I Go Nuts For These Cups

Photo: Hans Bjurling, Sweden

I think these are the most beautiful cups on the planet. The designer behind them is talented and award winning Asa Lindstrom from Sweden. She makes the cups by hand with motifs inspired by old magazines and books. The rims are made with gold.

Only 2 places in Sweden (or the world!) carry Lindstrom’s cups. Blas & Knada in Stockholm and Halingbo Creperie on Gotland (remote island in Sweden), where Asa Lindstrom resides.

I have a few cups myself but plan to keep adding to my little collection. These cups are already considered “Swedish classics” and tomorrow’s antiques. And rightfully so. They are incredibly well made and so gorgeous.

Would you not want to step in and start looking for that perfect cup to bring home?

I found this lovely image on “En mammas dag”, a great blog in Sweden. Blogger Weronica took the photo herself. She is as hooked on the cups as I am!

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