universe, $95.31/each.

No. 3 – Georgetown Wall sconce, from Lighting Universe, $277.02/each

In my dreams…..

No. 4 –  Perpignan Sconce from Decorati, (call to request quote)

And when we are out of this ugly recession/depression – maybe, just maybe, I will be able to afford:

No. 5 – The Kiki Coral Sconces (Moth design) from Decorati, (call to request quote)

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