This Should Really Be My Dining Room

Dining room sets (all matching) made me yawn BIG, years ago. I can’t see myself ever going back to them (nor matching bedroom sets). Simple, easy, chic living with a strong nod to Scandinavian style is what I am drawn too and boy does this dining area speak to me. Rest assured my own dining room will be kicked up a notch or two after seeing this!

The casual vibe, the natural light, the colors & textures and all those fabulous chairs. Louis XVI style chairs with modern Danish Waegner chairs and old, Swedish tub chairs. Mama Mia.


The ueber talented designer, Windsor Smith, sure knows what she is doing. She is behind so many rooms I adore. Hard not to fall for her design aesthetics. 



Also fun to learn that talented architect Steve Giannetti  (and perhaps wonderful Brooke ?) was part of helping Windsor Smith breathe life into the 1970’s house. I so admire them too!

Back to the hammock! And I am happy to tell you that my feet are nicely tanned and that I am sooo happily relaxed. Summer Hugs.

Images scanned via Veranda Magazine, August 2013.

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Radio Silence + My New 7 Minute Workout

Hello friends. I hope you are enjoying summer to the fullest!

Yes, it has been awfully quiet in my corner. I am happily reclaiming my life and spending more time with my three beautiful kids this summer (enjoying traveling & lots of exploring, good food, horseback riding, canoeing, water fun, and a jam packed social calendar!). 

My 11-year old daughter Frida with good friends. Love this picture. That’s summer!

Frida after some fun horseback riding in water (yes me too!).

We are also working hard on the new store (taking longer than expected but we are getting there!)

Lots of new, lovely things being added to the store, launching soon.

I am most likely (will know soon) getting a really big design challenge for the fall, which will be a whole different animal all together — but a super fun one!

It should also mean an up tic in my blog activity/importance. THANK you to so many of you who continue to follow along and Hello! to all new followers who pop up in my subscription box every day!

To be prepared for this fun & full fall, I am breathing deep this summer, laughing a lot and getting my body stronger.

I found this 7 Minute workout/day program some time ago and I am now addicted. I do it every day — and wow is it helping me tone my body! This 7 minute program equals a long run + weight training, if you do it right.  Experts have studied it well. It is intense but 7 minutes is all it takes. And all you need is a wall and a chair (you can even do this from your summer cabin, folks!).

12 different routines (30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between). Total 7 minutes. We can all do it!

Print out the sheet so you have it right under your nose! Practice the 12 routines a few times before you get started, so you really know how to do them right and hard. And you might want to invest in a simple kitchen timer (which I did) that you set for 30 seconds (the length 0f each routine). You only have 10 seconds to get ready for the next routine. Trust me, you have no time to fiddle with watches or complicated timers!

You have to do the 12 routines in the correct order. (I have bad knees from skiing so I have swapped the jumping jacks for fast jump roping instead, which I can control better).

My husband, who is a  fit man, joins me now and then, and we are both sweating hard at the end of the 7 minutes! If you are not in pain, you need to work out harder! 7 minutes – and then it is over!

Learn more about the program here.

There. Nothing design savvy this time, just my secret body weapon to gear up for a busy fall with lots of design at the very core.

Hugs to you all. You are always on my mind. And HAPPY 4th!!!!


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Indoor Plant Tables Are Back In Vogue


… at least in Sweden (and not Grandma style, folks!). You will find them in many chic furnishing shops. (Which means that you will see more of them here soon too, since Swedes are such trend setters, ha!).

I want exactly THIS (copper?) plant table. Timeless and current. And perfect for some stylish low growing green plants.

If anyone of you dares to tell me that you have something similar – you should know that I will get mighty jealous… (And you will of course be ahead of all design trends…!).

Another popular Swedish plant table (by GAD) is this mixed concrete and wood table. Perhaps I shall grab one when going to Sweden next (but I would probably want the legs gray or dark).

Not a plant table per say (I can’t find any functional and pretty ones in the US!), but Crate & Barrel has this side table with a white marble top that could be a good alternative to plants in gray pots.

And how could I not include this image again, which I have shown I don’t know how many times. Now that is one pretty & friendly plant composition!

All I know is that I need a good surface that can handle spills (zinc, stone etc.). So the question to myself now is —  make (like the one in the first image – can I even??) or buy?

Happy rest of the week!

Images 1 +2 via Wrede.

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Introducing My First Necklace Design

For those of you who follow me in the home design world (and know me well!), you know that I like simple designs, good materials and timeless pieces. The same goes for jewelry. I am drawn to pieces that work today and for years down the road. I like simple statement pieces that I quickly can throw on and immediately look & feel good in. (Hey, a good piece even replaces makeup, ha!).

I have always liked long necklaces and I absolutely love all the pieces we sell in our own store but something different has lately been brewing in my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted needed (!) as a fashion statement but I couldn’t find “my style” a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. So, I decided to team up with my good friend and talented silver jewelry designer, Asa Daxberg, and have her put my idea in motion.

Together we have worked on a series of necklaces all based on the same tassel design but where the stone and color will vary.

EVERY SINGLE ONE is designed for my own personal wants and needs. I have put effort into every detail. Only good quality sterling silver has been used along with beautiful semi precious gemstones handpicked by myself. Colors have been mixed for specific looks. The necklaces are unique and handmade in the US.

The key pendant is always a simple leather tassel. (I have always adored tassels!). The tassels are made of really soft, quality, Italian lambskin.

The first tassel necklace I am introducing is my Splendid Nautical/4th of July Necklace.

I swear, the only thing I can find to wear for 4th of July is glittery silver Antennas (!) and plastic star necklaces! Come on, folks! For the big National Day!

I envisioned something relaxed chic and something that will look good with all that white I normally wear for July 4th. And something that could be used for all summer celebrations.


So, here it is. Our Splendid Nautical/4th of July Necklace. A Splendid Avenue first. (I think it would work really great with the dress above).


I have picked a long, stylish “uneven beads” sterling silver necklace that is more sparkly than most. A pretty red sea coral and a natural blue lapis stone have been added to the white Italian leather tassel (with a sterling silver cap) and Asa’s signature hand hammered silver medallion. (Here seen on my North West bestie sis, Stacey!),

 Three more designs will be added to the “new” store, launching soon!

Here is the inspiration for my other Tassel Necklaces:

1. City Chic

2. Emerald Green

3. White Bliss


And that is all I am going to say for now (but I have a feeling you can already envison the looks!).

The Splendid Nautical/4th Of July tassel necklace can be purchased in our store Splendid Avenue, here. If interested, don’t wait too long to place your order. Asa needs about a week to finish each piece. Each necklace comes nicely wrapped. So a perfect gift too.

Happy new week to you all. Can’t believe it’s already June!

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Attractive Breakfast Nook

I would love a 10-foot-long banquette and a century-old French P A S T R Y  T A  B L E for my breakfast nook…  (And all that natural light).

Design mission: Find my own vintage iron table and have a marble top custom made.

I am also liking the Mongolian lambfur pillows I see on the banquette (and here and there in design land). I feel they bring a little bit of “warm modern” to a space.

West Elm carries some decent ones.

Happy new week, friends.

Image no. 1 via House Beautiful (Scanned – June 2013).


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